Stash Reports Week #4

I am currently in a car, driving my parents to Florida. Please pray for safety and no traffic. I am coming to hate this trip!! 12+ hours of driving and then add on for stops. I think we need to restrict them to air travel from now on, but they aren’t too savvy or quick when it comes to airports and connecting flights. Maybe we just need to fly with them? This is coming from a person who hates to fly! OK, I mean, I hate being in a plane with no road beneath me. I much prefer the quickness of flying, the faith it takes to put myself on a plane is the issue. LOL

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 55,461 yards/290 skeins
Knitted: 169 yards/1 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 55,292 yards/289 skeins
Spending YTD: $42.46

In: Nothing

Out: Lille Mille knitting

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0 yards
Fabric Out: -.66 yards
Net Fabric: -.66 yards
Fabric YTD: +10.05 yards
Spending YTD: $50.53

In: Nothing! Well, nothing yet, but I did order 3 yards of this print to use as a possible border or backing for Freyja. I wanted something with all the colors and boy does this one hit all the right notes. Fingers crossed it works!

Still hate that my light blue and aqua are too close when viewed from a distance.
1 table topper quilted and waiting for binding!

Out: Freyja piecing and Wedding Topper backings and bindings

6/7 Week
22/25 YTD

January Goals

  1. 1st table topper for the wedding
  2. 2nd table topper for the wedding
  3. 3rd table topper for the wedding
  4. Mudsocks Guild BOM
  5. Finish Eurasian Cowl
  6. Quilt Granny Peacock
  7. 2020 UFO project #1 Freyja
  8. Extra: Toddler Sweater
  9. Warm Woolen Mittens
  10. Little Dresses for Africa
  11. Quilts Plus BOM
  12. Extra: Baby sweater Lille Mille

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Friday FOllieS-UFO January Challenge

I tried to get Freyja to a flimsy state, but failed, even though I was doing only 1/3rd of the blocks. Here is where I am at currently:

  • 8 blocks
  • Sashing
  • Side triangle block pieces
  • Corner blocks


I could have brought it south, but I had 1 day of travel followed by dog sitting, then yesterday I was at the hospital, today at MIL’s house, and in between I’ve been quilting toppers, tomorrow I have a morning hair cut and, later, a birthday event to go to, then I leave for Florida on Sunday, and fly home on Tuesday. Whew! 2600 miles in 12 days, trip to Ohio last weekend included. I did the same # of miles in Oct-Nov over 1 week! So, I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of time for Freyja.

Here’s the scene as I have been piecing:

Having everything laid out helped keep my sanity!! And I could figure out what I still needed. I was short 2 HSTs and 2 four-patch pieces. When she gave totals I divided the number by 3 and rounded to an even #. The only thing that came out over was the light blue and raspberry HSTs, and light blue was the color I ran out of! It would have saved me stress by not making so many. I’m not sure why the math didn’t work, but her instructions for that clue were more confusing than they needed to be. The wedding table topper light blue saved me, almost a perfect match!

Isn’t it fun when your stiletto matches your blocks?!!
The leftovers may yield some borders, may not.

Here’s the possible layouts I can do

About 40″x60″ w/o borders
About 40″x40″ w/o borders

I plan to look for a border print to play up the colors and forego her HST borders. I want stable borders! I plan to add enough borders to get to about 50″x70″ size. Good enough for a throw. Fingers crossed I can find what I want. And then once I get home Tuesday I can get the rest of it together before January’s end.

MIL Update: She went home last night and Hubster stayed with her. I have the con today and then Hubster is back tonight. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers!

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Thorsday Three

Three table toppers ready for quilting. Three table toppers of different patterns. Three steps closer to being done with 20+ table toppers. But now the question: How to QUILT three table toppers?

I guess the easiest and least brain drain method would be stitch-in-the-ditch. But I hate SITD!! Second easiest would be cross-hatch, but does that become each design? Probably not. I would love to spiral out on the first one, Cabin Skein, but that might be difficult to start in that very geometrical center. I think I might echo squares on point from the Log Cabin center. The Square in a Square will be cross-hatched for sure.

I know an edge-to-edge or all over design would be best, I just don’t want to not play up the features of each mini. So bare with me as I struggle to determine how these are going to go. Hopefully I can get most of them done before Saturday night, leaving Sunday for a quick trip to Florida.

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MIL update: Surgery went well! They had to glue the replacement in place due to her severe osteoporosis, so drink your milk ladies and stop smoking!!