A call for Prayer

This seemed to be a very beneficial post last week, so I thought, why not continue it. So here it is again.

If you have any needs for yourself or others you know, please leave a message in the comments and I will pray for the need. I collected all the comments from last week into a note on my phone and during my morning stationary bike riding I would go through the list. During the day, as the mood struck, I would pray through the list. By the end of the week I was almost 100% on remembering the needs, and those I added from personal life.

And also, if you have a follow up on your need from last week, please let us know if there is an opportunity to rejoice if the prayer was answered!

Our situation is calmer and going forward we are encouraged that things will be better. But Diva is still experiencing some troubling issues with the pregnancy. Low blood pressure and nausea is plaguing her. She has to monitor her BP several times throughout the day, and the data is sent to her Dr’s office for consideration. So pray for her strength and mental state, cause it can be very upsetting to not feel well 24/7. I was there when I was pregnant with her, 9 months worth! But at least my BP didn’t dip too low.

So, what can I pray for in your world today?  

18 thoughts on “A call for Prayer

  1. Hi Chris! I continue to pray for her (and you, for that matter). Moving the wedding date has to help a lot with the stress levels but low BP is a concern, too. I’m still thinking about Marsha and her co-worker death, as well as your friend who was having surgery and lost her grandmother. I love the idea of putting the comments in your phone! I often say while praying that there is someone else to add but I can’t think of who it might be. I figure God knows who I’m missing! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. This is very nice of you! As a team of admins, we are getting along and moving forward without our team mate. This week I can ask for prayers for my mother. Her memory is getting worse and the stories she is making up of things from the past and present are getting more far fetched. My brother is talking of putting her in a home.

  3. Glad your daughter is doing a smidge better–it is such a major disruption for her body!
    I would ask for prayer for my DH as he is looking for a new truck but isn’t feeling well from new meds and having him drive alone makes me nervous for him. Pray that God will send the right truck soon as possible so he doesn’t have to hunt for long! It is such a miserable job to buy a truck right now!

    1. Thank you. We were very fortunate to find a great truck with low mileage and lots of extras for a very good price! I pray you guys find a great deal too! > >

  4. Hi Chris, the prayers will hopefully help your daughter! Putting off the wedding is the best thing – that should be at a time when she is feeling like herself so she can enjoy the memories forever!

    I would like a prayer for those who are suffering from all the stupid lockdowns that this country has gone through. We all have suffered through it by losing the life we individually knew before March 20, 2020. God be with you through your issues also! Hugs – Sweet Lady!

    1. Well, we all need prayers for our own concerns, and who better to pray for them than ourselves. But it is also good to be taken out of our concerns and help with the needs of others. Thanks for joining in! > >

  5. We keep up with each other’s blogs and goings on. I love that you’re praying for them, too.

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