Life Update 3-fer

1. Proof that the Sashiko project is not left by the wayside. I have very little stitching left to do!! And then pillow or put it on stretcher bars?

2. So, things took a bit of a hiccup around here with the recent heart issues, I am now wearing a Zio monitor for the next day, or 13, depending on whenever the thing unsticks or I reach the end of 14 days. I have to click a button on it every time I have an episode and then write an entry of what was going on, how I felt, time and date. I suck at keeping diaries, but I will try harder with this.

3. The new sewing room is almost complete!! We still need to move a chair up the stairs, waiting on more muscle for that, and  construct a cutting table from IKEA Kallax bookcases and a pine top. This will give me storage for the items still living in the Chifforobe, lower photo on left. 

It’s a family piece I got from my grandmother’s house. Stripped 3 layers of paint and when I couldn’t get the “red” completely off my neighbor explained it was Cherry wood. LOL! So I whitewashed it and it’s been a treasured piece ever since. Scientist Girl gets this piece and Diva gets the same grandmother’s piano. From my Dad’s parents I have a cedar chest and a wash stand. I guess I need to ask who wants which of those. You can barely see the cedar chest in the photo. Covering it is a quilt made by my cousin’s grandmother on her Dad’s side. Aren’t family hand me downs wonderful!

19 thoughts on “Life Update 3-fer

  1. I’m sending positive thoughts your direction on the heart issues. I had to wear a monitor a couple of years ago, then followed by plenty of other tests to nail down my issues. I’m lucky that a medication has leveled out my problem. I hope you have good results.

  2. Hi chris! Ahh, the heart monitors have gotten much nicer and more advanced since my last experience with them. Do you best with the diary – it will help to figure out exactly what’s going on and get you on the mend. I love hand-me-down furniture, and have quite a few in my house. So glad you are able to keep the pieces in the family to be well loved and used. {{Hugs}} Sending good vibes your way, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Your shashiko and your home reorganization are both looking amazing! Family treasures are really wonderful to have 🙂 Also, nice to have who gets what settled in advance. Hoping for good results with your heart monitor.

  4. The heart monitor can be a bother but gives very good info-hang in there! Your work in the sewing room is great! Your family heirlooms are lovely. Nice to share , isn’t it?!

    1. It’s not a bother, just an annoyance when I shower, trying to not dislodge it! Yes, it is wonderful to have something to pass down to my girls from my grandparents. > >

  5. Those heart monitors aren’t fun. My Guy was itching pretty badly when he finished is 5 day monitoring. Hope you got that one to stick. You’ve done well on the sewing room redo and the guest bedroom refresh. Both look great.

    1. The itching has started and the adhesive is beginning to relax. They said it’s more 48 hours they need info from, but if I can last 14 days it’s better. Haven’t had any episodes for 2 days, so not sure they will get much more out of it. > >

  6. Between sporadic internet and sporadic time to log on to the internet, I’m way behind on blog reading and have obviously missed something pretty serious. Hope you are okay. Good luck with the monitor.
    Great job with the craft room re-do!
    You’re in my thoughts,

    1. Thanks. So far the episodes have really subsided, I think it’s all linked to the painting, but I am sure the Drs would say no. The craft room is just about set, but with a move you seem to shift one pile just to put it somewhere and have to shift it again. So no final photos until I get all the piles shifted AGAIN! LOL >

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