Stitch Along Wednesday #2


It’s HUMP DAY!!! Usually a fairly happy day for most because it marks the downhill slide of the work week. Not being a work week person I have no day of reckoning. But Wednesday is my favorite for many reasons. SAW is one. Showing everyone what’s been going on in my knit week is fun. Reading about others’ knitting is Fun! And since Wednesday is my group knitting day, going and knitting with my friends is FUn! And then going out with my knit friends to eat is FUN!!!!! And then home for a nap, sometimes, is just as much fun as you can imagine. LOL

What’s on my needles? Two current projects are vying for attention.

Madeline Tosh Sport in Mourning Dove

French Cancan is south of the border. I started the knit on border and I am enjoying it, so far. Who knows what my mood will be when I am STILL knitting on the border. I may head south to get away from it!

I started a chemo hat for my Niece’s Husband’s Mother’s Mom. There, confused yet? GNH and GNC’s great-grandmother has a bald spot from chemo and her daughter asked if I could make her a hat to wear at home to help keep her warm. Well of course! GGH is the sweetest lady. I gave her my stamping collection years ago and she was just tickled pink. And with no limits on my choice of yarn and pattern I set off to find something suitable. Selbu Modern Hat has been in my queue for a long time and drew me in quickly.

Sorry for the dark photo, night time.

I am using JoJoLand Melody in a blue/green with Cascade Heritage Sock in cream. The blue is a soft denim and the green is a soft olive. I am loving the combo. Not loving the size 2US needles!! I have a 16″ Knitpicks that is separating at the join. ARGH! The only other 2US I have is too long for the circumference but too short for a comfortable magic loop. So I keep struggling with the 2US hoping it doesn’t come apart on me with all those stitches falling off.

So, what’s on YOUR needles?


8 thoughts on “Stitch Along Wednesday #2

    1. I wasn’t even sure it would pop considering how muted the Jojoland is. But it really is quite lovely in person. So much so that my BKF (Best Knitting Friend) was quite taken with it. So it’s a good thing I have another ball of the same color way to hand off to her to make a hat with.

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