Happy Anniversary!

23 years and counting. Here’s to 23 more!


One of my favorite photos from the wedding is this one.


We stood together as if to slow dance for our first dance, but then “our” song began and we broke apart to dance. “Our” song was “Thunder” by Prince. It was out when we met, played all the time, we met at an event called “Thunder On The Ohio”, the summer after we met it was just one continuous thunder storm, it was just meant to be. But the dance version soon became too much to “dance” to, so we had them cut it after a bit. LOL. Bet you NEVER heard of a couple doing a fast dance for their “first” dance.

We went out while in Florida and had a nice dinner, so low key celebration here at home. But I did get flowers on Saturday and then we met friends out for some dining, drinking, and dancing. Then today we are headed to a Graduation party, so I guess we really aren’t low key at all this weekend!

He’s a keeper!

April Recap

Well, I am sucking at the recap thing this month. Completely forgot to do a mid-month review, and now confessing my lack of progress for the month is added in.

Here’s the details…
Yarn Knit: 616 yards and 2 skeins. Yes, a measly amount compared to last month.
Yarn Bought: 750 yards and 3 skeins. Ugh!
For the month I am up 134 yards and 2 skeins. By up I mean more was put into stash than taken out. Bad Chris.

Several issues created this scenario, cause I am not blaming myself! Trip to Florida where I spent more time on beach than in the condo knitting. 28+ plus spent in the car, some of it sleeping, some of it dozing, almost none of it knitting! Tooth extraction the day after our return made for an uncomfortable me, so even more no knitting!! And two fingeringweight projects that are just not compelling me to pick up the needles and do any knitting!!!

At least my year to date totals are still good….
Yarn Knit: 5830 yards 31 skeins.
Yarn Bought: 2951 yards and 13 skeins.
Looks like I am 2879 yards and 18 skeins down in stash!!! Very proud of myself for having less yarn in the house this year. Looking at the last 3 years it has always been more in than out!

Finished objects wise, I am sucking big time! 3 items, 3 ITEMS! And they are all hats. I couldn’t even finish the shawl I was hoping to get done. I am losing it. But wait, remember, no deadlines, no stress. Big breath, exhale, OK.


It’s just sad. Pathetic! Here’s hoping May is a better month. Here’s the busted April Goals:

  1. Shawl for my sister, her request is crescent shape in a cream/off white color. Liliaceae is the one, probably Heritage or Mad Tosh is the yarn./Not at all, Mad Tosh yarn and Round Dance pattern cast on, not done.
  2. Cast on cardigan for me in fingering weight yarn. Possibles are Hermine or  Top Down./Cast on, but using no pattern, at a loss and losing interest in knitting this because I am at a loss.
  3. Cast on mittens or mittens with Mad Tosh yarn./Cast on and did not like the fabric, hence the yarn purchase in the photo.
  4. Charity Hats or bust-the-stash hats for friends. I enjoyed the Cafe Au Lait so much I just want to knit more tams!/No tams done, at all. Well, except for the Baby Basque.

Goals for May, dare I even try?

  1. Finish Shawl
  2. Finish Cardigan
  3. Start mittens again
  4. Knit whatever hat I can, no rules, just right.


I didn’t mean to go silent, just didn’t have reason or means to post much while gone. Our trip was unsuccessful in helping Diva make the cheer team this year, but it was very successful in the meeting new friends department. She made some connections with other girls trying out, and hopefully these will carry on through to orientation and move in this summer. She had to compete for 1 of only 4 spots they were filling. And they even said, Freshmen don’t generally make it. Now she has time to work on the things she needs, standing back tuck, and a chance to get used to college life this year and be better prepared for cheer if she happens to make it next year. She was crushed, but bounced back very well.

We traveled home Monday, and then Tuesday I went to get the cracked tooth extracted. Ouch! The roots would not come out, so there was some extra effort used which produced some extra issues. Pain meds and I don’t play well together, so I have been in a fog since Tuesday morning. Finally getting out of it. Knitting has barely happened with the recent events, so hopefully this weekend I will get back to it.

Today we go to lunch with Diva to see her receive the Kiwanis Award for her Marketing Club. Very proud of the young lady she is becoming.

And update on College Girl, she received top prize, again, for her Honor’s research project presentation. This time at her own school, UIndy. She received a lovely diploma frame that will be ready to house her undergrad diploma upon graduating in 2017. Gosh, I can’t believe I am writing that. Last high schooler graduates this May, first college grad next May. Where has the time gone?

Now to get the day started. Well, it’s been stated since 7:30, but now I can’t laze around any longer. Things to do, people to see! Hope your day is full of the things that mean the most to you. Here are some things helping spark my day.

image image
DK yarn from Fistful Of Fibers* and Cooper Dog**!

*The cream and neon pink will make mittens to match my winter coat. The fuchsia will be used for a baby item.
**This was my view most all of Monday night once we got home. That’s about 5″ from my face.