Thank You for the Prayers

I know The Hob and Shad family felt the love and support from all. Their parents were avid motorcyclists and got the best send off from the biker community. They had an escort, estimated to be about 200 bikers, and their coffins were transported in biker hearses. Very fitting for Nana and Pap.

And today ended up being stressful for me. Worry about finances kind of hit home today. Biggest decision right now is to try and find part time work so I can help with the household. With CG in college and a new used car for DG (this is what hers looks like), the bills add up. Plus, I like my mad money, and it’s only fair that I contribute my own sweat to create those dollars. Now, finding a job is the issue. I have applied to 4 different places. Was hoping to find something close to home, but being on the fringe of a small city means jobs are a bit away. The north side is not very built up, so I need to go east or west to find something. I have applied for pharmacy clerk, sales clerk, and a vault teller? Still not sure exactly what a vault teller does, but I do know it has to do with balancing money. I can do that. Having worked retail and closed out drawers and accounts, it is something that comes easily to me. I would love to work in customer service again, what? am I crazy! I mean more of the phone call kind. I have worked for Mead Johnson answering questions for their Enfamil products. We have an AT&T call center in town, maybe I should try there? Too bad it is 20 minutes away.

With the busyness of life and such, not much knitting has been accomplished. I finally got to knit with the buds on Wednesday. It had been a month since I had gone. Good to catch up with all. I was really hoping to be further along, read done, with something in my knitting bag. But starting a sweater last weekend really put paid to knitting on the other FOs. I am now halfway on the border of the Sunset Shawl. Yippee! Too much still left to knit on it.

Now to keep up with the weekend. DG has her first Varsity Cheer night!! Can’t wait to see her out there. We have to drive over an hour to the game, but that’s OK, we will meet up with CG who is coming south from school to join us. Then we will all head home. Poor DG won’t get to even drive her new used car until Saturday! Then Labor Day party on Saturday, golfing for some of the family later that day, maybe hanging with my family on Sunday? And trying to spend time with CG before she leaves to go back to school on Monday. I keep waiting for life to slow down!

5 thoughts on “Thank You for the Prayers

  1. I will be praying for you on the income front. I work a second job for my mad money in the summer. With dh unemployed and disabled now it makes things difficult. Hugs! Hang in there you will find something.

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