UFO Busting!

I’ve begun following a designer’s blog, and having so much fun doing it! She has been doing some quilt-alongs of mini projects, and you know I am all about the minis! My first QAL was Ferris Wheel, a mini runner I made for my kitchen. 

So now she has another mini that started yesterday, and you know I am on board for minis! Antebellum is drawn from a vintage quilt, she has taken 1 block from the quilt and created a pattern. Not sure what the finished size will be, who cares, it’s smaller than a bed quilt! 

Her version is done with a patriotic theme in honor of 4th of July. I am using a different range of the colors. I auditioned my pull with two different backgrounds. 

Moda Vanilla Grunge on the left and a putty colored linen look on the right

You know me, I have to plot out my path in EQ8 

Click on each thumbnail to see a larger version

Obviously I changed up some color placements, I am using 2 teals instead of 2 reds, or am I. the front runner for my attention is the largest thumbnail, using only 1 teal. Hmm, is that my final answer? We will see. 

In UFO Busting, I got the last 2 zipper pouches I had prepped finished. I used the Pineapple block pouch to help a friend get through the steps. So we FaceTimed while I tried to show her my method. ScientistGirl had to hold my phone a few times. LOL I can’t decided which I love the more, but I still love the one I gifted Roseanne most! LOL

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14 thoughts on “UFO Busting!

    1. Thanks! I think I am finally getting proficient at these things. LOL. Me too, I love the designs and size of minis, so much fun, so little time, and use up some scraps! > >

    1. In looking at contrast I have found the lighter teal is too close in value to the background, so I am going with the darker teal, the burgundy, and the putty. Hopefully my vision will match the reality when done. Or is the other way round? LOL

    1. Anymore, I don’t cut one piece of fabric without doing a mock-up. Even though the shades aren’t exact when I import them into my program, it still gives me a fairly good idea of the fabric placement. > >

  1. Hi Chris! I already know I have the best pouch on earth . . . but IF I had to pick a close second best it would definitely be the pineapple one. I am looking forward to seeing how your next mini comes together. I wonder which color you’re leaning toward – putty or vanilla? I guess I’ll find out! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Good thing I have a place for orphan blocks, cause I just made 2 today trying to work on new projects!! Ugh! Oh well, I needed more orphans to make a tutorial on how I make the block pouches, so it’s all good. > >

  2. Looks like a really fun quilt along. Teal and red are such a nice combination. Have fun with your new project.

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