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Fiber Arts FO Friday

This week’s FO is one I have already flashed on the blog.


This hat was a special request from a friend’s wife. Her husband, my Hubster’s BF from childhood, is on his 2nd bout of cancer. He has appendix cancer, a very rare and unusual one. His life was saved in the first bout because his appendix was out of place, it burst, and the cancer had enveloped it, so the cancer ate the poisons from the the rupture. They treated him with advanced medicines and methods and life was awesome. And then, the tumors came back and grew. And now he is trying a last ditch new procedure.

The hat I made for him during the first round is spent. So when the timid request came, I was ALL IN! This time the request was for blue. Not quite as University Kentucky Blue as I would prefer, but it’ll do.

Deets: Lion Brand Wool Ease for easy care. The pattern is Cambridge Watchcap. A great hat for close fitting on bald heads. And the length allows for doubling up to keep ears cozy.

In other hat knitting, I didn’t watch my yardage well and I am this short of completing the last bunny hat!!!


It isn’t quite as close as it looks. I just finished a row of 9 sts, k2togs, which means I have loads more to go. My attempts to find the correct red somewhere I could access was for naught. The local shop didn’t have that red. I doubt my old local shop will have a skein left since they discontinued it. But I will call to see what they might have. If all else fails, I have a skein winging it’s way to me, which means that the littlest bunny won’t have her bunny until she gets back to Pittsburgh. And after this hat, just one more on the list, a different hat thankfully! This one will be a soft burgundy with a tan bow.

Check out what other fiber arts are being created this week! And have an awesome weekend!!

For those in the path of the ice storm, may you be safe and prayers the storm does not pack as much punch as expected. Half of us, JG and I, are on the lower edge, and half of us, Hub and DG, are in the middle of the bad wave. I am just concerned with getting back on Saturday to our current home in the bad wave!!!

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. Omar Khayyam

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I am no longer a double nickel. Monday found me edging closer to the 60 mark. 56 never felt so good. Of course, if I keep getting new parts I will be better than new eventually! But believe me, I do not plan on any more replacement parts.

Not all of my birthday gifts are in yet, but here is the first haul.

img_3034 img_3033 img_3032

Moving to a colder clime demands more effective shoe wear. And after hip replacement, my body demands easy-on shoes. The casual shoes have elastic cords that are non tie, so easy slip on and off. The boots are not going to be easy on, but I will just have to make sure there is a person to help me tie one shoe when I wear them. The lady at the shoe shop had to help me try on the bottom boots. LOL!

My other gift is for the house. I am wanting to change colors in my bedroom, so this house will have a red/navy theme in the master. I just love this set.


I already bought some red towels, so just need to pick up a few navy sets and maybe few beige sets. It’s so hard choosing colors for a house that isn’t built. I thought I wanted to go with Pantone Greenery for my walls, but now that I went a totally different way in bedding, I will leave the original beige wall as is.

My knitting mojo is still hanging on! Of course, it’s only hats being cranked out, but as soon as I finish the last 2 I will be on to baby sweaters.

 img_3031 img_3018

Last bunny hat, not sure I have enough red! And chemo cap for a friend.

Update on life: This momma is one happy hen, all her chicks are now in the same city!! My sister joined all 4 of us for dinner Sunday to celebrate my birthday. It was just like old times, with laughter and sarcasm abounding. Diva Girl has had 2 days of classes and she says she loves her new campus. Knowing how much she loves big cities, I am sure that is part of it. She is exploring downtown Indy here and there and learning all the best haunts. Momma can now relax.

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Fiber Arts Friday

Kathryn has taken over this Friday link-up, so join in! I was so used to posting things on Friday that it was hard to relearn to just post my finishes as they happened. I kept “saving” them for Friday! LOL

This week I have a Fiber Arts FO! Another bunny hat. The photo is kind of misleading, cause I haven’t really finished the FO, it’s lacking bunny tails. I am low on the yarn, and need to try and eke out one more hat with the 3 colors I am using. I plan to finish the 4th hat and then see what I have left in the cream yarn. Big Brother’s hat will be brown with red accents and cream bunnies.


Ella Rae Super wash

img_2708 img_2985

These are the previous hats.

I thought the brown hat with the red accents was my favorite combo, but I am loving the red hat!! Mom likes it too, so here’s hoping little Great-Niece likes it. They are coming in for a visit next week, so we will be playing back and forth between our temp home up north and the current home.

We head back up this weekend to get Diva Girl settled in her new campus apartment at IUPUI. She is transferring from the warmest of places, FGCU, to a much colder clime! But we are over the moon that she will be in the same town as sibling and parents!!! At least until Sibling, Jeep Girl, gets accepted to Med School somewhere else. We are waiting on 4 schools left from her 6 applications to respond. 2 have said no further consideration is being given. 4 have asked for 2nd round apps, which are sent. Now we wait to see if 3rd round, personal interview, is asked.

In health news, MIL is still down with the cracked ribs and pneumonia. Her Dr stepped her back to one Tylenol every 6 hours!!!! Are You Kidding Me!! So Thursday I had to be Patient Advocate and get her pain meds restored. Thankfully they did allow her to have Ultram, where she had originally been on Morphine. We will take it. Much better than plain Tylenol. He said it was because she had a bad reaction to pain meds the last time she was hospitalized. None of us knew what he was talking about. So I think we got through to him he was mis-remembering it.

I hope you are enjoying life and living where you are. If not, step out there and go for it!

“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.” Bradley Whitford