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WIP Wednesday #14

Progress on Connor Prairie Blanket is coming along. I am done with the 5th skein. Although I had to cut out the last 27 yds due to a knot! I have saved it in case I run short at the end. At least now, the rows are decreasing as I go and soon they will be gone. And not too soon since the babe will be making his appearance in 3 weeks! But I am going to hold the blanket hostage until his Momma brings him to see us in November!

And it also can’t come too soon so I can start a new project! Which shall it be? Liam’s Loki? Arianna’s Petite Pannache? Sophia’s Christmas Bolero? Hmm, the Bolero probably should come first, since it’s to wear for Christmas. But, I don’t know if I have enough Baby Cashmerino for that. So, it might have to wait. Of course, the current shawl will see some progress, but I can’t just have one thing to knit on. Plus, once I get past the lace on it, it will be boring St st with short rows for minimal interest. I will need something else to hold my attention. And either of the first two would do the trick. Maybe I need to put them all in a hat and draw to see which one wins?

Oh, and I also need to work in a baby sweater and blanket for baby Hank or Halley, we will find out Friday which it will be. But that babe won’t show before Jan, so I am good there. But really, Jan will be here before I know it! Where is the time going? I know we can’t make it stand still, but sometimes you wish you could.

Well, head over to Tami’s to see what else is on tap for WIP Wednesday!

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I never said I was on a diet

The yarn or food kind. And I am not, not really. The food kind is just a vow to eat less during meal times. Even when I am eating out at fast food, or what not, I do not have to eat the full portion. I can leave part of my sandwich or fries, I don’t have to clean my plate. Or I can order smaller portion. When dining in a sit down restaurant I always slide half of my food to the side and only eat the rest. I take home the saved half. I can never eat the amount they give you anyway.

Now, the hard part, snacks! Trying to not have them in the house doesn’t work for the rest of the fam. So I try to avoid the things I like or go with something I don’t have to feel guilty about. The doughnuts, well, we will just not mention those. Instead I will try to keep cereal and Pop-tarts on hand. I won’t eat Pop-tarts and cereal is only for breakfast, or dinner when there’s only me to feed.

Now, the yarn kind, well, oops! I got the hair cut today and while on that side of town remembered to use my gift cert won at the fair. I had one for a quilt shop, which I thought had buttons, but no more. So I bought a cotton batt to use on all those un-quilted wallhangings I have pieced. Then off to the real score.

But first, I needed Wool-Ease or Encore for this baby sweater. I would use real wool, but the Mom won’t have the means to take much care with it, so the fake stuff. I dropped in JoAnns and found the colors I wanted. I just realized I bought two dark brown instead of two light brown! Oh well, back to exchange that tomorrow. Found the buttons in their clearance, score! I plan on doing I-cord trim all around, but that may fall by the wayside when it comes to it. Or maybe a closed St st band. Just want to cover the Steeked edge. Yes, of course I am steeking this baby! Hey, I could try a double button band. Never done one before, so there’s no time like the present. I also plan to add a colorwork motif around the bottom and sleeve cuffs. Who knows what I will end up with. I will likely change my mind before casting on.

Once I finished with JoAnn I ran to use my cert from KnitWitts. I dithered and dithered about what to buy. OK, wait, I actually found what I wanted to buy first thing I walked in. MMMMM Malabrigo Sock!!! In a luscious colorway!!! But, I lectured myself about the 26 skeins of fingering in my stash. So I kept looking. I finally hit upon a model that just called to me as I was petting the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande. Nimbus was done up in their Peruvia and was stunning. Even better than the version shown, for they had done the button along the edges, instead of offset into the band. This made for a deeper V-neck. But alas, not enough Peruvia in the color I was wanting, hunter green. So, I passed on it. And went right back to the Malabrigo after much wandering! I wasted all that time. Well, is it ever wasted when you are petting yarn?

So, now I am home and determined that I better knit all day and every day to get all these projects accomplished. I may end up at the end of the year doing 12 shawls and 12 baby items! If these nieces and cousins don’t stop having babies! I will find out Friday what to plan on for the 2nd niece’s Jan baby. Hoping it’s a girl, but ready for whatever.

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It’s not for the week kneed individual sometimes. Things have been on my mind lately, and they are just demanding to be released. I will vent here, because if you don’t want to read it, you can just click off this page. But others in real life may not be willing to sit and listen! LOL.

First: The other day I was clicking around the net. While I was clicking off a page I noticed a headline, “How to get more done”. I didn’t bother clicking on it to see what was the method of getting more done. Here’s my beef, why are we pushing people to do more. Why, as a people, do we want to do more? What does this “more” bring us? Does it magically make our life better? Does it make our kids better behaved? Does it make our marriage better? What is the end goal of getting “more” done?

Am I making sense? I look around at friends and family, and I see people who are so stressed and stretched, trying to do more. I’m trying to understand just what the trade off is. Does this “more” that we experience balance the stress of running to do more? When I see parents over-booking their kids, in activities and lessons, I always wonder, does the kid wake up one day and demand to be signed up for all these activities? And, if they do, why would parents over schedule their child’s lives? Do I just not get it?

We encourage the girls to do things they want to do, but we limit sports to one per season per girl. If the sports overlap they need to determine which one is most important. Have we limited their opportunities? No. We are open to them exploring whatever sport/activity they want to do, we just don’t want them to stretch themselves thin with school work. That’s the most important thing.

The second thing: I have had it with the political ill will. Stop the bomb throwing and name calling and temper tantrums! I am talking to the politicians from the President down to the city dog catcher! We are citizens of the UNITED States of America. Now let’s start acting like it! If I hear President Obama slam Republicans for “brinkmanship” or not “compromising” one more time, I am going to explode. If the Republicans continue to create bogey men to scare up votes, I will scream! If the Dem leadership, what a joke, continue to scare seniors with the threat that “Republicans are going to take away their Medicare and SS”, I will throw a shoe at my TV. What a bunch of losers. If I hear the main stream media spout the DNC or RNC talking points one. more. time. I will flip! You are the media, REPORT THE FACTS, stop using your bias to paint either side as the demons.

And you party line robots, get over yourselves. Who made you God and who told you that your way is the only way? And who told you that behaving like a child when your side doesn’t win is acceptable? Grow up! We live in a country that allows each of us to have the freedom to have an opinion on everything. Just because we have that right doesn’t mean we can bash someone over the head with our opinion. Use some respect and debate your viewpoints, just check your fury at the door. And the ridicule. Do you really think you are all that cute coming up with names for the other side? What, are you still in 2nd grade?

I know this won’t change anything, but I just had to get it out. I am really having a hard time being proud of anything our government is coming out with right now.