Plans Concerning a Sweater

OK, I think you know that I am now obsessed with 2 sweaters. One using new yarn purchased between Jan and August plus 2 stash skeins, the other using yarn purchased in another realm. I mean, once upon a time, a long, long, time ago!!!!

image image

In avoiding old dreaming of projects to come once I avoid finish old projects, I have narrowed my beady little eyes focus on a modified this and a modified that. The first sweater will be striped, no eyelets, and long sleeved. The second sweater will be steeked to make it a cardigan and will use short rows on back to build up the neckline while leaving the front neckline lower. And I need to decide which order of the two above!

But, which one to make first? And why have I forgotten all those other sweaters I have yarn for? Who knows the answers, maybe I should consult the stars? Or approach the answer from a logical viewpoint?

Since I just got done with a fingering weight shawl, and the current shawl is a sport weight, maybe I should make the worsted weight sweater.  But then again, I just want to work with that new yarn!!! And with it being fingering weight, it might take me all winter to get it done. LOL. But then, if I start the Autumn Leaves, new name for the worsted weight sweater, I can likely have it done in time for cold weather and THEN start the fingering weight to work on during Winter and have it ready by Spring? And those colors!!! Wait, is it lost on no one but me that both have ORANGE in them!!!

So, what to do. Well, to begin with, a swatch for the Autumn Leaves would be a good idea.
Ignore the pattern here, because I totally screwed that up! LOL


To give my swatch an accurate reading I knit it flat, but instead of purling back, I carried the yarns around the back and knit from right to left only. Then I sewed the edges to prevent raveling and washed the swatch. I know it’s not very big, hey, I never usually even bother! But with sizing being a mite close due to my gauge issue, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pattern calls for worsted on a US7 at a gauge of 18 sts/4″. I generally knit 20 sts/4″. I don’t like how loose my fabric is on a US8, so wanted to stay with the US7. I might just grab a US8 and do a St st swatch to see if it’s a major difference. But probably won’t bother with the colorwork.

So, does this mean it’s Autumn Leaves? Well, tomorrow morning we have a 6 hour round trip run to deliver College Girl’s furniture to her dorm, so don’t ya need a new project for these kind of events? Yes, yes I do!

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A trio of FOs

A trio of hats that look nothing like each other! 2 have used up the remaining yarn from stash,  one is from new stash! Each are adorable in their own way. 2 even used the patterns as written!!!

image image image

First up is Magic Coffee Baby Hat
lla Rae Superwash Classic leftovers

I love to put a bit of the contrast color into the pom pom to mix it up a bit. One of these days I am going to experiment with adding little bits of a lot of colors to see what it looks like. Polka Dots maybe? Or each layer of wraps a different color. Stripes?

image image image

 Next up is Punkin Head
arabella Merino Superwash

I. LOVE. THIS. YARN!!! It is so soft and knits up quick at Aran weight. And my local shop has it 50% off, so I’m thinking I might have to grab some more. I have enough to make 2 more hats in the same manner, and then I can make one in just the leaf color. 4 hats for a cost of $11.00, it’s a win!

image image image

And last is “kind of a Slouchy Baby Hat
Leftover Sirdar Snuggly 4 Ply and Valley DK Superwash

Used up all of the remaining stash of Valley and no more of the Snuggly left. Now to use up more of the new stash I have acquired this year. If it doesn’t remain in the stash after December, did I really buy any yarn in 2015? LOL!

So, what kind of finishes have you done this week? Larger, small, we love to see them all!!! Now go here to feast your eyes on all the fibery goodness of the week.

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Stop me!!!!

I was doing so well, really, I was! May and June saw no new yarn purchased. How great is that?! And then July I needed to make purchases to knit some items for my cousin’s new grandbaby. But that was all planned. And then Forbidden Woolery broke the dam in august!!! And it’s just been a gushing since! 2 skeins @ 435 yards = 870 yards added.

imageTuesday I stopped in at Ginger Cat Knits, my friend’s knit corner at a downtown shopping mart. I needed some yarn for a teacher item, so went with the school colors. I am thinking about doing the Scoreboard KAL that is buzzing around. You knit the team’s colors from the score during the season. Not sure if I need to do 2 rows per point or if 1 per will be enough to make a cowl. Since high school football doesn’t have as many games as pro, it’s questionable how much length I would get from the scores. I will wait for the first few games to determine how well they will do, because at the pre-season game they won 53-0. I also got a beautiful shawl pin and the pattern for one of her shawls. 2 skeins @ 200 yards = 400 yards added.

Then, once home I checked with my niece about her son’s missing blanket, one I made for him when he was born. We decided the same yarn I used on his back up blanket would work, but in a similar color to the 1st blanket. So off to WEBS to order Cascade Pacific, which had the perfect color on closeout! 5 skeins @ 213 yards = 1065 yards added.

Then Wednesday I was at Sheepskeins for knitting and just had to check out their sale items, and just loved the Merino Superwash from Karabella, so I bought 3 balls to make Punkin Head. Hoping I can eke out 3 newborn hats from the balls. I also picked up a ball of Liberty Classic Wool in Starry Nights to make some Magic Coffee Hats, since I just love the one I made the other day, reveal on Friday. 4 skeins @ 91-122 yards = 395 yards added.

image image image

Total Stash Added in August……..2730 yards!!

My August is looking a lot like my January!!! I “acquired” 3216 yards that month. The big difference is between Christmas gift cards, a contest win, and birthday gifts in January I only paid out $32.00 for all that yardage. This month I have spent $139.00! for less yardage. Hmm, why can’t we have Christmas and Birthday gift cards all the time?

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