Thorsday Three

  1. Travel: I was gone 9 days in December, funny, it seemed more than that. I will be gone 14 days in January. I sure hope I spend more of February at home!! I have things to get done! LOL
  2. Knitting: I just finished a toddler sweater, now on to a 12-18 months sweater. I am rather rudderless on my knitting goals this year. I need to revisit the me sized sweater patterns I have yarn for and make a decision! But I also went back and got more Inca Tweed to make another Bulked Up Gramps*
  3. Sewing: I have many irons in the fire, despite planning to focus as much as possible on the wedding table toppers. 1 top is done, 2nd one is in progress, and if I am going to get the 3rd one done this month I will be taking my sewing machine on my travels in late January! This means I need batting and binding prepped for my travels.

Finished Bulked Up Gramps, 12-18 month Lille Mille, yarn for a 2nd Bulked up Gramps

I guess you could say these are my three “BOM” projects! LOL

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*I used Bulky yarn with the Gramps pattern by converting the stitch count to match my gauge.

Tuesday To-Do

Last Week’s List

  1. Finish Clue 7
  2. Work on Clue 8
  3. Start 1st Wedding Topper
  4. Finish Toddler Sweater
  5. Have a Happy Birthday on Thursday!
  6. Extra: Sew Little Dresses
  7. Extra: Quilts Plus BOM

A perfect week!!! And I even slipped in a few extras, but since they were a 10.5″ block and a small pillow dress, they weren’t hard to accomplish.

I forgot to get a photo of the dress before I turned it in.

This Week’s List

  1. Freyja Clue 9
  2. Make 2nd Wedding Topper
  3. Guild BOM 
  4. Sew binding on a quilt for a friend
  5. Cast on the next baby sweater

I hope this week’s Frolic clue has us making blocks so I can make sense out of these pieces! LOL. The 2nd wedding topper will be the Pineapple block. Can’t wait to make it, as I love Pineapples!!! And then I need to sew up a Present block for the guild, but first I need to dig out some solid white. I don’t have any solid white that I know of, so that might mean a trip to a quilt shop. Which I do not need as I have now gathered up 12+ yards of fabric since Jan 1. That’s almost a yard a day! The binding job is just sewing the binding on the front, she will tack them down to the back. I had planned to do this between Christmas and New Year’s but got distracted. And then I need to get the next baby sweater on the needles. This one is a very late birth present to my cousin’s youngest grand baby. Sammie came last June! Oy.

And just maybe this week I will stay out of the craft/quilt/Tuesday Morning/stores and not bring more supplies home?

Flowers that were .99 a piece. They match my sewing room
A Inter-Changeable needle case, $3.99!

A yard of fabric just because I can use it for a back, Fat quarters given because of my birthday*, and 2 guild friends found the potato chip and potato fabric and thought of me. I wonder why? LOL

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*For birthdays the Guild passes out “cupcakes” made of Fat Quarters. So I chose the blue circles for my cupcake.

Monday Magnificence

My 2nd trip out of town this year happened this weekend. Back to the hometown with Diva to watch her try on wedding dresses. She came away with 2 favorites, which I will not show, but will share some of the other stunning dresses she tried on.

She looked gorgeous in these two.

Even though I left town for 36 hours, I was able to get my crafting in. Before leaving I went to Quilts Plus to take part in Second Saturday, a BOM club. I paid for my first block and when I take back my completed block I get the next block free. I cam home and promptly made the block before I went to pick up Diva. Don’t expect EVERY month to go like that. LOL!

But the emphasis on this weekend was finishing Bulked up Gramps! This sweater is the smallest member of the extended family. It’s his yearly sweater, 2 weeks late! His Bday was Dec 29th, but I don’t think he will mind getting his present later, he likely will make no note of it, only being 1! I hated to miss his celebration, but we had our Christmas that day, and a 3 hour drive south wasn’t doable.

I adore the yarn I used, Inca Tweed. This yarn is sooo soft! It really felt good under the needle, but even nicer once it soaked and dried. The color is lovely, a blue green with a marled effect. Such a gorgeous color and a soft yarn. Perfect for next to the skin contact. I am headed back to the Tuesday Morning shop to see if they have any left!! So, without any further drooling, here’s the little guy’s new sweater!

Of course I had to go with the faux leather buttons, the kind a Grandpa sweater would have!

Today is for my debut as the Program Chair for the Guild. Hoping I can do the position justice and give the people what they want! I sure don’t want to be boo’ed off the stage with tomatoes or rotten veggies!

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