Project updates

Got out my main projects so I could judge their size and condition. Two baby blankets, a scarf, and a sweater are in my line up. One baby blanket has a deadline, so I must keep going on it. If I do 10 rows a day I will be on target, but I would prefer to give myself more than 24 hours to prep it, so I will try to get 15 rows a day. It’s only got 130 sts per row, so they go fairly quick. The purple and teal are garter and the green is St st, so the dark rows seem to float on the green. Love this pattern, it’s the 3rd one I have made modifying the pattern. 1st time with Berroco Vintage Worsted.

image image

The 2nd blanket is for my GNC (great-nephew C). He lost the original, so Aunt Chris to the rescue. This one will be a rectangle instead of the square like his first one. He’s not a baby anymore, so I thought a longer blanket would be best. Prairie Blanket #3 also. I need to find a different pattern to repeat 3 times! This one is using Cascade Pacific Worsted.

And my 3rd Worsted project, my Autumn Sweater. Hoping I can get this done to actually wear it while it’s still Fall!

image Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 7.46.32 PM

Yikes! Sorry for the overly orange photo. It’s night and no flash was used. The sleeves are just halfway done, as soon as I get those done I will join to knit the yoke. Then the real color fun begins!

The last worsted project, the Scoreboard Scarf, hasn’t been added to this week yet, I have 56 total points to add, which means we lost 35-21. So this week a lot more brown than gold. Need to get on that so I am not behind when the next game rolls around. It will be our last home game, and then sectionals and hopefully regionals. At this point the scarf is 63″, long enough, but I hope we have a few more high scoring games so it can get close to 7 feet. I need at least 50-60 point games to get there. Not sure if I will fringe it or not. Depends how much yarn is left. So far I’ve used about 60% of each color.

And just because I can’t stop, another Punkin Head. And the last as I don’t have enough orange left to make another. But I have lots of green and a bit of orange, so I will use them together to make a hat, just not a pumpkin themed hat.

image image image

The Karabella Merino Superwash is just the softest! I must get more. Oh wait,

So, how are your plans proceeding? Have you accomplished all you desired? Still working away at it? There’s still a lot left on my wish list this year. I really do want to get that one last old UFO done, and I still have shawls I want to knit. Time just slips away from me. you know?


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