Flying Geese Blogger’s Quilt Festival

My 2nd entry into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival 2017. 

Spurring my return to quilting was this small piece. I had these fabrics leftover from a bag making summer a few years ago. I held on to them, knowing I could eke out some other item from them. And I did.

I decided to hand quilt this piece to see how far my quilting skills had fallen with a 17 year hiatus. Far, they had fallen far! But I wasn’t going to sweat the small stuff, done is better than perfect. So I just went with whatever my hands and needle produced. This is not for judge or jury, just to put a smile on my face when I walk past it.

When I got to the backing I was left short with the striped fabric so some ingenuity, and the fact I had leftover geese, allowed the creative juices to thrive. I love the back as much as the front!

The size ended up about 14″ square, just perfect for this table in our hallway. This will be my February topper, now I just need to make 10 more themes to round out the year. I just finished a Fall topper.

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More Fall Here, now that it’s Official!!!

While out and about I came across two more pumpkins that just had to come home with me! Aren’t they cute?

Added to the tables cape

These two “bumpkins” were already in my home!

And because I was very remiss in remembering a friend’s birthday I am hoping this make will “make up” for my faux pas.

On this one I used the background for the outer sashing instead of a different print. I am quilting the piece in diagonals in one direction only and outlining the candy corns. The backing is just a solid fabric pieced to make it big enough to cover. I was scraping the barrel on the black for binding, so it is a scant 1.75″ in width. Makes for a very thin presence on the edge. Another vintage button from my grandmother’s collection makes for great finish! I am so happy I have some of her buttons! I almost hate to use them.

Voilà, a birthday gift is done. I can’t wait to gift it!!

And, full confession here, that’s not all the shopping going on up there. Fabric and sewing stash has been happening again. But for very good reasons!


Zippers for all those bags I am making. A great deal on 25 zips! Pink fabric for a requested bag by a wonderful friend, who just had 2 dirt bag women steal money from her restaurant and her personal items, grrr! Backing fabric for the Vintage Ornament top, which is being sent off to be quilted by a Goddess! And fabric for a Double Dresden pillow class, that had to be rescheduled, at a local shop. Still waiting on some bag supplies I ordered, rectangle rings, bag bottom studs, and magnetic snaps. I need to stop! Or maybe not. It’s just so much fun!!

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Sweater Knitting

Little people sweater knitting is the best kind! You can try fun techniques and pattern stitches and get quick results and feedback. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for yarn to make a small size. So I knit for littles whenever I can!

This sweater is for a 1 year birthday girl we are going to see Sept 30th. She is just the sweetest baby. It is the daughter of Hubster’s God-Daughter and the grand-daughter of one of his dearest friends. We are just so thankful we are included in her life. This sweater is the 3rd one she has received from me. More than anyone else has gotten in my kitting career! Not even my own kids have that many items from my needles! Considering they didn’t like to wear sweaters when younger, why waste my time?

Now I need to consider what the 2 year sweater will be? Or maybe I have time for that?