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Stash Saturday #24

Life is getting back to normal, but I am not sure I know what normal is anymore. LOL. Knitting is still proceeding, I actually have a finish!! Pre-blocking photo, hoping I get a mite more length after a good dowsing.

Robin Hood

The 4th time I have made this pattern, and it never gets old. So the deets for this week are:

Stash On Hand: 62,305 yards and 338 skeins
Knitted Stash: 79 yards and 1 skeins
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skeins
Ending Stash: 62,226 yards and 337 skeins

Not much yardage, but that’s OK, it’s more important that I have a FO!!!

It feels so good to have finished something after such a long drought! And here’s to getting more stuff started and finished. Although maybe I should return to the unfinished items first. A cabled vest, which I just found the remaining yarn for! Searched for it for a life time and couldn’t find it. And then once we got moved in and started unpacking, there it was. And a cabled stole that has been on the needles for ages!!!

And so many other things I want to make!! I think the bug is beginning to bite again. And I cannot be more happy. Oh, there’s still some sewing to be done, roman shades and maybe another valance, but for the most part, the house stuff is done. I will buy things as I see them, prints for the walls and knick-knacks, but for now, it’s done. So now the living starts. Hallelujah!

Our first Indianapolis Indian’s game. We won!

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Stash Saturday #23

The knitting continues!! I have finished the body of the cabled sweater and need to determine if I have enough to make the hood. One skein left might be cutting it close.

Stash On Hand: 62,653 yards and 340 skeins
Knitted Stash: 316 yards and 2 skeins
Purchased Stash: 0 yards 0 skeins
Ending Stash: 62,337 yards and 338 skeins.

Cabinet Door Pulls. I have wanted these on dark cabinets for as long as I can remember. Finally, my dream come true!

My boys trying to share the swing lounger


Trim I wanted to use, but it was too wide. So I adapted.

Finished valance for the Master Bedroom!!!

Time to craft, a pin cushion for the knitting/crafting/sewing room

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Stash Saturday #22

Guess what!!!! I have been knitting!!! OK, so it’s only been an evening of knitting, but none-the-less, Knitting!!! See…..

Another Robin Hood in Hayfield Chunky, this will be #3 in Hayfield Chunky, 4th time using pattern. I guess I really like it!

So, for this Saturday I actually can claim some yardage! 47 yards. Not even 1 skein knit yet.

Stash On Hand: 62,700 yards and 340 skeins
Knitted Stash: 47 yards and 0 skeins
Purchased Stash: 0 yards and 0 skeins again!
Ending Stash: 62,653 yards and 340 skeins.

I was planning to add to the stash, thinking that I would go knit at the new to me local yarn shop on Thursday night. It’s where I purchased the olive Hayfield and I am sure I will need another skein. But the boy came over for dinner, we got him to help hang some stuff, and then I started in on arranging the loft for company all weekend, and then ran out of steam. The yarn shop knit night didn’t happen again this week. But NEXT WEEK! I am going!

New sign made by a good friend. She’s Red Hen Signs N Such on Etsy
New valance hung, the 2nd is almost done, but dinner prep got in the way

We are getting more and more settled as time goes by. Things that have been hanging around, are now hanging around!

Just waiting for the umbrella spines to be shipped to me, they were left out of the box.

Graduate Girl and Purdue Beau after dinner

This thing is a dream!!! Especially when the wind is blowing and it keeps you swinging. It has a handy drink caddie and another caddie for whatever. I leave sunscreen in there and will use it for books when it’s nap time.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled window treatment sewing!