Creations new and old

Many years ago I did counted cross-stitch. And then I had kids. But I still tried to do ccs. And then my eyes started to get worse and worser. And then when worsted came along, I took up knitting and never looked back!! See what I did there? OK, so it’s true, knitting entered my life at a great time. With kids you can’t put down the ccs and come back to it with any degree of knowing where you were when you put it down. I got tired of losing my place. Knitting was so easy to put down and pick up, except for tricky, wispy, lace, but anyhoo, knitting saved my crafting.

Over all those years of crafting my ccs yielded more items than I could keep up with framing or finishing. So they were packed away in the cedar chest. And finding the right sized frames for odd sized pieces has been a struggle.

Many months ago I wrote down the dimensions of the ccs pieces. And then shopped at JoAnn’s with a great coupon. And found 2 frames that would work!! And then, many weeks ago they languished, until many days ago I finally got them in the frames!

Glory by Bent Creek

I love how the frame finish mirrors the specialty thread used in the stripe and stars.

image No clue what pattern this is.

I am horrible about keeping old patterns, so this one is a mystery to me now. I think I have had it done for at least 15 years? Let’s not even talk about the marriage/birth sampler I did for my mom which has her and dad, all us siblings, and our kids contained in it. Except for my own daughter! I left off the youngest one. Gah! Still have to find the right thread match and duplicate the alphabet because I have no clue if I still have the pattern.

And just to prove I haven’t abandoned knitting, the latest project after my shawl fail*.

image image
The skeined yarn photo is more the color

The pattern is going to be my own, using motifs cobbled from here and there, numbers based on other sweaters in the 6-12 month range, and designing on the fly. It will have raglan shaping and possibly a V-neck. Then I will perfect the design when I make a matching, but different color, sweater for the brother twin. I am almost to the point of stopping the body to make the sleeves.

So, what’s on your knitting, cross-stitch, other needles today?

*Shawl fail? What shawl? Round Dance was finished, but not to my happiness level. So it will be frogged and reknit into a pretty shawl.

It’s done!

We survived the weekend, and wonderful memories were made to take with us. First off, College Girl finished her MCAT sooner than expected, so was able to get on the road home to make it in time for Diva’s graduation. She said the sections seemed to move well, now all that’s left is the worry, on her part, of how she did. I sent her a note today reminding her, Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” And goodness is she good at worrying. She told her Dad she needed to take the test again. She hasn’t even gotten her scores yet! Already trying to determine which schools to apply to, and she hasn’t even gotten her scores yet! She is going to narrow down the possibilities based on her GPA, which suffered because of a class last year-but it is still quite good!, her scores and their requirements. The girl just has too much drive.

Second off, Diva Girl and the fam sat through a constant drizzle to watch her walk across the stage. They have to limit the numbers if held indoors, so they were trying to get it done outside. Wish they had just called it after the entire day was socked in with rain and clouds. But at least we had towels, blankets and umbrellas to keep dryish and warm.

Filing into their seats

So proud of her! Now begins the process of getting everything lined out for college. Wish the school would send us the financial aid package!! Hubster is sweating that one. At least we do know she has $1000.00 scholarship each year regardless of what the school will offer her based on academics. She got her computer today, Mac Air, and is ready for whatever needs that can answer. Mostly Netflix I am sure. LOL!

And the last, the party was a success, even though we ran out of side dishes, I should have made more, my bad. But between Pork Loin that was delish, pulled pork shoulder, and two kinds of chicken fingers, I do think most everyone got their fill. At least I didn’t hear anyone complain!

And to round out the weekend, 2 more parties were attended on Sunday, so we had a completely exhausting, but absolutely thrilling weekend! I’m am so NOT ready to do it again. At the first party on Sunday it was determined that the two graduating college kids in the friend’s group, our CG and a friend’s son, will get a joint party! That way, all of us only have to go to one event. This weekend we met each other coming and going!

Through it all I have barely knit a stitch, but this week I plan to change all that. The knitting is in my lap, I have some finished frame pieces from the past to show, and I took possession of a bird cage, used for the grad cards/gifts, to display my pretty yarns. Hopefully all these will spur my desire to craft and create! Stay tuned for that reveal tomorrow.

We are so close to done!!

Just one more day and High School for the family is over! Well, until the girls have kids. But that is so far in the future I won’t worry about it now. Diva Girl will soon need a new moniker because in 1 day she is no longer that person. She will now become an adult version of her former self. A College Girl Two/Too?

Friday is a huge day in the B household this week. In the morning College Girl will sit for her MCAT. To say this Mom is STRESSING!!! is a slight accusation. I don’t think I can measure the level of worry this is causing. And I can only imagine how much stress CG is feeling right now. Friday is also the day Diva Girl graduates from High School. So there’s all that to prepare for. We so wanted to be with College Girl tonight to help her prepare, but she is taking the test in Columbus, IN, and we have issues to deal with here at home, commencement, party on Saturday, life, etc. So my sister is stepping in as Mom Two/Too and headed to Columbus with CG tonight to hunker down in a hotel. Then CG will not have far to travel to get to her test.

Then they will have to race home to get here in time for the program to watch DG receive her diploma. So proud of this girl. During Class Day on Tuesday she was recognized for Academic Honors and received a college scholarship from a CHS based philanthropic organization.

BFF and Diva Girl

Diva and two very special friends

So, you know what’s on my plate and the worries on my heart. Send all good vibes and prayers our way!!! And prayers to all of you in similar situations. May this week close with wonderful times and serenity!!!