Monday morning Musings

  • Well, the weather finally broke and allowed us a few days of high 30’s to high 40’s temps. Then the rain came along with it the last few days. But still, a refreshing change. Maybe it’s time to pack away my snow boots? No! I love wearing them, so do I have to? Cooper says, “Really?”

Come on Mom, everyone knows it’s too warm for snow boots!

In sewing/quilting news, I plan to use these two new fabrics to duplicate this gorgeous quilt I saw on Etsy. Sorry I can’t find the original posting to credit the maker. The orange will be in the lighter orange place and a green for the 9 patches. On the search now for a deeper orange and more greens. Do you know how hard this is, to find the right orange!!! And I finally picked up the Good for the Gander pattern at The Back Door on Friday because I look at that mini EVERY TIME I am in the shop! Flying Geese, I just cannot resist them!


In other sewing I picked up these two junior jelly rolls of Grunge to use in future projects. The gray will be paired with the peacock colors I got a few weeks ago. The cream is for an indigo and gold top that I picked up these gold pieces for.


Buttons!! For the price of the first card of buttons I got the 2nd free. I love button sales. And I was so glad to find these toggles for the vest I finished sometime last year. The gray are a perfect match for the Gramps sweater I just finished.

Yay for matching buttons to FOs!

So what about you? Are your plans moving forward?


Sunday Stash Report

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 62,162 yards/334 skeins
Knitted: 579 yards/3 skein
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 61,583 yards/331 skeins

1/2 square finished, 1 square finished, 1 square almost finished

1 baby hat, 1 baby sweater, start of an adult hat

January is turning out to be one of the best knitting months I have had in forever! I have knit over 1100 yards! That’s slightly more than I knit in January 2016, and I’m not even done with the month. In 2016 I knit over 3500 yards in the first 3 months. The next 9 months I only knit 3900 yards. Let’s hope I can keep the steam going through the entire year this time.

Sewing This Week
Fabric In:  10.25 yards
Fabric Out: -1.4375 yards
Net Fabric In/Out: +8.8125 yards
Fabric YTD: -15.625 yards

Fabric In:


I used my birthday discount at The Back Door, in Greenwood IN to buy: Green and orange yardage for the start of a collection for a quilt top, green wool for a Wool Feather Tree, zipper for future Retreat Bag, and Fat Eighths for a future mini. From Green Fairy Quilts I ordered 2 Jelly Roll Jr’s in Grunge. From JoAnn Fabrics I picked up some gold Fat Quarters to use in a blue/gold top I want to make. Still deciding on block pattern.

Fabric Out: 

Table runner started and Double Dresden Pillow begun.

January is turning out to be one of the worst so far in acquisitions compared to production! Of course, it is the 1st month of the year, so it’s by default the worst!! LOL. At least it isn’t as bad as Sept 2017 when I bought over 25 yards!!

Joining with Oh Scrap and Sunday Stash

A Basket Full, or a Basket Case, you be the Judge

In reading blogs the other day this post made me pause. Cheeky is determined to let her “CCD” rule and start ALL. THE. THINGS! Why do we desire to start before we’ve finished other projects? Is it like falling in love or having a crush? We crave the excitement we feel as we plan and dream and scheme. The rush of adrenaline or the thrill of the chase? Whatever it is, I am letting it rule for a bit. Giving myself a free pass to start something unplanned might make me less likely to chuck the Goals & Challenges.

This project was already in the January OMG plans, but I was resisting since I didn’t have all the other boxes ticked. I just need to remember G&C’s are something to work towards, not an absolute, do or die, stick a needle, eek, stop!

Here are fabric auditions for Grandma’s Sewing Basket.

Border, background, basket, sunflower, sunflower center, leaves/inner border

So, what do you think? Which do you prefer? High contrast. more subdued? I preferred the subdued, so cut I did, but I decided to go with 3 motifs instead of 5. Five was just too much.

Floss auditions for the blanket stitch.
None of the photos show the true color of the background,
it’s not white, it’s not cream, it’s in between.

Now to start stitching around all those petals! I am not sure I can take it! If I do a little bit each day it will get done. Just like the baby quilt I am hand quilting. Instead of trying to get it all done at once, I am chipping away at the blocks and sashings, adding a little each day. It’s great stitching for Netflix binging!

Baby Frasier Cabin Fever
Trying to decide if I want to add some straight line quilting around the feather wreath in the blocks. My desire to get this done soon says NO!!!!