I am here.

In talking to Hubster after he picked me up from the airport, we discussed that our current living arrangements in Indy aren’t really home. So we decided to say “We’re here”. We’re not home, we’re here. So, I’m here. Back from my trip to visit Diva Girl. And it was a great visit.

As I waited for her to get to the condo, I was talking to Hubster. He had talked to her earlier and said she was crying, so excited to see her family. It was a great feeling, to know she had missed her momma. She drove me to the airport today for my return flight, so hard to get out of the car and leave her. But we both have our places in life and this is a stage where our places are far apart. We will survive.

Except for the moments when she has an asthma attack, while not having her inhaler on hand, which then causes you to tell her to get in the shower to get the steam going, and then she passes out in the shower. And then 2 days later finds out she sprained her neck when falling in the tub. Poor thing! But at least nothing was broken or a concussion resulted from her fall. Those moments make it hard for Momma to send her off by herself.

And now I am off to bed. This momma has been on the road between getting to and from an airport, then paying a visit to our build site to pick out a lot, and then trying to get home around collisions on the interstate. But finally I got “here” to see my pups and get settled in. And then on Thursday I head back to “home” for a camping weekend. I can’t wait to see my house!! But all too soon it will no longer be my house. Changes are a’happening. It’s getting ready to be exciting! If only my knitting was a’happening right now. It’ll come back, when things settle down.

I could cry

Today I am flying to Florida to be with my parents, and then my Diva Girl. Can. Not. Wait. I just want to hug her and see her smiling face. It’s been over 2 months since I saw her last. And being in the bright sunshine of FL won’t hurt at all. Hoping the warmth might make the arthritis in the hip a lot better.

As to the hip, the pain is still at a high level. Hubster won’t even sleep with me anymore due to the moaning and groaning, and, tossing and turning. Poor guy. He just needs silence and peace to sleep. I am trying to go forth with a positive attitude and would appreciate prayers for strength!

The knitting has been sparse due to the upheaval in our lives. On Sunday I drove north to set up temp housing at my sister’s. Next week we will hopefully finalize plans to build our home. And then it’s 5-6 months before we will move in. The only thing altering that plan would be if the realtor finds the perfect house at the price we want. Since I have been searching for 3 months now and have not found it, I doubt it’s out there for us. I have found wonderful homes, but not the one I want. And the only issue with the house we want to build is, they won’t change the location of the sink/dishwasher and the cook top. I want my cook top on the island, not my sink. Oh well, it’s a small sacrifice to get everything else we have asked for.

The baby sweater is slogging along. I think I don’t want to knit on it because my calculations were off and I don’t like how the cables are meeting at the raglan. I should have just stopped and made it a set in sleeve instead. But I am trying to do as much as possible on the needles and don’t have the confidence to do a mock set in sleeve. But I now have Ann Budd’s book and plan to do one of the sweaters from it to gain that confidence.

img_2664So this hat is all I have to show. It’s Snow Bunnies and is the first of four I will be doing this Winter. Just too cute! I did Reindeer hats 2 yeas ago, so needed another animal motif this year. I am pondering though, do I make tiny pom-poms or bobbles for the bunny tails? I don’t think my smallest pom-pom maker is tiny enough, need to see if I can find a wee sized on. Bobbles? How I HATE bobbles!!! But they would be stronger and not lose their shape as easily. What say you? I can’t have naked butts!!

And one more thing to cry about, today is the first of many where I will not be able to knit with my friends!! I can’t justify driving 3 hours south every Wednesday to knit. 2 hours, maybe, 3, no. But I will be back in town twice in November, so def knitting then.

So, what’s on your needles? Today I am in a plane, likely knitting on these mittens.

Hat Machine

Entering that time period where I become a hat machine making hats for the great nieces/nephews. This year the boys, and one sister, will get Snow Bunnies. One sister will get Sadie’s Baby Hat. Since I gift these at Christmas, I thought I better get cracking on them. Oh, and one of the greats told his Mom that I was knitting him a red blanket like the first blanket I made him. I am? Well, you can bet I see a red blanket in my knitting future. Good thing is, it won’t be very big. For the first one I thought I was using super wash yarn, but I wasn’t. So it shrunk after washing. Evidently he wants it the same size. So how do I determine what size that thing shrunk to? Who knows.

In other hat knitting I finished the donation hat I started the other day. It came out shorter in length than the others. Not sure what I changed about the knitting of it. But it will fit some baby’s head.

img_2641  img_2648 img_2644

Flecked the pom since I was running low on the aqua color. But I do like a speckled pompom, so it’s all good.

Now to get ready for the trip south to see my Diva Girl. It will be a shock going from 60-70 degree weather to 90 degree weather. Not sure my over heated body, thanks menopause, can take it! I seem to be even more over heated with this hip issue. Not sure if it’s the pain medicine or the fact my body is struggling to walk. Thankfully I was able to get the handicap placard and have arranged with the airline to receive wheelchair service to and from the gate, so it will eliminate some of the struggle. Just the thought of handling my bags, myself, and getting to and from the gate, was causing a wee mite of stress. Which then makes my body temperature soar. At least it is a direct flight so I don’t have to attempt a gate change during the trip.

I hope your weekend is full of the fun of Fall. Jeep Girl is in Seattle right now presenting her research, what fun. Hopefully she gets to see a lot of the area before heading back Sunday. And then she has a few days break from school so we are planning to go to a Pumpkin Patch to have some corn maze fun (a local business) and get some good eats!