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More projects to consider

I really need to stop searching through the nets for more sewing ideas. I am already too far behind in my knitting queue, why would I want to have another area to get behind in? But here I go:

The Bia Bag: So cute! And I can see doing it in scraps and lots of contrast. I really like how this one is done.

Round Travel Bag!: How neat would this be for traveling? Or even craft projects? But man, intense project for sure.

Hexagon Fabric Tray: Perfect for loose threads or yarn next to my knitting chair.

Car Trash Bags: Or even as a handy pouch for things you don’t want rolling around. Sunglass case, tissues, pens, and such.

Canvas Duffle: Just imagine all the home decor fabric I could use on this! I have tons of it leftover for sure.

Right now I can’t even consider anything seeing that I am 1000 miles from my machines, one of which is in for repair. I was so close to bringing the back-up with me, but it wasn’t worth it for an 8 day vacation, 2 days of which are spent in traveling. Instead I have pulled out the knitting and gotten some traction on Cameo Appearance and put some rows on Cable Comfort. Cameo is close to the lace portion, yay!! Cable is hardly past halfway. Less than 6 skeins to go now!

Ah, Florida, how I love the beach, but not the sand!!


A brave new world

Or at least a new data base to join. I just found Textillia!!! Just the other day I pondered whether there was a sewing database out there, but nothing I searched on Bing gave me the answer. And then, quite by chance, I found a link to Textillia. So I am there under chrisknitssews, look me up if you are there and let me know who you are. It’s fledgling, so it will take time for it to get all set up, but hopefully it will be a great place to search for patterns and see them made up in real projects.

And this was a recent addition to my studio there. Another Girly Girl set, for the other GN. I changed out the ruffle and lining on this one. I wasn’t sure the striped fabric would work for the ruffle, but I love it!


The front and back were fussy cut to center the flowers. Now I wish I had lowered the blue one so the ruffle wouldn’t have covered the top. I am OCD like that. And since she will also need a wallet to hold her money and charge cards, I made another Sewing Roll from Simple, Fun, and Quickly Done. I am making one for myself in the larger size and with the same fabrics! I have my red zipper ready to go. But it will have to wait as my machine is in for repair.

$225.00 worth of repair! The feed dogs were shot. The needle position was off. It needs tuning and a screw is missing. But still, $225.00! At least it is lots cheaper than a new basic Bernina, $1399.00. Ouch! To tide me over until the machine is back I will pull out the cheap Singer and see if I can’t get the tension fixed on it and use it for basic piecing. And I plan to do quite a bit, cause this book is getting ordered next! Somebody stop me!!!

Absolutely before I start anything from that book I AM getting going on the Flying Geese Paper Pieced Project. See, I even got fabric to audition for it!

The geese will shade from cream to green, I need 12 fabrics, there are 13 here. I am hoping to find some more options in the green range. The splatter fabric will be the background, the print fabric will be a tiny flange border. The remaining yellows will be used for the pineapple table runner I am planning. And I will still have a ton of yellows left over. I am sure they will be put to good use eventually. Who knows, maybe in a quilt like this. Not sure how many blues I have on hand, but I could always go shopping for them!

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30 Day Commit to Knit

Eek, it’s been a while since I have updated this challenge. I am actually doing well. I have only missed 2 days since it started on July 1st. I am planning to finish strong and not miss anymore days. Fingers crossed. It is easy to just ignore the knitting while on vacation, but if I am sitting in the condo in the evening, just enjoying the peace and quiet, why not knit.

I brought both shawls with me, Cable Comfort, just because I want this done by the time the seasons change. It’s been hanging around for much too long. And Cameo because I can’t wait to get to the lace.

The Drops Vest is at this stage.

Last skein of yarn and into the collar!! I left it behind knowing it wouldn’t take long to finish. And without blocking aids on hand, why bother. I am hoping I can block it longer as it looks quite short and stout. I don’t love knitting that Double Seed Stitch, but sure do adore the texture!