The best news!

Since my original hip Dr had to cancel my surgery, I was referred by their office to another Dr. I had a visit with the new Dr last week. They had a date of February 16th open, but it’s at a hospital my husband had a bad experience with, so we asked about the other hospital availability. I am thrilled to say, we got an earlier date there. DEC 14TH!!!!! One day after my first surgery date with the previous Dr. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, only to be replaced with total fear of surgery. I don’t do anesthesia well, and always expect bad consequences from it. Hopefully advancements in that area will give me  a better outcome.

Now I have to scurry around and finish up the Christmas shopping! Although, most of the last minute items are for my side of the family and we can’t get a date to celebrate with everyone until New Year’s Day! Too many other commitments right now.

So is all right with my world? Yes! Except I still have no knitting mojo. Although I did start a hat. I need to crank out 4 more before Christmas, so I need to get cracking on them! And they will be easy since I have already made 3 of them in the past.

Being 3 hours north of my former city, we are now in an area where the temps are 5-7 degrees colder on average. It’s been wonderful to get out my sweaters and wear them again!! I have worn this one. And this one, technically not a sweater, I know. And this one which I think has to be my favorite of all time. And this one. I may not be knitting, but I sure am enjoying the fruits of previous labors.

img_2788And in house news, they will be breaking ground soon!!! As I wait for that I have been finding new dishes for my parents to give us for Christmas. Choosing paint colors, blue for kitchen/dining, orange for spare bath #1, green for master bed/hallway. I know I will be throwing a light brown into the mix, and will wait to see what the girls want for “their” rooms. Youngest says Dark Purple. We said, NO!!!img_2806

Choosing light fixtures for the kitchen island, dining room, and a fan for the family room. And even more fun, choosing rugs for the hardwood flooring areas in the kitchen, dining room, and family room. I just might end up with a house that will not have any red in it for the first time in 18 years! But wait, the outside of the house is red!!!!

And that’s my life in a nutshell at the moment. I pray that your worries be light, your joys overflow, and your knitting be bountiful!

I am just about done in

Wow, radio silence around here is going strong. No particular reason, mainly lack of knitting to show. All I have is no desire and a long list of things to knit! Maybe I will get around to it soon, maybe not.

The house details are all chosen and hopefully ground breaking is soon. Paid our deposit today, so we are poor!!! Current house still up for sale, open house this weekend. Best case scenario it doesn’t sell until January so we can get through the Holidays and have a place to live. Then when it sells the relocation will pack up our house and store for 2 months. If it all works out, we won’t have to pay for a month or two of storage, it can all just be delivered to the new house!

Surgery update. Appt tomorrow with a new Dr. Hoping he can do the surgery this year. Fingers crossed. Pain is still there. Getting worn down from all the med taking and side effects they bring. I just want it over with.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families. All my chicks were in the house! We spent fun evenings watching movies and sports and got to be together. Such joy in this momma’s heart!

I am out, who knows when I will return. Praying all is well with you and yours and that you will have a very Merry Christmas Season!

ETA: And not too long after this post I got a call that just about broke the camel’s back. It involves someone else so I am not at liberty to discuss it, I just ask for urgent prayer for someone very close to me. Thank you all for your kind thoughts. You can’t know how much it helps.

No words

I have been missing for a bit. Too much has been going on. My daughter went to the National Band competition in Indy on November 12th. It was a long competition and she did not arrive home until 2:00 am. At 4:00 am 4 members of a family we grew up with hit a deer on I-69. They pulled off the road to survey the damage when a 19 year old drunk driver slammed into their car. Mother, Son, and Granddaughter were killed on impact. The other Granddaughter survived with minimal injuries due to the fact she had taken off her seat belt. To say our community back home was devastated is a huge understatement. On Thursday these lovely people were put to rest. The outpouring of love has been so heartwarming.

It is so devastating to realize that life can be taken so quickly. And it really is vital that we leave each other on good terms.

In other news, my surgeon is in need of prayer. They called last week to tell me my hip surgery was canceled. I must admit I had a bit of a temper tantrum upon hearing that. But the reason brings me back to earth. The Dr learned he has a mass on his kidney, so he is facing a much more difficult road than my hip causes me. They are trying to fit his patients in with another Dr, but I was really wanting my surgery done this year while our insurance is maxed out and my Husband has all the time he needs to take off work to help me.

But it will be what it will be, and I will survive, as long as they keep supplying the drugs!

And a bit of good news, our house details were finalized today. We went to the design center and chose all the flooring, cabinets, wall color, lighting, electrical, and outside features. It doesn’t make it any closer, still projected to be April/May, but it’s one more thing done. Once they get things going I just pray no precipitation!!!

Knitting, a little, not much at all. Just one more sleeve and button bands on a baby sweater to go. And then a million other things to do!! Ah well, I am not going anywhere soon. And now off to hug my guy and tell my kids how much I love them!