Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0
Fabric Out: -1.25
Net Fabric: -1.25
Destash: -2.90
Fabric YTD: +10.29
Spending YTD: $1077.68

In: Nothing

Out: Very little fabric, but major achievements!!! Baby Dresden is set for fans and Picnic is done!!! Now to get Wedding done before July 7th. It’s been a light week due to events, fun, and Squish! The best kind of distractions to have. Friday Squish didn’t come and you would think I sewed all day. But no, I spent the day rearranging my studio to determine where I would put a 10′ frame for Gigi, cause Hubster said I can trade in my little frame for a big one!!! I destashed a bit of fabric and cut up scraps for my 2″, 2.5″, and 3″ box. Moved my pressing station and screwed a power surge strip to my trimming/design table. And organized my Fat Quarter baskets because they were all messed up!

Stevie Nicks concert, sewing with friends, hanging with Squish, playing Whiffle Ball!!

I am suspending the Knitting Stats until I actually knit something! LOL.

Friday FOs or No

It’s done!!! And summer is only 1/3 over, but I am sure SG and EG can use the quilt well into Fall if they need to. Picnic is actually my 2022 SAHRR. The idea of it was started in September of 2021 while I was at retreat. Gail had contacted us about doing the SAHRR again and I was on board. I did a mock up of the center block, and hated it! I thought, just put your coping strips around it and it will be OK. So I did, and planned to live with it.

But I changed my plans and some dimensions and liked the SAHRR Block 2.0 much better!

The Square in a Square became Diamond in a Square and I went totally scrappy!!!

Each week we added rounds to our centers and eventually we had a finished top! Mine didn’t make the deadline for the Link Parade, but it’s done now and I love it! Almost too much, it will be hard to part with it. But it’s going to the daughter, so I will gladly gift it.

The one round I didn’t add was the appliqué one. I tried, but it just didn’t work with my vision, so it got left off. See the middle right photo.

I started quilting it without having a plan, just let each round lead me. I began in the center and quilted out to the edges.

The quilting took much longer than it needed to, but I don’t think it hurt anyone by being so long over do. What matters is, it’s now done and on to being enjoyed. Thread became an issue on the very last border!! That stalled me for a few days.

But with some cooperation from Squish and Hubster I was able to get that last border done and applied the binding by machine for a quick and secure finish. Ta-Da!

61″x61″ pre-washed
58″x58″ post-washed

Hey, what about that first block? Did it get pitched? Nope! It became a pillow for my living room during the Patriotic months!

Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +5
Fabric Out: -1.56
Net Fabric: +3.44
Fabric YTD: +14.44
Spending YTD: $1077.68

In: Just a small bit from my guild meeting. A few FQs and a package of green strips. But the sweetest deal was the Circuit cutter on the left. A guild member brought it in with $6.00 on the tag!! Now, it’s the first Cricut model and limited in ability, but I thought it was worth a $6.00 investment to see if I even use it. But I know new ones are far beyond the capability of this first one. And then I needed thread, see below, and of course you buy small fabric remnants and FQs, of course you do.

Out: I finished up the last fold up case, probably won’t make any more right now. Worked on Picnic until I ran out of thread!!! I just have 1 last side border to do. I started on the Kim Diehl Mystery QAL. And I got a wild hair and made 1 and 1/4 blocks for Dresden Baby!!! The big one in the lower left and the 1/4 one in the upper right. Now I will fill in with random small circles around the larger ones. The question is: Do I quilt the background first or attach the appliqués? One guild member who did the quilting first said next time she will do the appliqué first. That’s the way I’m leaning. But I also through about just making spirals in several spots, overlapping them, we will see.

Knitting Stat
Last Week: 53,720 yards/280 skeins
Yarn In: 0 yards/0 skein
Yarn Out: yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 53,720 yards/280 skeins
Spending YTD: $71.46

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing again

This week Squish became adept at feeding the dogs her lunch, and breakfast, and snacks…. LOL