To-Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday

Last Week:

  1. Layer a charity quilt √
  2. Meal Prep √
  3. Quilt table runners X
  4. Enjoy our Christmas celebration!!! √
  5. Extra: Reknit a shawl into a cowl /
  6. Extra: Progress on my RR 2022 /
  7. Extra: Plan my Scrappy Sampler 2022 √

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

I got the charity top sandwiched while sewing with my buddy, and Squish came to visit us!
Meal prep and serving meals took precedence since my sister and parents joined us on Wednesday and stayed to Sunday. Unfortunately both parents ended up with ER visits and my Mom had to stay overnight. We are facing some tough decisions about my Dad’s care.
No quilting on the runners, Gah.
We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas celebrations with the family! But we decided next year we are just doing a ski vacation.

I unraveled the shawl while visiting with my sewing buddy and started the cowl.
I made progress with my Round Robin 2022 design.
I am collecting BOW info for the Scrappy Sampler, but will not start sewing until I have a better idea of where I will go with the project.

Next Week:

  2. Prep new runners
  3. Recover my sleep patterns and continue the Stress Reduction plan I started
  4. Try to get the charity quilt on the frame, it’s a big one

I guess I haven’t quilted these yet because I CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT I WANT TO DO ON THEM!!! There, I said it. But I know how I will quilt the new Hearts on a String projects I am making for the girls. I had them look at my table runners and tell me if they wanted duplicates of any. So over this year I will be making 7 or so to fulfill their wishes. The first purchase of the year was made on the 2nd, 2 Layer Cakes of reds and neutrals for their table runners.

I started a stress reduction challenge with a friend’s daughter to target my Recovery for 2022. We do a meditation and then a 10 Minute Movement video. I hope to continue the practice past this first week’s introduction. 

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24 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

    1. > I was raring to go today, until Squish came and all plans when out the window! LOL. I am going to have to sew-sew-sew on the days she isn’t here so I can hold-hold-hold baby when she is. >

  1. Good for you on the meditation and stress relief. I’m sorry about your folks, and I pray for you with your decision that needs to be made. Just get in as many Squish hugs as you possibly can.
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!

    1. > Thank you Linda. We have to deal with facts, not feelings on this. And I got a boat load of Squish snuggles today!! I think we even both snoozed at one point. LOL >

  2. I know I say this all the time but you always make me want to get my knitting out so badly and I always have other things going already! You are so good and multi-tasking, er, multi-crafting!?! My new term–and you saw it here first! Love that heart runner! Sending prayers up for you and your parents.

  3. Good luck with your projects. Stress reduction is key, so good luck with taking care of yourself. On the orange peel runner, I would be tempted to outline the circles and then maybe stipple or background quilting in that funny center shape. Just a thought.

    1. Thank you Kathleen, I know understanding my stress triggers might help me avoid them, unfortunately, the biggest ones are quilting and knitting! Mostly because of ergonomics, so I am on a mission to retrain my shoulders and neck and learn better posture when doing my crafting. I will definitely consider your quilting advice, sounds like a great plan. > >

  4. I’m so sorry that both parents ended up in the ER while visiting you – that is definitely stress inducing! A stress reduction plan sounds like a good idea. Meanwhile have fun making those runners for your girls!

  5. Good for you starting on your recovery plan! So nice that you have lots of time with Squish 🙂 You have lots of plans for fun crafting – can’t wait to see what you make! Also, so sorry that your parents are having health issues. I hope they are on the mend soon. Hugs!

    1. I am hoping that I just craft with intent this year and only make what I want. I have started gathering blocks from QALs, but I am not jumping in until I know my plans are solid. Thanks >

  6. Hope the meditation and exercises help you go through all life stress. We just need to take care of ourselves. You have beautiful placemats and runners for finishing.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year and good luck with your list for this week.

    1. Thanks Alycia, I know you have had a time with parental care too, unfortunately I am 3 hours away and it falls to my sister more than not. As to the sleep plan, I am sucking at that one! LOL > >

  7. I hope your plans all work out! Sometimes we do put stress on ourselves. Recovery is a word that should help you keep yourself in the forefront! Good luck on your runner making. I like that you gave yourself a year to complete them!

    1. Thank Judy, I think we all need to listen more to our bodies. For the runners I am making for my girls, they picked ones that represent Holidays, so I have time throughout the year to make them. I just need to find out how long their tables are! > >

  8. Hi Chris! {{Hugs}} I’m so sorry to hear about your parents needing to go to the ER. And even more so about your Dad. It’s hard. I predict you won’t have an issue sticking to the stress reduction challenge. Once you get into it, you’ll look forward to it! We have expanded our yoga sessions to twice a week. I was going to ask about the runners, and why there was a, well, run on them – get it?!! You needed a good laugh. But I see the girls put in some orders. I think we are finished with our year of the runner requests. Hang in there, my friend. The new year is just getting going. Some Squish time will make everything better. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Roseanne, It’s life, we will learn to bend with the changes. So far I have done each day, but will I sustain it when the daily emails stop? Hope so. I have kept up the stationary bike riding, so I will try! At least the girls didn’t ask for 1 for each month of the year. Bwahaha!!! > >

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