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Friday FO or No?

Another EC project done!!! And this one I love almost as much as her baby quilt. 

When we found out Diva was expecting there were so many things to make, and a quilt for the monthly photos was high on the list. I was looking for something with woodland animals, but nothing was to be found. When I visited my cousin’s daughter at Sew Tech I found one and Diva approved it. 

I had leftover 10″ squares from the Moda Cider pack I used for EC’s baby quilt, so I cut 5″ squares to sew around the panel. 

And then it sat waiting to be finished. With Diva’s recent false labor scares, and the due date of Nov 28th quickly approaching, I needed to jump on it! 


I used a pantograph from Urban Elementz called Rhapsody I thought the curves looked like the images on the panel. I just love this panto!!! It’s splashy and quickly quilted. In no time I was done! 

I used the leftover fabric of the panel to piece the back. And noticed I didn’t do a good job of making it even, oy! Oh well, it’s the back. We aren’t using the numbers from the panel for marking the months, I bought a wooden block set to use. 

So now, we wait! Come on baby!!! 

Since we are still waiting I took the time to make some burp cloths, almost a dozen, and got EC’s Christmas Stocking made!!! The stocking was a last minute thought that I had to get on ASAP!! So I mocked up the look I was after in EQ8 and then went to work. If you look closely at the pieces laying on the mid arm you can see the weird piecing I did to avoid having to make hour glass blocks to make it a rectangle. Why bother when I was just going to cut out the stocking shape? LOL! 


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Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +2.25
Fabric Out: -3.04
Net Fabric: -.79
Fabric YTD: +50.15
Spending YTD: $2432.14

In: Some Fat Quarters from vendors at our guild quilt show. I was good.

Out: Yardage for backs and bindings!! And 5″x5″ squares for Drunkard’s Path blocks


Knitting Stats
Last Week: 54,748 yards/286 skeins
Knitted: 0 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 54,748 yards/286 skeins
Spending YTD: $98.68

In: A skein Arroyo in red for baby’s Christmas sweater.

Out: Nothing

My To-Do for last week:

  1. Finish EC’s Monthly Photo Mat √
  2. Work on Fox and Geese X
  3. Finish piecing Whippoorwill quilt X
  4. More Bowl Cozies √
  5. Locate some red yarn for EC’s Christmas sweater √
  6. Extra: Drunkard’s Path blocks /
  7. Extra: Guild BOM √
  8. Extra: Finished straps on Miranda Day Bag √


Well, Fox and Geese isn’t progressing, but EC’s photo mat is done. Whippoorwill got no love, but I got a few more bowl cozies made along with working on DP blocks, a Snow Globe BOM for guild, and finished the Miranda Day Bag! 

My To-Do for this week

  1. Fox and Geese quilting
  2. Whippoorwill piecing
  3. Drunkard’s Path piecing
  4. Begin November Tablescraps Orange Peel
  5. Begin quilting Baby Charity Quilt

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Friday FO or No?

Well, I’m ready, Diva’s ready, the QUILT is ready!!! But evidently EC isn’t ready. We thought she might be coming Thursday, the day I predicted, but after strong contractions all night and most of the day, she didn’t pop out. Come on EC, we are so ready to meet you! The Doctor says it’s OK if you come now. In fact, you are getting so big it might be better for you to come now*. I doubt Momma has anymore room to grow you! LOL

I call this pattern Beads, and others call it Chandelier. 

I started the project in mid September and it took until the end of October to add the borders! Mostly because I didn’t have the fabric. Once I got it, the borders went on quickly and then I just needed time to quilt it. There was no confusion on how to quilt it, I had version 1 to refer to! 

The back was made using a 1 yard piece cut to 36″x36″ and then I added strips of Marshmallow Grunge around 4 sides to size it up. I was off about 1″ in centering the back. Argh!! Oh well, baby won’t care.

This was a joy to quilt, because I was doing it with love!! And this time I was using my mid arm instead of doing it on my domestic.

I cannot wait to wrap that babe in her quilt!!!!

*Baby is having episodes of tachycardia. They’re not sure if it’s a baby condition or something Diva is doing to cause EC’s heart rhythm to race. Her last stress test was scary as EC wasn’t responding the way they wanted, they were planning to induce but she eventually reacted. My Mom has been in and out of the hospital recently with BP, kidney, and heart issues. And then Dad went to the ER for a puzzling infection. So we have been playing musical hospital visits between the 3 of them and I never know if I should head south to help with the parents or wait here to be with Diva!!!

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