WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday and tears

3 projects active on the needles right now. Continuing on with the Cabled Shawl and Sunset Shawl shown below. Cable is on the 5th repeat, Sunset is just 1/4 of the way along the bottom border. The garter ridges at the top of the photo are the halfway point.

Cable Shawl
Sunset Shawl

Third item on the needles is the Fall Sweater KAL with Nice and Knit. I had planned to do the Panel Jacket, and I really tried. Cast on and knit about 6″ of the back. And didn’t like it one bit. I started the piece in garter, but realized I just didn’t the like the variegation in garter. So I thought to do it with a garter start and then St st. But I still wasn’t feeling it. So, time to punt. Went online for a top down raglan and found Boyfriend Sweater from knitty.com. Perfect. I am already below the underarms!

The color makes me think of a murky pond with algae floating on it. LOL!

Much better. I have ripped quite a bit with this, threw in too many increases trying to get it to meet under the arms. Didn’t realize that her pattern has you cast on sts to make up the difference. Hopefully back on track. I didn’t want the close finish so I am making a bit looser. Not getting row gauge, so that is making me watch the dimensions too. Now it’s just knitting to length. I don’t think I will make it as long as the pattern. I just want it to skim my hips. Looking for a comfy, throw on sweater for those cold days. The Malabrigo Merino Worsted is sure to make it comfy!! The yarn with my Knitter’s Pride Novas makes for quick and slippery knitting.

Time to check out what other’s have been working on this week.

Tears. They have fallen too much this week. Over 2 days this past weekend our friends were devastated with the loss of parents.

One lost her Dad to age. You know it’s coming, but it is still hard to take. And counting the age he was compared to my Dad is upsetting. My Dad is only 7 years younger. I do not look forward to that time, when life will end for my parents. But Barb had time to prepare. Her Dad was failing and it was inevitable.

The next morning our good friends lost both parents to a motorcycle accident. Crystal lost a dear friend/mom and her dad. Their son Andrue, who is best friends with DG and went to prom with CG, lost his dear grandparents. This family is hurting so much right now that I ask for prayers for them. Visitation is today, funeral tomorrow. Andrue played his first football game on Monday without having his grandparents in the stands. He told the team to win it for Nana, and they did. He is such a fine young man, trying to be strong for his mom and dad. He wrote a very touching tribute to them on Facebook the other day. I cried the entire time I read it. I didn’t know his grandparents, but if they are anything like his Mom, I know they were good people. And they must have been, because they raised a fine daughter and were in the process of mentoring a fine grandson. They were only 53, which hits me since I am just 52.

Death comes to all ages, instant or not, it will find us. Please take time to tell those around you of your love and regard. Andrue despairs that he can’t remember the last thing he said to his grandmother. He knows she knew of his love, but he wishes for one more chance to tell her. I believe she is up in heaven and knows just how much he loves Nana and Pap.

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday and tears

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of all the losses to those near you this week. Sometimes it really feels like these things come in waves doesn’t it. I also dread the day I lose one either of my parents. I really wish I didn’t have to live so far away from them. Hold tight to your knitting and each other. Warm wishes xxx

  2. My heart goes out to your friends. Andrue sounds like a fine young man, the best tribute to his grandparents. My parents are leaving soon for their annual 6 months abroad and I always worry about them.

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