We made it!


Our annual summer trip to Florida is in motion. After 14 hours of motion we are settled in our condo in Daytona Beach Shores, our home away from home. How blessed to have this wonderful place to enjoy our time spent together. This trip it’s just the 4 of us. No boyfriends or best friends. We will either all be even closer or at each other’s throats by the end of this week! ☺️

During the trip down I got a chance to knit. I am through 9 repeats of 12 I plan to do on Sagano before starting the ribbing. I will make a determination about adding more repeats when I get to the magical 12 number. Right now I am at the point where the pattern calls for beginning the ribbed border.


I haven’t even used half of the first Alpaca Prima skein and would like to use up as much as possible of the 2 skeins I have on hand. I might end up doing 15 or more repeats and then additional repeats of the border. The stitch pattern creates a dense fabric, so I see this as being VERY cozy and warm.

Now to see if I can stand to knit on either of the shawls I brought to work on. They are both in the boring, repetitious stage of the projects. But I guess the next stage of both will just be repetitious patterns too, so not sure what I am thinking. 😆

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July Recap

Can it be this month is already over??!!! Where did July go? For me it went to New York State, St Louis, and back. It went to Dr and ER visits for the family, and surgery and wisdom teeth removal for Diva Girl. It was totally stressful, totally fun, and totally productive!

So far this month I have:
Knit up 2653 yards and 13 skeins
Destashed 687 yards and 3 skeins
Bought 649 yards and 3 skeins

So for the month of July I have 2691 yards and 13 skeins less in my stash than when I started the month. Best month so far this year!

YTD totals are:
Knit up 8333 yards and 39 skeins
Destashed 907 yards and 4 skeins
Bought 6941 yards and 29 skeins

That means year to date I am lighter 2299 yards and 14 skeins. Finally my output has exceeded my input!

FOs? We got em!

Plum Pudding, Mellow Yellow
Red Head, Gray Goose, Red Head Too

3 preemies and 1 newborn

Go Colts! Hat for new family member

4 hats for Operation Christmas Child

imageMr Collins is Done!!!

Goals for July:

  1. Finish Miss Dashwood – Hahahahaha!!! Yeah, right.
  2. Knit on/Finish a long standing UFO, Collins – very possible finish, or near finish on this. Done!
  3. Find out gender for a baby blanket due in November – still waiting. It’s a Boy!
  4. Plan out a scrap blanket with my basket of leftovers – Fail!
  5. Endure the painful moving of my teeth due to another round of braces. Finally have top and bottom on the front 8 teeth. At age 54 it hurts more to have orthodontia, or so I am told. I believe it! – Still waiting.

Goals For August:

  1. Finish Sagano Shawl – Deadline August 21st for the KAL prizes.
  2. Finish Miss Dashwood – really!
  3. Cast on baby sweater for cousin’s baby – gramps pattern sans shawl collar
  4. Cast on baby blanket for choir director’s grandson – have yarn, not sure on pattern, deadline November.
  5. Restart a long standing UFO – This is a must do before I allow myself to cast on the sweater I want to make.
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Friday FOes

Every time I say FO in my head I think of it pronounced as foe, not F-O. Why do I say it that way in my head? Because walking around saying it out loud would cause people to stare at my craziness! But anyhoo, anywho? Today the FOes are of the hat variety. These are all hats I have made for donation to various charities. Some to one of the local hospital baby ward and the others to our church’s Operation Christmas Child. We pack boxes all year long.

Valley Superwash DK from WEBS
Adapted version of Slouchy Baby Hat
Baby and Preemie sized

Jenny Watson Superwash DK from WEBS
Adapted version of Two by Two Basic Beanie
Children sized

In my bid to use up all the leftovers from these yarns I had to get creative. And also, who wants a boring solid color hat? Stripes and different stitch patterns make it more interesting for me, and I hope, the recipients. Although the preemies and babies have no clue of the style or colors. Hopefully they do enjoy the warmth the hats provide.

Thank you for all the comments and prayers for me the other night. My Mom steam had just run out! By Wednesday afternoon some discussions had taken place and the family got me some flowers and a gift card to have my nails done. I think it was because I threatened to not make dinner for the next 2 weeks! No, I know they did it because I needed to have real, tangible, evidence that they appreciate what I do. That’s all us Moms really ever want. Just acknowledge the fact we have our breaking points sometimes and need affirmation. But we also need to be sure we are affirming our spouses and kids too. I know I am not always doing that well, so I endeavor to be better myself.

Now, I better get cracking on the shawls that are on the needles. I am almost halfway through the border on Miss Dashwood and through 6 repeats on the Sagano Shawl. They are both going on vacation with me, so hopefully they will see some progress. Unless it is just unseasonably cool in Daytona I doubt I will knit on the beach or by the pool. Last year I knit hats while there, but this year the alpaca will be too hot and sticky for hot weather knitting. The Mad Tosh is doable, but only if it’s breezy.

PS: In regards to my youngest turning 18 yesterday, it took the health orgs no time at all to send me notification that I was still on the hook for paying the bills, but no longer allowed to see her charts! You just have to laugh sometimes.

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