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H is for Hunter, and other things

The Hunter Boy’s pillow is done and I love it! This one is a flannel pillow and I think I just might have to make some flannel pillowcases for me. So soft!! I love flannel sheets but Hubster doesn’t. Boo Hubster!!! For someone who is perpetually cold, why he doesn’t love flannel sheets I will never know. And myself, who is perpetually hot, but loves flannel, is a mystery. Anywho.

I knew these fabrics would be perfect for a Road Trip for my Great-Nephew when I saw them. I had so much fun gathering the pieces.

My intention was to use the Moose as the case, the deer striped fabric for the cuff, and the red and check for the pocket and monogram. Only, when I got to the construction stage I realized the check and red would not create the contrast I wanted. So I used the check for the pocket, lined with the red, and a remnant of the moose to cut out the monogram.

H is for Hunter Boy and his love of deer, OK, I know there is a moose on there too.

I miscalculated when I cut the striped deer piece and subsequently the cuff edge doesn’t show the stripe I wanted, but it’s not that big of a deal. Now I am halfway done with the Road Trips I plan to make. I added 3 more to cover my cousin’s grandbabies. I used to make all kinds of things for her girl’s when they were growing up, so it’s only natural that I make things for the oldest daughter’s little ones. The younger daughter just got married, so I suspect in a few years I will also be making things for her little ones. At least sewing is quicker than knitting! But I know those future little ones will still be getting a hand knit something.

Christmas 2017, Sewing

Come to the Dark Side, we have Pillows!

Great-Nephew #1 is a Star Wars nut. So his Road Trip Burrito*
went to the Dark Side.

I was glad the Stormtroopers were semi non-directional so I didn’t have to buy extra fabric to keep them in line. A few of the fabrics I have for future pillows, and the butterflies I made previously, need an extra bit of fabric so I can cut pieces width wise to allow for directional motifs. We can’t have characters facing upside down, now can we? OK, so some of the Stormtroopers are kinda sideways upside down, but does it really matter?

The Burrito Method uses the the 40″-42″ width to create the circumference of the pillow. These causes directional fabrics to be sideways. Directional fabrics have to be cut in two pieces instead of one piece that is folded in half. It probably bothers me more than it would the kids who receive the pillows!!

Now to finish the 5 Road Trips and 13 bags I want done by Christmas. I think I am still ahead of the game, so glad most of these items can be done in a day.

*I am using the pocket and monogram idea from Road Trip Pillow, but the construction method from Seasoned Homemaker.

On the knitting side, one of my favorite design teams, Tin Can Knits, is doing a stranded KAL coming up. How I wish I had time or effort to KAL. But I suck at them, so not even trying. But if you are interested, check out their Color Week starting today. They will help you demystify color stranded work and all the ways you can conquer color!

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Sunday Stash Report


  • On Hand: 62,122 yards/335 skeins
  • Knitted: 32 yards/ 1 skeins
  • Purchased: 0 yards/ 0 skeins
  • Ending Stash: 62,090 yards/334 skeins

One more square was finished for Diva’s afghan and nothing else was cast on. I gotta step up my game!

Fabric This Week

  • Fabric In: 10.75 yards
  • Fabric Out: 7.375 yards
  • Net Fabric In/Out: +3.375 yards

Month to Date

  • Fabric In: 35.375
  • Fabric Out: 21.75
  • Net Fabric In/Out: +13.625

Fabric into stash this week was for pillowcases for Greats and a remnant I couldn’t pass up.

For the hunter boy, for some princesses, for the dark side
For a bug boy, for a fisherman, for a Bia bag for me!!!

Fabric out this week was for 3 Road Trips, Wide Open Bag, Wide Open Zippered Pouch, and a Cosmetic Case

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