This journey we call life…..

… trying to tell us something, but I can’t figure it out. Maybe you can help me.

Overnight Wednesday my husband was feeling some ab pain, but never mentioned it to me. Thursday as I was preparing for a tile/grout service to come estimate our floors he called to say he was on the way home and would be making a Dr appt. Less than 36 hours later, 2 ER visits and a hospital admission, his DEAD appendix was removed. We had 3, count them, “3”!!!!! diagnoses. The 1st ER Dr said not appendix or kidney stones, it was diverticulitis, which he suffers from. Pain did not subside, it got worse. 2nd ER Dr said, why look at that CT scan, there’s two kidney stones. But no reason for escalating pain so could be diverticulitis. 18 hours later, after not managing the pain he was admitted for, they looked at the scan again, and the 2nd radiologist said, Appendix. The surgeon said it was completely dead, he had not seen one quite like it. Thankfully it had not yet burst. Then Saturday the Dr had one that beat Hubster’s in deadness. Must have been the weekend for appendix ops.

So my week and weekend have definitely not gone as written in my head. But that’s OK, he is doing well and coming home today! And maybe some day we will understand why we have been hit this year with such big emergencies where our health is concerned. And a hip replacement still to come for me in Dec. And a move starting in Oct with a house build to follow at some point after. Ack!

But all that ER/hospital time resulted in another hat getting done. And this one is adorable!

img_2537 img_2540 img_2539

The first picture is too bright, the last is too dull, the middle is just about right.

The pattern is the same Dale as the last one. And I just might be knitting a third…or not. Haven’t decided, but fairly likely I will be. These are the colors I am dabbling with for the next few hats.

 img_2529 img_2529

Black, Cream, Gold, Seafoam in real color and Mono

I wanted to see the contrast between the two mediums. So I know whether or not I can pair them up when laying out the color chart. I think I can, but then, I may not follow the same chart. I might just branch out to this one, Winter’s Fern. Good thing I have another skein of the black and two more of the seafoam. I can see a lot of experimentation with these colors.

So now, I plan a meal chart for the next few weeks. I need to get in a pattern so I am set when we move to Indy. I will be the chief bottle washer and cook for the 3 of us, me, Hubster and my sister, whose house we will be living in. My job is to keep us fed. I am marking things on FB and will start there. But this week it’s soft, easy foods for the patient. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to get him back to normal!!

Productivity is roaring here

But I am still pulled in a million directions! But first, some updates.

Move: new carpet and grout cleaning will take place next week in anticipation of putting the house on the market. Garage sale is Oct 1st. Clothing, personal care stuff, and food will be packed up for the initial move October 16th.

Hip: surgery is set for Dec 13th. We wished it could have been scheduled sooner, but at least we are on a cancellation list in case something comes open. At that point, fingers crossed, we may not have a house, so we will rely on my Mom and Dad for housing. Pain level is an issue, and will be for the next 2.5 months, so I may be asking the Dr for options to control it. I have too much living to do over the next 75 days, so I don’t want to be limited in my mobility.

Knitting: still cranking out baby hats. One for donation and one for a 4th time mom.

img_2480 img_2482 img_2481

img_2512 img_2513 img_2514

Top hat is yellow and pink Baby Ull leftovers, not enough of the pink for a hat. I quite like the combo, I call it Lemonade! Bottom hat is one of my fav Dale patterns for babies. I used these same colors when I made the cardigan ages ago. Can you spot the mistake on the color work? I didn’t until I was done with the hat and weaving in the ends!

Really, the blue in the hat is the same color as the blue above.

Sewing: the sewing room has seen some action, which is also the reason my hip is screaming at me. Stairs. And too many trips up and down during the day as I sewed and let dogs in and out. I may have to bring the sewing machine downstairs, but then I am already all set up in the craft room, so I hate to move it all.

6 bags have been completed, and 3 more will join them later this week.

img_2496 img_2494 img_2495

The brown one in the photo on the right has already been sold and will wing it’s way to NC tomorrow. Can I ship one to you? $20.00 includes shipping, so hit me up if you need one. All have plastic toggles on the ribbon drawstring to keep the top cinched to prevent items falling out. I am thinking the gray and salmon combo on the left is staying with me. Convince me otherwise if you dare!!!

My fractured brain!

Or is it fractal? Or fraction? Or what? I only know I am pulled in a thousand different directions and have no clue where to start!! Here is my ottoman at the moment.


From top left: Baby sweater, puzzle book, WEBS!!! catalog,
pattern drafting, tote bag finishing, newborn donation hat.

I finally joined the sleeves to the body on the baby sweater and then proceeded to mess up my cables!! So I had to fix 2 different cables over 6 rows, but I did it by just dropping down the places where the cables were, not by ripping out 6 rows.

The puzzle magazine and WEBS catalog are for when I have a few minutes to play a game or look at yarn. And patterns! And tools of the trade!! All of which I DO. NOT. NEED!

Pattern drafting? Trying to refine and finish the tutorial I have put together on how I make my tote bags. I am teaching the method at a local Sewing Guild meeting in a few weeks, actually, less than 10 days. ACK!! Unfortunately, I have to include tons of pictures to explain the process, so it’s been an ordeal getting the text and photos to balance, and boy does that bother me, Miss OCD Even Steven and lopsided picture fixer. But it is as good as I can get it. If you are interested in testing the tut follow the link. And the bag below the pattern still needs the opening slit closed, but the sewing machine is upstairs, and I am not.

Newborn hat, same old 56 st, garter ridges, St st hat with a pom. This time I am striping with pink and yellow since I didn’t have enough pink to make a full hat.

And then there are all the other knit and sewing projects I want to start. A peasant blouse with some soft flowery cotton, a nap, more tote bags, a box bag, a nap, more hats!, more baby sweaters, a nap, and getting back to my own sweater vest. My crafting mojo has returned with a vengeance!

So, what’s on your ottoman today? Hey, that 54″x54″ ottoman looks like the perfect place for a NAP! LOL


Convo with the Diva Girl after I sent her videos of the model home we are looking at.