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Sunday Stash Report

Knitting This Week

On Hand: 61,915 yards/333 skeins
Knitted: 20 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 245 yards/2 skeins
Ending Stash: 62,118 yards/335 skeins

Premier Home Cotton for a striped short sleeved Sophie

OK, a little yarn knit and a bit more added. But it’s for a good cause. My cousin will be welcoming a granddaughter soon so a knitted sweater needs to happen ASAP! Shower is Dec 3rd in Virginia, where I won’t be, so it needs to be knit quickly and mailed even quicker. Will I meet my deadline? Who knows. More important, will the solid color cover the yardage I need? 3 month size says 180 yards, I have 140. Fingers crossed.

Fabric This Week: Do I have to confess?

Fabric In: 6.625 yards
Fabric Out: 0 yards
Net Fabric In/Out: +6.625 yards

Argh!!! It doesn’t help that I was gone, so no sewing happened. And then I come home and go shop for more fabric? Well, again, the intent is for a good cause. I need flannel for a pillow for the JG’s BF. And then some FQ’s jumped in the cart, and, oh I need some neutrals that are more white than cream, and look at that striped remnant, and well, might as well pick up these fillers!!!

Year to Date

Fabric In: 44.25
Fabric Out: 33.75
Net Fabric In/Out: +10.5

Just when I was getting close to zero!!! But for the most part the fabric above is going into something. Obviously the flannel for a pillow, the bright group has no plans as of yet, but I am seeing a fun Christmas wall-hanging for some reason. The plaid might not make it in the final product. The neutrals are for some pillows I want to make. And just maybe that bright group will make it into one of the pillows. The diagonal stripe is just because, a 5/8 yard remnant that rang up at $1.87!! And the last group are more for filling in, although both of the blues will likely make it into bags of some sort, but not together.


Good Day Sunshine!

It is Glorious to be back at our home away! Even if for just 5 days. Quick trip down and back is giving us some relief from the cold at home, and a chance to rejuvenate.

As for me, since starting a steroid cream on my joints I am feeling much better. Swelling is down and lumps are receding. Most important, the severe pain is going away. Tylenol and this cream are my best friends right now! Just wish I had answers to why/how/when this Osteoarthritis decided to choose me. Hopefully this is a one off and it will visit no more!

Knitting happened on the 2 hour flight down. And it just might be happening right now. You can only play games on your phone, sun bathe, puzzle play, or read, so much in a 24 hour day.

Afghan Square #10 started. It is a repeat of this pattern. 

Hope all is well at your end. May your day be blessed!

Knitting, Sewing, Shopping

Sunday Stash Report

Knitting This Week

  • On Hand: 61,915 yards/333 skeins
  • Knitted: 27 yards/0 skeins
  • Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
  • Ending Stash: 61,888 yards/333 skeins

Yippee, another afghan square finished!

Fabric This Week

  • Fabric In: 0 yards
  • Fabric Out: 2.25 yards
  • Net Fabric In/Out: -2.25 yards

Year to Date

  • Fabric In: 37.625
  • Fabric Out: 33.75
  • Net Fabric In/Out: +3.875

Again, no new yarn or fabric in this week! By the end of the year I should have that Net at a minus!!!


5 Roll-Up Cosmetic Cases, Just 1 to go!!