Friday FOs or No

I have a finish! 2 in fact. You will understand when you see them. It’s Table Scraps Challenge time for me!!! I am ahead this month!!

Several months ago I was attending an event at Quilts Plus in Lebanon, IN. Love that shop. Connie had a neat table runner using the Moda Winkipop line and a Grunge background. Well, if you know me well you know I LOVE Grunge!! So of course I had to make it. Bought the fabric and put it on my list, and moved it down, and made other runners, and moved it down some more. But finally, this was the month for the Table Scraps Challenge choice to be Winkipop! 


While sewing with my guild buds at our Sew Bee I made 1 of the Sailboat blocks to learn the construction. It took me 2 hours!!! Well, when you rip seams multiple times, you tend to not get anywhere fast. And there may have been a lot of talking involved. But finally I had 1 block done and decided it was time to work on my runner. 


I finished the entire runner in about the same time it took to make that 1 block! LOL. 

Finally, Thursday was the day to get the runner done. I knew the quilting would be straight lines, simple and quick was all I wanted. I decided double lines through the 2″ blocks, intersecting both directions, was the best path. I tried to get the crosswise lines done on Gigi by restricting the machines forward/back wheels. I know there’s a technical term, but it escapes me. So, I found out that was too fiddly as the runner was longer than my frame and it would mean a lot of shifting to get the entire line sewn. So I just did the top/bottom lines with a ruler and zipped through that fairly quickly. Then I did the crosswise lines on my sewing machine. It really was the easier method. 



And then I looked at the remaining mini charms and thought, I can make something with those. So I did. With leftover strips and charms I got a small mat done. 


I chose to not use these pieces due to lack of contrast and designs. But they are perfect for this little mat. I might put it in with my placemat donation, or keep it, not sure yet. 

To-Do Tuesday

But first, we are having a……

Stages of their lives, the baby hats displayed, and the reveal cake. The actual reveal was done with a golf ball that Dad to be hit. A pink cloud came out of the exploding ball, and the tears started flowing!! We are just wishing for a healthy baby, no matter boy or girl. But G, that’s me, has quite a bit of baby girl knit patterns to start knitting through!!

Let’s Party!

Last Week:

  1. UFO Challenge #5-start quilting X
  2. Finish piecing Spirit of America √
  3. Placemats-I need to get some scraps out of here! X
  4. Mug Rugs-see #3 X
  5. Charity Quilt √
  6. Gender Reveal on Sunday!!! √
  7. Extra: IrGo’s BOM Quilt √
  8. Extra: Piece BraGo’s BOM Quilt √
  9. Extra: Baby Swaddle Cloth √

So not a good week for the list I had made, but a great week for other projects! I am going to continue with 3 of those items on the new list so maybe I will get them going!

This Week

  1. Get quilting on Autumn Reign!!
  2. Placemats, I am way behind!
  3. Mug Rugs too
  4. Table Scraps Winky Pop

This week is fairly busy, but I have a sewing day today with the Guild, so that means my Table Scraps project will at least get some love for sure. And until I confirm how I want to quilt Autumn Reign, I fear indecision will limit my time spent on it.

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Sunday Stuff

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +9.30 yards
Fabric Out: -8.20 yards
Net Fabric: +1.10 yards
Fabric YTD: +25.31 yards 
Spending YTD: $1641.65

In: Yardage and remnant, not shown is a vinyl remnant that fit perfectly on Gigi’s sled, the Pantograph bed. The vinyl keeps the pantos from shifting. And then I went off the deep end! Bought some gauze to make a blanket for the baby, Pandamonium!!!, picked up some strips my friend was destashing, then bought FQs that I SOOOOOO did not need, but they were $1.75 a piece!!! and then my quilting friend brought an order to me, a roll of batting and these mini quilt display fixtures. I love them!! Before Friday I was on track to have a really good stash out week! Gah! Even more appalling is the $160.00 I added to my YTD total. Oh well, I will use it all in a project someday! I hope. But this weekend put me over 100 yards added, so not where I wanted to be less than 6 months in. At least I’ve used up close to 77 yards.

Out: Fabric for the backing of IrGo’s quilt and fabric for BraGo’s top/backing. And the gauze I bought Friday was used up quickly for a gender reveal gift for the G-Baby. It’s “Pandamonium” around here!!

 A Charity Quilt was quickly done with a new Panto, Amaryllis, I love it!


We are traveling again this weekend, so homeward bound today
after Diva and CarGuy’s Gender Reveal Party!!
I am sure I will be knitting a hat!

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 55,243 yards/288 skeins
Knitted: 25 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 55,218 yards/288 skeins
Spending YTD: $63.75

In: Nothing

 Out: Finished the Christmas Hat for our Baby B.

June Goals

  1. 2021 UFO #5 Autumn Reign
  2. Guild BOM
  3. Quilts Plus BOM Quilt-Little Sister’s √
  4. WOOFA-Buttermilk Basin America Mini /
  5. WOOFA May-Ripples √
  6. Table Scraps-Winky Pop
  7. Squirrel: Pandamonium √
  8. Placemats
  9. Mug Rugs
  10. Charity Quilt √
  11. Regina Marie Shawl
  12. Knit Baby Pumpkin Hat #2 
  13. Baby’s First Sweater-we find out the gender!!
  14. Extra: Baby’s Christmas Hat √
  15. Extra: BraGo’s Quilt /

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

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Friday FOs or No

It’s another Friday Finish! And one I hadn’t even planned to finish. But that’s OK, I’ll take it! Tonight I am taking dinner to the neighbor new parents. Well, they’re not really new parents, more like 4th time for him, 3rd time for her parents.

Back at the start of 2020 I took part in a BOM through Quilts Plus in Lebanon, IN. As the months went by I started making extras, so I would have enough for a boy and girl quilt for the neighbor’s two kids. And then not long into 2020 we found out, they were having a 3rd! So I added more blocks once I found out it was to be another girl. First I finished Big Sister’s Quilt. 

And now it was time to finish Baby Sister’s Quilt, so I can take at least these 2 finishes with me when I deliver Pizza. 

Blocks to Borders

Edge to Edge Feather motifs

The reason for having Big Sister’s quilt ready when I drop off Baby Sister’s, is because FiGo (Big Sis) thinks EVERYONE’S stuff is HERS! She tends to take ALL THE THINGS!! LOL. I am hoping if I give her a blanket of her own, she will leave IrGo’s alone. Probably not, but it’s worth a shot. 

The Panto I used is a very open one, so I am hoping this will be soft and drapey. Heather is a deep motif so it only takes a few passes over a baby sized quilt to be done. But because of the depth of the design, it takes a little longer to make each pass. So it all equals out in the end. The back is pieced because I under bought!! Oy! But it’s all good, it’s done and that’s the most important thing. I will report back after gifting them to let you know if IrGo gets to keep her quilt. And maybe I can get middle brother BraGo’s done before too much more time passes. But first, I need to head south to be with family for the Gender Reveal on Sunday!! I CAN’T WAIT!