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Stash Saturday #13

Finally a FO for my Stash Saturday update. I finished the Prayer Shawl I was making for our friend’s wife. I hope it brings her comfort in the days to come. Friday was the burial for her true love and the heavens rained down tears on us. It rained the day they were married, so why not on the day she said goodbye. No, not goodbye, she said “until we meet again”.

This week the stash was depleted a bit more:
Stash On Hand: 36,645 yards and 343 skeins
Knitted Stash: 733 yards and 2 skeins
Purchased Stash: 0 yards and 0 skeins again!
Ending Stash: 62,012 yards and 341 skeins. Whittling it down little by little!

The FO is Serena Shadows Shawl and I love it! I am tempted to see if the yarn shop still has these two colors clearanced out!!


I just love the mix of garter st and St st to create the hills and valleys in this shawl. I finished it off by knitting straight garter rows in the two colors instead of just one color. I wanted to use up every last inch of yarn, and I almost succeeded. Wasn’t sure I could get the cast off done in the blue, but it held on to the end.

It reminds me of one of my favorite shawls.

You can barely make out the V design created by the mix of stitches on this shawl. Focus on the dark shadows on the side laying on the bench seat. I need to get this one out and wear it more often!! I miss it.

Now, back to Indy today and in just a few weeks we will be in our new home!!! I can’t wait!

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Yarn Along

This week my yarn along project is a somber one. Our dear friend passed away Saturday and his funeral is Friday. Last week I asked his bride what her favorite color was. She said Ocean Blue and Lime Green. I just happened to have both of those colors in the same fingering weight yarn in my stash. Completely blown away how God works sometimes. I cast on a prayer shawl as J declined and hope to have it done to gift to her on Thursday. I am 50% done, and with 2 days to go it should be doable. And if not I can finish up on Thursday, the day of the visitation, block it, and present to her on Friday.

Lots of prayers are going into this shawl. Prayers for peace of mind, strength, and serenity. I know they will not make things better, but it’s all I have at hand to try.

The pattern is Serena Shadow Shawl, and I could not have found a better named shawl. Serenity is my biggest prayer for L. Just hoping this shawl will bring her a bit of serenity, no matter how small. The yarn is Araucania Ranco, a fingering weight yarn made of 75% wool and 25% polyamide. I am hoping it softens up just a tad in the soak. Not scratchy, but not the softest yarn. I love the colors Araucania makes, so vibrant! I once used their Atacama for a shawl, my very first shawl. Love the soft turquoise coloration in that yarn. And soft, so soft!

In the “book” part of the post, in which I use movies/TV since I knit to them more than I read, I have been enjoying a series on the Romanov Tsars on Netflix. Which now intrigues me to find some books on Catherine The Great. Who knows, maybe the next Yarn Along I will actually be reading along!

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Stash Saturday #12

Stash on Hand: 63,766 yards and 344 skeins

Knitted Stash: 121 yards and 1 skein
Purchased Stash: 0!!!!

Ending Stash: 63,645 yards and 343 skeins!

With the events of this week, knitting has taken a back seat to travel and being present.

Projects have been Sleeping Cedar Sack for an April baby and Serena Shadow Shawl for our dear friend*. The sack just needs 1.5 sleeves and neck finishing. The shawl has many rows to knit.

*Hubster got the news this morning, J passed away and is now reunited with his family who had gone before. Rejoicing for that reunion, but tears for those left behind.