A Basket Full, or a Basket Case, you be the Judge

In reading blogs the other day this post made me pause. Cheeky is determined to let her “CCD” rule and start ALL. THE. THINGS! Why do we desire to start before we’ve finished other projects? Is it like falling in love or having a crush? We crave the excitement we feel as we plan and dream and scheme. The rush of adrenaline or the thrill of the chase? Whatever it is, I am letting it rule for a bit. Giving myself a free pass to start something unplanned might make me less likely to chuck the Goals & Challenges.

This project was already in the January OMG plans, but I was resisting since I didn’t have all the other boxes ticked. I just need to remember G&C’s are something to work towards, not an absolute, do or die, stick a needle, eek, stop!

Here are fabric auditions for Grandma’s Sewing Basket.

Border, background, basket, sunflower, sunflower center, leaves/inner border

So, what do you think? Which do you prefer? High contrast. more subdued? I preferred the subdued, so cut I did, but I decided to go with 3 motifs instead of 5. Five was just too much.

Floss auditions for the blanket stitch.
None of the photos show the true color of the background,
it’s not white, it’s not cream, it’s in between.

Now to start stitching around all those petals! I am not sure I can take it! If I do a little bit each day it will get done. Just like the baby quilt I am hand quilting. Instead of trying to get it all done at once, I am chipping away at the blocks and sashings, adding a little each day. It’s great stitching for Netflix binging!

Baby Frasier Cabin Fever
Trying to decide if I want to add some straight line quilting around the feather wreath in the blocks. My desire to get this done soon says NO!!!!


A Square a day, or so, keeps me on track

So, not really churning them out in a day, but over the long weekend I finished 3 squares. Yes, 1 of those squares was half finished when I picked it up, but still, as long as it is meeting my goal, it’s all good. And actually I only promised to get 2 done this month, so I am ahead of the game!!!

Weird thing is the left and right photos are the same yarn.

The last two really are different squares, not just the same one with the color altered. Block 26 of the Knitterati Afghan by Cascade was so quick and easy  I made 2 while binging on Happy Valley and Sherlock. I still have 2 episodes of Sherlock, so I might just cast on the dark shade of purple and crank out the 3rd color of this square.

Or not, since I have other items I need to focus on in January, my cabled wrap and 1 more preemie hat, to use up all the Caron Cupcake leftovers.

Pupper video here and here and here.

Plans for fabric and our weekend guest

Saturday I had to run errands and wanted to pick up some fabric I had my eye on. Plus it had been awhile since I had left the neighborhood! I’d been out of the house a lot, puppy patrol, but not in a car to go anywhere.

I purchased the peacock feather and the top fabric to make Bowl Cozies. I noticed a friend had tagged a tut about the cozies on her FB page. Knowing she doesn’t do much sewing I thought, perfect birthday present!!

The top piece isn’t showing up well at all. This is a truer color shot, but it’s still not quite right, less bright in person. I made a cozy with a different pattern that used a 12″ square, but it’s really too big and shallow for most everyday bowls. It’s great for my Christmas bowls however! I am using a smaller pattern and will increase the dart size to make a deeper cozy. I think these fabrics will also be perfect for my kitchen colors.

If I bought the two fabrics for cozies, why did I come home with 5 fabrics? Well, the greens just jumped into my arms. No really. And the blue is a remnant, 22″ for $1.51!! Now who could pass that up? Once I got home and laid them out to photograph, I realized they were a great pull of fabric. The 4 to the right compliment each other and the blue is a great contrast.  I just know they would be great together in a design. I have no idea what design, but they will become a wallhanging. Someday. Maybe even one that I have marked in my Big Toppers book.

I was on puppy patrol because our Grand-dog Brutus stayed with us a few days. He did a fairly good job of doing his business outside, just a few piddle incidents, but he is only 3 months old, so he’s forgiven. Who could stay mad at this face.