I’m actually getting things done.

Who knew knitting progress happens when you actually take out your knitting and knit on it! OK, I knew that, but just haven’t put it in to practice lately. But the last few evenings I carved out some time to knit. And two sleeves appeared.

Well, so they are only baby sleeves up to the point of waiting for body to be knit.

Yup, 6.5″ doesn’t take long over 35-50 stitches. Designing this on the fly and not really happy with the non cabling on the underarm seam, where I didn’t have enough sts to cross a cable until I increased up the sleeve. Oh well, it’s a baby sweater and who really pays attention to the underarm of a sweater on an adorable baby? No one.

Happy National Dog Day to my pups. Weighing in at 60 lbs for iNDy and 48 for Mini Cooper, yeah, that’s not very mini.

MC on left, ND on right

They are sad that Mom can’t find the perfect house for the move to Indy. I have a issue to take up with all those home builders out there. Just who in the blazes uses a chair to sit at their vanity in their bathroom anymore!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! Stop putting in open spaces in the cabinetry in the bathrooms of homes. NO ONE uses a chair in their bathroom to sit at the mirror to do anything. Just give me a freaking cabinet to store more stuff! Can you tell this is a pet peeve? The only home where I didn’t have that empty space was the home we built in between our first and current home. Finding one already built without that USELESS empty space is near to impossible. Even the homes built within the last few years. Please, by all that is Holy, STOP! Just DON’T EVEN.

And the other peeve? Please, please, please, put the commode in a separate room all by itself. Do not put my commode next to a garden tub or my vanity. Just ick. If I could do that in all of the bathrooms I would. It’s own little space, with a door that closes and shuts it off from the rest of the bathroom. One of the house plans we are looking at does have the commode and shower/tub in a separate room, but I would much prefer the commode by itself. Getting germaphobic in my old age? Definitely!

Here are the two we are looking at: Amberwood and the Chesapeake. I think we could close off the commode in the Amberwood if we took out the linen closet outside the bathroom and moved the tub over. Put in a pocket door and wall off the commode? Works for me.

OK, back to knitting. I gotta get some of this yarn used up! The one saving grace for the month is I will be getting rid of 1800 yards of Lopi Lite that I have had for 15 years! I will never use it for the sweater I planned. Only got one sleeve done on it and gave up. So off to someone who will use it. That will help my totals for the month be not so horrible. But who’s keeping count? Oh, I am. LOL

Have a great weekend, I am heading to St Louis to see the Cards play on Saturday!!! Can’t wait. 1st time this summer.

What a great time to be alive!

OK, right now is no more special than any other. It’s just wonderful to be breathing and living whatever life is in front of me! Even with all the issues of hip replacement*, daughters off to other cities, and a big move coming, I would much rather be breathing through it all than not!

But the one thing putting a damper on it all is the lack of knitting mojo. It just has taken a dive this summer. And it’s not because of being super busy or on the go all the time. I have loads of down time now that the only people who need me are the Hubster and the dogs. Hubster is away from home all day long, so there is no excuse there. Now the dogs, they are demanding of my time, feeding, playing, and letting them in and out is a constant, but that doesn’t take up hours. And yes, I am away from home 2-3 days during from 9-1 with various activities, but that leaves way too much time I am wasting!

And you can’t tell by my purchasing that I am not knitting. I fell again. But the excuse this time is, it’s for a birthday present. I am knitting my way through the ladies in the knitting group for their birthdays. So today I bought these lovely skeins to make these mittens.

Cascade Heritage in Red and White

Mittens have been a popular item with the gals. This will be the 3rd pair. And then only 5 more gifts to go! That will take me to January, so I have time.

If you are keeping score, that is now 5013 yards and 22 skeins purchased in the month of August alone! That definitely breaks a record. I don’t think I have ever bought that much yarn in a month’s time. Not even with a trip to Stitches involved! But I must say, I have only spent $128 dollars on the lot, so a bunch of it was at a very good price.

And to prove it is not all buying and no knitting I have some progress on my vest to show. It’s hard when you are doing it bottom up in once piece.


Just love the lacey cable work it’s got going on. And the Alpaca With A Twist Highlander is soooo soft. I just adore it. The color is not so orange as the picture says, more brick red.

And just because I also adore them, the pups are always ready for photos, or not.

image image

The youngest had a scary situation at the pool the other day. We think it was a horse fly that buzzed him. He kept trying to hide, so I helped him.


 We don’t think he realized he really wasn’t all that well hidden. He’s kind of dim sometimes.

Now, may all your dreams come true, your wishes be granted, and your hopes take flight!

*I have bone on bone in the left socket, plus the socket is not curved as it should be, and a bone spur to boot. So we see the Dr on Sept 7th to see if he will do surgery. Fingers crossed yes and ASAP! We are already well past our deductible with insurance. So we are now in the “free” stage.

I don’t wanna do this!!!

I just realized I missed my mid month recap. And now I don’t want to fess up. Of course, if I had fessed up on the day I usually do, the 15th of the month, I wouldn’t have to fess up so badly! Cause I just fell off the wagon big time! Like, way overboard. In the deep, dark, pit of despair. Or something.

You see, one of my fav yarns is Ella Rae Superwash. It’s lovely yarn, great for easy care, and as far as I know, holds up well. Can’t say I have anything I have kept from using it, but I think it’s a good yarn. And my LYS had a closeout on it. Except I was in transit that day and couldn’t make it in the shop. Well those lovely ladies at Sheepskeins let me shop today. I think they felt sorry for my recent hospital episode. So I had to oblige and buy yarn. 12 skeins of it! Over 2600 yards of it!

Yarn in and out
Knit: 254 yards 1 skeins
Bought: 4139 yards 20 skeins

You read that right, since August 1st I have bought that much yarn! In one month I wiped out nearly all the progress I had made.

Knit: 9074 yards 47 skeins
Bought: 8801 yards 41 skeins

I have a lot of knitting to do!!!!! But I couldn’t pass up that deal, I am always using Ella Rae for baby stuff, so it was meant to be. And just look at the yumminess!!

image image image
49, 109, 125, 27, 122

As of now, no plans for them, but I am sure something will come up in the near future. The Denim color will likely be a sweater for me, over 1300 yards of it, so something simple or something stranded.

So far the wips are few, just 4 hats.

image       image
image       image

But for now, back to the August goals! I am running out of time.

  1. Knit through the tears of both girls being out of the nest for college. Sob
  2. Knit through the anxiety of a possible move 3 hours north. I have too much to do!!!
  3. Finish Vest that’s on the needles.
  4. Start that baby sweater for Owen!
  5. More baby hats for Deaconess since I may be moving 3 hours away. This is the only one I have accomplished, well besides 1 and 2!