Pumpkin Patch!

Is done!! And I love it. I wimped out on putting a leaf on, I just didn’t want to deal with the appliqué, so it got canned. But so far I am good with it, if I feel the need to have a leaf I can always add it later. These shots are pre washing, didn’t have time to give it a dunk so it’s pretty pristine.

I just decided a grid quilting pattern would work best, so I just went with it. I had only planned to do the grid within the pieced border, but it was just easier to go to the edge. In the pumpkins I did some FMQ to create sections, for a little bit of detail. I stitched in the ditch around the pumpkins, stems, and border to give more detail.

Isn’t it so cute!

Now, the back, I adore the orange fabric I used for the back, I have tons of it for the backing of Orange you Green quilt, whenever it gets quilting! I am planning to farm it out to have an Orange Peel design quilted on it.

So, the back,

Sorry, I can’t get the quilting to show any better.

So it’s done, and attention turns to finishing the shawl.  I am on the road home today to prepare for the wedding tomorrow. 1 rehearsal dinner tonight with the family and 2 weddings tomorrow. The girls and I to my niece’s wedding and Hubster to his niece’s wedding. Same time, different venues. Oh well. BioGirl is in my niece’s wedding, so of course I want to be there.

Here’s to Friday, a day to share finishes, or not finishes!

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33 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch!

  1. Hi Chris! You pumpkins look great. When you see them at the pumpkin farm they don’t have leaves – just in the field so I think the leaves are fine being left off. You have got one busy weekend ahead – holy moly. But it will be fun and you’ll see your peeps. I hope the weather holds up for them. I think the rain has moved far enough away so you’ll have a great weekend but cool. Enjoy! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love the vibrant colors of your pumpkin patch. I’m curious about the dark-colored diamond near the center. Is it part of a stem?

  3. Wonderful finish. I like the way you quilted those pumpkins. Orange You Green looks great, too, and the backing is good for both.

  4. Your pumpkin quilt is very nice. If you hadn’t mentioned the leaves I would not have known they were missing as the quilt is complete without them. The quilting looks great, and I like the definition you gave to each pumpkin.

  5. What a cute mini quilt for Halloween! Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss! Love the Orange You Green quilt too. That’s the perfect backing for it.

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