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Sunburst Blues

I am playing along with Elm Street Quilts Bag It 2017, it ends Friday.
This is the 2nd to last bag I will be making!!!

This also means I only have 1 more bag to finish before Christmas sewing is done!!! But to be honest I am sure some more bags are going to slide in before Dec 22nd arrives, when we head south. In fact I can bet on it since I already have fabrics and batting prepped! LOL. Just need zippers.

This bag decimated my remaining burst print. I love this print and now it’s down to scraps. At least I have enough of the blue lining fabric to piece something together using those small bits.


I am getting proficient with this Noodlehead pattern. Now if only the other zipper pouches were so easy.

I have the last bag for BagIt 2017 prepped and ready to put together. It’s going to be sad to finish this SAL, but I hope to get to other things that have been put aside, like 6 tops waiting to be quilted! And other tops waiting to be started. And, and, and….ALL.THE.THINGS! There are 12 things in my queue right now! Better get busy.

Bag It 2017, Christmas 2017, Knitting, Quilting, Sewing, Shopping

Sunday Stash Report

Knitting This Week
On Hand: 63,359 yards/340 skeins
Knitted: 78 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 63,281 yards/340 skeins

Well, the trip out west did afford me some knitting time, but I didn’t use it wisely. I did finish a hat and then started a hat, but sure wish I had gotten more done on the 2nd hat. Oh well, I have time to finish it before shipping it out.

Finished hat and hat start
Caron Cupcake Yarns in Cherry on Top and Fruit Punch

Fabric This Week
Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric Out: 0 yards
Net Fabric In/Out: 0 yards

No fabric in this week!!!! 😄 No fabric out this week. ☹️

Year to Date
Fabric In: 51.75
Fabric Out: 36.625
Net Fabric In/Out: +15.125

We got home from California at 3:41EST, after getting up in Cali at 3:55PST. By the time we got out of the airport, ran 2 errands, got home, unpacked, and ate, it was 6:00EST, which was 9:00PST. So I had been up for 17 hours and there was no way sewing was going to get done. So this marks the first week I haven’t sewn since I started the BagIt 2017 endeavor. I only have 1 week left to get 2 bags done. Can I make it? Yes I can! Fingers crossed I can. I’m sure I can. I hope I can. 😂

Shopping, Travel

California Here I Am!

We made it to Cali and have been enjoying the trip so far. There’s so many familiar shops and such that it doesn’t feel any different from home……until you see the peaks to the east. Beautiful sight. But I have no desire to move out here. Too much traffic, forest fires, and government over-reach*. Today I plan to check out Top of the World Laguna to see the views. And ferret out some fabric or fiber places that are local.

Left: Hotel Coronado far in the background.
Right: Naval Air Station to the right
Cabrillo National Monument to the left.

We checked out Coronado Beach Sunday, much like the beach in Daytona, wide and sandy. I dipped my toes in but Hubster doesn’t prefer cold water so his shoes stayed on. LOL. I might check out another beach, but a beach is a beach unless you are planning to go in the water.

Back home the Christmas decorating has been started. One piece up is a wallhanging I made for my MIL, that she returned when she moved into an apartment. I am glad she returned it so I can use it now.

Along with this piece I got the stockings I made with the girl’s names on them. I cross-stitched/quilted stockings with  the then 7 grandkids’ names. She stopped putting them out after the BIL gained 2 kids by marriage. I had no more matching fabric to make two more, and even less desire. Talk about irked? Absolutely!! And the wall hanging stopped being pinned up with push pins in the wall after that, so I was over it. Never again gave her anything hand made. Everything I have made she found fault with. My Mother has things I made that I wish she would get rid of! Out dated and old things that no longer match her decor. Crazy mom! LOL!!

OK, off to seek adventure!

*If you live here and love it, awesome, this is just my opinion, not an insult to your state.