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Bitty Boy Boxy Bags

Not that the Great-Nephews are Bitty, but I needed some alliteration there. I found a tut for a Boxy Pouch and finally got around to trying it out. I followed the instructions except for boxing the corners. I used a different measurement so my pouch is more of a square at the ends. The second one I sewed in a tab at both ends to hold onto as you are zipping the pouch open and closed. For the most part the instructions were good, could have had a bit more explanation of some points, but if you are a knowledgeable seamstress you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Connor’s Gone to the Dogs
And Hank has too!

I am glad the dogs weren’t directional so I didn’t have to worry about placement. I am using what I have on hand, so the zipper on Connor’s is actually an invisible one. Not sure why I had a 20″ inv zipper in my collection? To not get caught ill prepared again I ordered some zipper tape and pulls in a beige color to use on future projects. Plus this pattern, I have wanted to purchase that one for a while now, finally just decided to do it.

And speaking of dogs, I am now grandma to a dog. Our Diva Girl got a rescue Pit/Boxer mix she has named Potato. She always said she would name a dog Potato and she has. We have yet to met the young lad, who is a year and half old. Hopefully he will mix well with our two pups so if we ever dog sit we won’t have to worry. If anything our younger pup would be the issue. He is wary of new dogs on his turf. He isn’t aggressive, just runs off and hides usually, but has been known to snarl when his space was invaded.

Now I am off to hit the beach. We are on day 2 of our vacation, and praying this year doesn’t go the way of last year’s visit. Since I did not have a colonoscopy before heading down to Florida, it shouldn’t. But who knows what else could happen!

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What am I doing?!!!

So, you know how I have been bitten by the piecing bug again? You know how I posted a list of things I wanted to make, not one a quilt project. But then I showed some photos of projects from my new book, and a few were quilted table runners. I had all kinds of things I was planning to make. Yeah, all those things. Did I mention that I wanted to do another Flying Geese? Like this. Hmm, I don’t seem to have blogged about it, have I. Well, I do. So, I did.

And remember that I wanted to do a quilt with an aqua background and showed a few, one being aqua and red, only I said I didn’t want to do an aqua and red one. No, I didn’t. But, I did. You know how it is, you are looking through your stash for something and you happen upon those scraps leftover from that bag making summer, and you just HAVE to do something with that collection of red/aqua scraps.

I took this photo so I could remember the layout, which caused a few changes to occur. That’s the beauty of taking a photo and looking at the piece from a different perspective. You see issues that the naked eye wasn’t picking up. I also used the photo option to determine which background fabric looks best. I picked up these fabrics this weekend, not all of which where for the audition. Numbered 1-8, top to bottom, I considered #’s 2-gray, 3-bright aqua, and 7-soft aqua.

And the winner is………#3!!

Now to determine how to quilt it. I would love to do it on the machine, much quicker! But my machine is finally signaling it’s done after all those window treatments and recent piecing. I am thinking it’s time for a checkup! The 2nd photo shows the backing fabric, perfect! But there’s a surprise on it that I will wait to show after it’s all done. Which could be a while since I plan to hand quilt it! We are headed to Florida soon and I think it would be a great item to stitch on when we are not busy. So a knitting project will go, a shawl in progress, and this quilt top. Need to pull out my quilt stencils and decide on designs. I thought about taking my small Singer machine, but then thought better. LOL



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Commit to Knit: End of Week 2

I made a trip back home midweek to get some appointments taken care of and visit with the parents. Oh, and knit with my friends. So the regimen of sewing, making dinner, and exercise was certainly interrupted. But knitting is portable, so it came with me.

Day 12: Drove south early and got to join with my former knitting group for a few hours. Knit on the Drops Vest while we visited. Once I had run through errands and appointments I went back to my parents new home and spent the evening working on Cameo.

Day 13: Spent most of the day helping my Mom run errands and getting our hair cut. Then got locked out of her house with my dogs inside and us not. LOL. Finally got in and loaded up my car for the return trip to Indy. Once home I had furniture arranging to do, brought home 2 of her cast off accent chests. Dinner was made and eaten, and then I crashed! Just too tired to even pull out anything to knit on. So this was the first day since the Challenge that I did not knit. But not going to beat myself up over it, it’s a Challenge, not an Order.

Day 14: I went through my schedule of projects and got a lot accomplished. Valance ready to put on the wall, another valance close to completion, a roman shade begun, a small quilt piececing in progress, and knitting.

In other craftiness, I had a wooden spool decor item that has traveled with me awhile. I always planned to add a thin yarn to it to simulate a spool of thread. I finally did it. Nothing major, but it adds to the craft theme in my “rec” room. I need to find an acronym for this room. Sewing/idea/computer/knitting room. Sick? The yarn was leftover lace wool from a Lace Fichu I made my niece for her wedding


This old cake pan was my grandmother’s, the one who encouraged me to sew. My mom says this was the pan Grandma used to make the Birthday cakes for the family. I think it’s perfect for toting my sewing stuff to and fro.

Do you have an item with memories that you use in crafting? Share your story, I’d love to hear it.