Friday FO or No?

A hard week on the family front, but I was able to do some sewing. That still didn’t give me a real finish, but at least 1 thing was finished for my part.

My “finish” is a guild BOM block. Our motto for this year has been “Anything Goes”. So this month the BOM member decided the block would be AG! We were invited to make any block as long as the finished size was a multiple of 4″, 4×4, 4×8, 8×8, 4×12, etc. And of course, add the 1/2 inch for the seam allowances. So I made a fav block in an 8″x8″ size.

Flying Geese is one of my fav designs, you can use it in so many ways! 

I made this while sewing with friends on Tuesday, but it didn’t take too long, so I pulled out a small foundation paper piecing project. A complete SQUIRREL! Even though I have had this pattern for a long time, I had put it away and forgot about it. But in organizing my patterns the other day, when I was searching for that *&^$%# Miranda Day Bag pattern I bought twice!, I found it, and imagination sparked.

You see, I recently took a canvas of a beach scene off of a wood stretcher frame. I was about to throw it all away when I thought, save the stretchers and use it to display a quilt block. And wouldn’t you know, the center star is 15″ square, and my frame is 16″ square. I figure by the time I add a border and quilt it, it should be perfect for the frame. 

Then the question was, color scheme. I planned to do it in RWB, but then came across some Christmas colors that would work. I hemmed and hawed, looking at 3 combos before deciding, RWB! 

By the end of the day I had these pieced. 

Not a lot to show for 2 hours! But I pressed ahead on Thursday and ended up with the star almost ready for piecing. Just 8 more units to piece. 

I am very excited to get this done! And then, who knows, I might make that Christmas fabric version.

We said goodbye to M yesterday. His best friend gave the eulogy, and man was it a tear jerker, but also, a real laugh fest. He captured my cousin’s spirit perfectly. I do need prayers for my Mom now, they thought she might be in heart failure yesterday. She is getting some treatment and we are waiting for an Echo. We are so done with this!!!

To Do Tuesday

Last Week

  1. Fox and Geese X
  2. WOOFA-Miranda Day Bag /
  3. Charity Quilt for a guild member √
  4. Squirrel? Oh, a squirrel happened √
  5. And another Squirrel was cut out /
  6. Extra: Charity Quilt 2 √

Fox and Geese didn’t see a lick, Miranda Day Bag is coming along, charity quilt #1 was done with a panto, a squirrel was finished, those little Halloween scraps were enough for another placemat with some other helpers, and a 2nd charity quilt was done with FMQ.

This Week: 

  1. Fox and Geese-don’t leave it hanging!
  2. WOOFA-Miranda Day Bag
  3. Squirrel-Definitely a SQUIRREL!
  4. Finish the placemat
  5. Use up some of the 4 yards I bought yesterday!! Ack!
  6. Funeral for my cousin

This photo was taken Halloween 1993, my cousin M on the left, and his then girlfriend, now wife, D on the right. We had a Halloween party and I told the guests that Fred and Wilma Flintstone were inviting them to the party. My cousin thought that meant they had to dress like a Flintstone character, LOL! So he showed up as BamBam and D was Pebbles.

The best part of the evening was the story he told about getting there. We lived in a rural area and he had never been to the house before. So he needed to stop to ask for directions because he got kind of lost. So he went into the only open business he could find, a liquor store, Bwahahaha!! Oh, and we had a freak snow storm that year. So there he was in a winter jacket with his BamBam costume on. I assume the owner understood since it was Halloween! Oh, and he had the loudest laugh, pure joy! It often got him into trouble with his Mom, because it happened at some inappropriate times. I am sure his Mom is getting on him in Heaven because he is likely laughing too loud! We just lost his Mom in August, so this has been a very hard time for us.

Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +3.90
Fabric Out: -2.24
Net Fabric: +1.66
Fabric YTD: +44.13
Spending YTD: 2252.49

In: A little. I needed to use a $5.00 credit, so I went to get some basting pins. And then picked up some batting to make microwave bowl cozies, and then stopped to look at remnants, and then why not buy 3 get 2 free on thread! So, my $4.99 package of pins cost me $26.00! I also wanted to pick up an orange Glide thread for future use, but couldn’t decide on the right orange, so bought a black instead. Oh, and 2 yards of fabric. 

Out: I used up almost every last piece of my Halloween Trio! Got a start on the Miranda Day Bag tutorial I am videoing for a SAL with guild members.

Got 2 charity quilts done for guild friends. I have 1 more to go before I am done for the year. Then next year I think I will focus on baby quilts. My frame just doesn’t accommodate anything over 50″ easily, and I am tired of shifting the quilts. I definitely think Santa needs to bring me a new 10′ frame! LOL

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 54,835 yards/286 skeins
Knitted: 0 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 54,835 yards/286 skeins
Spending YTD: $98.68

In: Nothing!

Out: Nothing, due to that boo-boo from last week.

And that’s my week! Link parties in the sidebar, come join the fun.

Update: Diva is feeling better, she just did too much going into work on Friday. Too much walking around and not enough hydration. But the only “clean” bathroom* she is able to use is across a PARKING LOT! Which sees a lot of SEMI TRAFFIC! Grrr. I am not happy with the situation, but she won’t make waves. I have considered calling the health dept.

*the closet bathroom is used by factory workers and truck drivers, and most of them have not grown up with indoor plumbing, the proper use of toilet paper or proper hygiene.