Wishes on Wednesday

Welcome to Wishes on Wednesday. This is where I will speak on the wishes I have for my crafting life, directions I want to take, or things I am distracted by.

  1. As you know, I am cuckoo for EQ8. I love the lessons put out by EQ. You have seen some of my creations made from the lessons posted on my blog.

Here’s the recent lesson creations:

These lessons are a fun way to learn the qualities of the program.

And then I am off making more mock-ups, one of which just might be my 2020 Guild Challenge project, that I might have already started! After all, it’s due in July.

2. Since I was already goofing around with the program, and I had grabbed a fabric pull to try out, here’s the latest wish:

I pulled the pieces on the left, but when I started playing around with the mock-ups I quickly changed course and added more shades. Not sure which one will win the contest. The pattern is Nature’s Canvas from American Patchwork and Quilting.

Click on each mock-up to see in a larger size
Is anyone seeing a theme here? Circles?

3. More zipper pouches are likely to show up. Cause I keep making inserts for fronts. I will try to video tape/photograph the making of these to use for Kathleen’s Tips and Tutorials Linky Party June 22nd. See link in side bar.

4. I really want a long arm quilting machine!!! A guild friend was asking opinions from a few of us, 2 who have long arms and myself. Just talking about it makes me want one even more! And you people who have others give you free ones? I want a friend like that!!! LOL So I think I need to start a serious research of the options and qualities so I can make an informed purchase once the girls are married off. I think it would make a great Christmas 2021 present. Hint Hint Wink Wink

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Tuesday To-Do

Last Week

  1. Finish Wedding Toppers!!
  2. Start Antebellum with Pam Buda 
  3. Finish Log Cabin Pouch
  4. Finish Pineapple Pouch
  5. Caught up with Moda BOW

Moda Blocks

This Week

  1. Keep up with Antebellum
  2. Start next Toppers
  3. Moda BOW
  4. Make Corona Star Blocks

I may have started some Squirrels. Yes, I KNOW it was only the 1st day of June, but really, are 4 new projects bad? What about if they are small?

Wallhanging from an orphan block, orphan HSTs made into a pouch blank, 2″ squares and Hourglass blocks sewn into a pouch blank, leftovers from making a back for the Wallhanging laid out for a mini something.

June Goals:

  1. UFO Challenge, #9 Patriot’s Dream
  2. Wedding Topper: 4 for June
  3. Mudsocks BOM
  4. Quilts Plus BOM
  5. Moda Blockhead BOW
  6. Knitting: Shawl!
  7. Muh-Muh-Muh-My Corona
  8. Willow QAL
  9. Antebellum Mini /
  10. Guild 2020 Challenge
  11. Squirrel: Oh My Stars
  12. Squirrel: Shoo Fly Mini /
  13. Squirrel: Sister’s Choice Practice /
  14. Squirrel: Red Pouch /
  15. Squirrel: Tan Pouch /
  16. Squirrel: Blues Squared /

I must feel very patriotic right now. Lots of RWB projects. Although, Antebellum isn’t quit blue, more teal. Corn and Beans is my Guild Challenge, the rules are the first initial is your block name, and the colors must be names starting with your other initials. I cheated, I am claiming the blue color is Blue Jay Blue, middle initial is J. My last initial is B, and my red color is called “Bittersweet Shimmer.” I found the names online, so you know these are real names! When a friend shared a link for Oh My Stars, I just had to have it. I need to find a stripe, have the blue stars and a background. Shoo Fly Mini is a blue and beige Squirrel that wants to be made.

It looks like I need to get to it so I can get all these items done before I leave town!

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Monday Design Wall

Monday has rolled around again? I need these days to slow down!!! I have so much I want to get done, but then I don’t want it to drag too much. OK, I really can’t make up my mind, so I’ll just quit now.

There’s been progress on all fronts, but I am glad I got most of my goals met for May. Most important, I stayed up on the Wedding Toppers! And I didn’t even finish under the light of the moon on May 31st. LOL They don’t look like I expected them to, because I changed my mind on what pattern I would use. As I pulled out the fabrics I noticed I had some extra pieces. Hmm, maybe I could do something with them. So I did.

Leftover hourglass blocks became a mosaic star?, and some log cabins became a, something? Not sure the layout has a name. Since they were basically done it took little effort to piece them and slap on borders. Then came the point I usually dread, but right now I am loving!! How to quilt them! I wasn’t stumped or worried. I knew the ProCircle ruler would be usable on the star, and boy was I right, just needed to plot my path. And the Log Cabin just happened to be a good canvas to try my Lisa Calle Feathers duo. I am absolutely getting a straight and a larger circle ruler! I so want to do curved crosshatch.

Here’s the evolution of the Mosaic Stars quilt top

Center, marked and sewn corners, continuing on from the corner

And the Log Cabin top

My attempt at free motion plumes was a bust, so I marked the plumes with the ruler and then used the female part of the set to guide my foot. It’s a very amateurish job, but I can only advance with practice, so hopefully the crinkling of the washed and dried tops will disguise my oopses! Oopsis? Oopsi?

It was a beautiful day, so I tacked bindings outside and then had a final photo shoot.

Click on the photos to enlarge

Now I want to go back and put scalloped quilting on the borders of all of them! LOL

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