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Back to hand quilting…

This piece has been sitting and in need of more stitching to finish it up. I have been so busy with other things I kind of lost track of it. But while watching Immortals, seriously, a girl has to get her Luke Evans fix somehow, I picked it up and got quite a bit filled in. Now there’s less than half of it left to do. But I will need to give my fingertips a bit of rest. They are so sore from not using my thimble! Oh well, the things we do for our craft.


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Block 2

In 2 different ways. Block 2 of the I Wish You a Merry Christmas QuiltALong was released yesterday, and I finished Block 2 of the Knitterati AfghanALong I am making.

First up, QAL

I am not that crazy about Block 2  thinking I may change it up a bit or do something different. My first thought is to string some greens for the trees. Ultimately I might do that but just make one big tree and make another pillow cover. We will see. I am afraid I am just not going to be that thrilled with this QAL.

Next up, KAL

I have the “2nd” Block finished. This block started the desire to follow this KAL. Knowing I am bad at KALs I was not sure I would join in. But the beauty of this block drew me in.


Block 1 in dark purple, Block 5 in lightest shade, and I have cast on Block 8 in the medium shade.. My 12″ blocks are 2″ too large, but that’s OK, I am not going for exact, just blocks. And so far they have both measured out to 12″ with little effort. I am hoping more blocks appeal to me as they are released so I can continue the sequence. I will have to end with 2 more blocks to get the 20 blocks I am going for. Here’s hoping 4 more blocks are to my liking! Block 11 has a chance. Block 14 is lovely, but I just don’t know if I want to do that much cabling. With 11 more to be released what are my chances?

And I need to get started on Block 6, the Teardrop, of the Vintage Ornaments, which will be my Block 1 and done. I showed my fabric pull yesterday for that project, and then went looking in my stash for a green and found a scrap that will absolutely change the ornament layer!!!

See that fabric in the lower right corner? That will be the top layer of the ornament. The purple will be the middle and the wavy stripe will be the bottom. Of course the print fabric will be fussy cut to use the design to its best showing. The two shades of the two fabrics will be the squares, the gray the hanger and flange, and I had to change to the cream fabric due to the print being on a cream ground. Now I am super excited to get going on this!!! But first, finish the quilted zippered pouch I am in the middle of.


Cherry Vined

It’s done. I got a wild hair and figured out how I wanted to quilt it, so I did. With my Nina back, with her walking foot, I was set to start machine quilting all those projects that were waiting. I had a perfect thread color, so it was all coming together.

I decided I wanted some leaf shapes in the center of the 9 patches and just carried it out from there. I traced the motif on to quilters template plastic and went to tracing.


Some curves are perfect, more are not so much. LOL. Oh well, if anyone is going to look so close as to judge them, they need to back off!

Below the 5 leaf motif above is a swag scalloped row of stitching. This rings the entire table runner. Considering the colors of this piece, this will be brought out at Christmas time. My new color scheme is very aqua, green, and tan, not at all a match with this piece. But that’s OK, it was a fun and quick piece from Simple, Fun, and Quickly Done. I didn’t mean to be so repetitive there.

Here it is on my dining room table, definitely could have added 1 more block, except I didn’t have anymore of the green to make one. 😦

Now, I do have leftover blocks in the colors I didn’t use, plus more fabric to make a few more. I am thinking a different layout and see what I can do, I might just get another runner out of it. These colors really do match my craft room, and if the size is right, perfect runner for my sewing machine table!