Saturday Stash #15

Is completely a bust. Well, maybe that’s not quite true. I succeeded in not adding stash, but I also succeeded in retaining the stash I have. So just a repeat of last week’s totals as I did not knit a stitch all week. But I did stitch, just the machine, needle, and thread kind.

Stash On Hand: 62,700 yards and 340 skeins
Knitted Stash: 0 yards and 9 skeins
Purchased Stash: 0 yards and 0 skeins again!
Ending Stash: 62,700 yards and 340 skeins.

Now, on to the fun stuff.

In the past few weeks I have started the makings of 9 Roman Shades. 4 are just waiting for hardware to arrive, 1 is waiting for total construction, and 4 are waiting for hems and hardware. Then I just have 4 more to buy fabric for and make. or change my mind on what type of treatment will go there. Something ready made could work!!

I have also bought fabric for 7 Valances and have completed 1. Go me! Such an over achiever, not! But for the most part it is due to not having all the pieces or parts needed for the cutting and sewing. Or because I just bought the fabric 2 days ago! Along with scissors, since mine are in….storage! Along with all my other crafting needs except my machine, and luckily, a box of 5 bobbins I threw in my machine case. Whew!

Here are 2 recent finds/finishes:

For the Spare bedroom the valance and shade materials. I just LOVE!!!! this combo!
Sorry for the low light, but it really is more an exact match
between the colors then the phone camera can capture.
Click photo to view larger version.

I am just sad there is only 1 window in this room!!! How I would love to splash more of these fabrics in the house.

And for the front room, which will be my crafting/computer/TV room this sweet Valance:
I was lucky to get this remnant free from the drapery sewing room I help at.
Click photo to view larger version.

I also lined it with another free fabric from the sewing room. Now it’s reversible if I ever want to change it up. Which is why I am unsure about doing a Roman Shade in the room. If I went with plantation shutters over the lower portion of the window it would work for either side. The reverse is a paler combo of cream/gray/yellow green/seafoam. The material I was eyeballing for a shade is a stripe of gold, gray, taupe, and black. Considering nothing in the room is going to be that color, I am reluctant to go full on gray/black in there. The recliner for that room is dark brown and the valance material surprisingly goes well with it. I guess we will see how it goes once the room is put together.

And if you would like to see current house photos, click here.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Stash #15

  1. WOW! You have an eye for color friend! I love the combo for the spare room. Make some pillows for the bed from that fabric if you have some left, or a sham. It would tie the room together very nicely. Have fun!

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