Monday TuexDo

  1. Keep up with Laundry Basket QAL /
  2. Keep up with Corona Round Robin X
  3. Moda Blockhead Block #12 X
  4. Quilt Something! √ x’s 2


  1. Willow QAL Blocks
  2. New Album, Wedding Topper #10 /
  3. Face Masks
  4. Guild March BOM

The first mock up is what I hope my Laundry Basket QAL will look like when finished. I am turning one of the rounds a different way. Corona Round Robin didn’t see sewing time, I think I am going with the plan up top. For the quilting category I got my March UFO done and then started quilting on my Great Niece to be’s baby quilt. I did get my Willow WAL blocks made, and still loving it!! Wedding Topper #10 is pieced, waiting for quilting. I made 2 more pleated masks and then moved to contoured masks. Do you see the face in the circle fabric mask? And finally “Coral” King fears “It’s Too Late” to join her Bunny friends for the Guild’s Easter Parade.

This week’s list:

  1. Finish blocks for Laundry Basket QAL
  2. Keep up with Corona Round Robin Round
  3. Moda Blockhead Block #12 and #13
  4. Quilt Another Something!

By my count I have 40 more blocks to make. 16 of them are half done, just need to sew them together. The other 24 are to be done from scratch. I am just hoping I have enough fabric to get them made in what I have one hand!

For Corona I am adding a round  of Arrowhead blocks, or at least a block I call Arrowhead. The clue is for Arrows and I am just not into depictions of arrows. Hey, it’s my quilt, my choice! LOL

Moda Blockhead is planned, just needs to be executed.

New Album is pieced and ready to quilt, maybe I should just quilt it? Maybe I should piece and quilt each topper before going on to the next one? I need to get this one done before April 7th if I am shooting for one a week.

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Stash Reports Week #14

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 54,626 yards/286 skeins
Knitted: 0 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 54,626 yards/286 skeins
Spending YTD: $42.46

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0 yards
Fabric Out: -2.01 yards
Net Fabric: -2.01 yards
Fabric YTD: +18.71 yards
Spending YTD: $569.92

In: Nothing!!! That’s about the only good thing coming from this enforced stay at home order. No fabric buying.

Out: New Album Wedding Topper flimsy, Willow QAL blocks, quilting on baby quilt.

I’ve slacked on the Laundry Basket QAL aka Cooped Up. I was waiting to see the final reveal to decide how to divide my remaining fabric. I wish I had a darker blue in the range of my others, but I don’t, so I will accommodate as needed. Also, which background to use was better left to an overall picture of the final product. I have a plan and it is between these options.

Click on each to enlarge

  1. My version with the floral as the large star points
  2. My version with the floral not as the large star points
  3. Her version with the floral not as the large star points
  4. Her version with the floral as the large star points

FO’s: Happy Holidays!!! March UFO Challenge finished with hours to spare on March 31st.

Living life: Sat on the patio Friday night listening to Hubster play some music, by the fire.

6/7 Week
86/95 YTD

I lost a day to dog delivery. BioGirl and I drove 2 cars to drop off my sister’s dogs and her car at my parent’s house. We visited from 6 feet away. LOL! But it was OK, I needed a break from the sewing. And then I turned around the next day and quilted a small wallhanging and bound it in the span of 7 hours.

April Goals

  1. Wedding Topper: New Album /
  2. Wedding Topper: 4 Patch
  3. Wedding Topper: Tilted Log Cabin
  4. Wedding Topper: Duck and Ducklings
  5. Mudsocks Guild BOM-March
  6. Mudsocks Guild BOM-April
  7. Knitting-Expeditious Shawl-FINISH IT!
  8. UFO Challenge #
  9. Charity Challenge
  10. Quilt Granny Peacock
  11. Moda Blockheads
  12. Quilts Plus BOM
  13. Laundry Basket QAL
  14. Corona Round Robin
  15. Willow QAL
  16. Quilt baby quilt /
  17. Squirrels

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

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*Normal spending for the 2 of us is $450 a month on all dining/food/household goods

Friday FOllies

By the skin of my needle sore fingers I got my March UFO Challenge project done!!! I waited until March 31st to actually start working on it. LOL! The Challenge I am sewing along with is here, and the number for the month was 11, which was Happy Holidays for me.

I purchased a bundle of fabric at Unraveled in December. Some happy greens, reds, and prints. I knew I would make a Christmas themed project, but what? Not long after I got an email showing me this adorable project. I had pattern, fabric, and horses raring to run, so I let that Squirrel loose.

A lesson in value is so obvious up there, but it’s OK, I don’t mind losing some of those lighter prints agains the background. They aren’t quite so faint in real time. I left off the appliqué, just wasn’t into it.

OK, quilting. Straight-line? Free motion? Edge to edge? The first thing I did was a point-to-point in the center patches, they look like chicken claws. Then it was only right to do more point to point in the other triangles and larger patches.

Click on photos to enlarge

When I turned my attention to the negative spaces in the center I saw 1/2″ spaced lines ringing the chicken claws. The thin border around the center got a simple zig zag and then it was on to the Prairie Point border.

I wanted to echo the Prairie Points so I quilted overlapping rounds of zig zags. I ended up very close to the quilt edge, so some of those tips got covered by the binding. And don’t look at my wonky squares! But it’s all good, another lesson learned. All border quilting MUST be restrained!! LOL. I had very little left of the prints, so knew a colorful binding or the Grunge Dots would be the my binding options. I decided to use the Dots. This would make that Prairie Points insert pop even more!

All in all, I LOVE it!!!! Even with the lack of good contrast with some of my prints. It’s good to learn lessons with each finish, and I have had 2 brought home with this project. Contrast!! Watch those border designs!!

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