Friday Finish Finally!!!

This is now off my needles and I am sooooo happy!!! I just hope the teacher likes it. Because after doing it 3 times over I am not going there again!

image image

The yarn used was leftover Forbidden Woolery in sport and 2 skeins of Koigu. Different weights, but I just held one strand of each for the moss stitch portion and then 2 strands of Koigu for the ribbing. The pattern is Thirty-Eight, normally a chunky pattern. I just cast on bunches and then knit away. She requested the colors and wanted it long enough to wrap twice and not be too tight around her neck. I tried it on myself and it was perfect.

Now to get on to the baby sweater of the moment. Half way done and it seems to just be flying off the needles. The 1st one from the same pattern was immediately put to use on the new babe. She arrived Wednesday night and I got an email yesterday of her dressed in the sweater. What a treat! I just love seeing babies in their hand knits I made them.

OK, off you go to see what else is finished for this Friday! Here’s the roundabout, hardknit, iknead, and wonder.

Catch up/Ketchup/Catsup/Cabitch

Totally off topic, but the Ketchup reminds me of a story my Mom tells about my youth. I had a lisp when younger and wasn’t always understood. If you didn’t know my intent sometimes I wasn’t able to get my request across. One day at a family friend’s house I was asked if I wanted something on my sandwich. I said “cabitch”. Pat got me lettuce, but explained she had no cabbage. I said I wanted cabitch not lettuce. She kept asking me again what I wanted and I adamantly said “cabitch”. She finally told me to just get what I wanted out of the fridge. Of course I got the Ketchup.

My Cabitch on the knitting:

Finished the cowl!!! Finally. Just needs to be blocked to make it a little looser in the stitch. I will do a final blocked shot for Friday with it on the wire dress form.

image image
The pattern is Thirty-Eight

Work is progressing on the latest baby item. Another sweater for a baby girl.

image image
Photo on left for color, on right for texture.

And then tonight I found out there is another baby coming!! So the total to date for babies this year is 9. I have 3 items done, 1 started, and now 5 more to go! The last two I don’t know gender on, so far it’s been 3 girls and 4 boys. I bought some yarn today for the next two boys items.

I got Araucania Ranca in a celery green and a bright blue. I am planning to alternate 2 row strips and make vests with the yarn. Being a sock weight I plan to hold the yarn double to hasten the projects.

And just because it makes me happy, my new IPhone 6 case!! Too bad I had to take the photo with my IPad, which has a crappy camera compared to my phone.

image image
It came with a new screen protector, a stylus, and a cleaning cloth.

I love it! So cheery. But now I have eleventy billion cloths and styluses! True. I bought a pack of two styluses one time. Then for a gift Hubster gave me a pack of two styluses, do they ever pack them as 1? And now I have a 5th one that came with the case. I am set on styluses for the next millennia/um(?). And each purchase of an electronic item seems to come with a cleaning cloth now. And I was also gifted one of those recently. I guess I should stash them all over the house and my car like I do with the eleventy billion readers I bought last year! And the umpteen chapsticks I have. I’m seeing a pattern here….hoarding maybe?

Much better

On to more knitting, so glad I made it past the block of that cowl that killed my mojo. But anywho, I am on to the 2nd sweater from this darling pattern. I got the yarn at my local shop, new to me Ella Rae, Cozy Soft.


Saturday night we went to see a friend’s band at a local city’s festival. They do oldies and yuck it up all night. So much fun to watch and listen to. I took the yarn to start the sweater, something to keep me busy on the drive over and while we sat and enjoyed the show. I decided to try German Short Rows on the 2nd sweater to reduce the obvious turn of the short rows. And I am very pleased with the results.

 image image

You can still slightly detect the turn point in the piece, but it’s not as obvious. The Ella Rae seems a bit thinner than the Jenny Watson merino DK, and much silkier in feel. So far the acrylic-ness of it hasn’t bothered my wrists.

The newer knit is being made to size 6-12 months and the first one was knit 0-6 months. The 3rd one, using the remainder of the Ella Rae, will be knit in the 1-2 year size.

You would think I would not be wanting to knit this 3 times over, but I just love the construction, the pattern, and the finished sweater, so it’s a keeper. And for those times I don’t want to deal with the yoke and hem pattern, it’s also written for just garter stitch.

Now, maybe I should take a break from this sweater to actually finish the bind off of the cowl! I was in the process of doing that when the need for a small item to knit on during the show presented itself. I didn’t want to take the cowl and have it done on the car ride over. But I guess I could have done that and then left it in the car? Quick thinking, NOT!