August Recap

So, it’s been a good and bad month. Not sure I want to confess it all. But here goes:

Whittle Down the Stash:
Knit 1,834 yards 8 skeins Good!!!
Bought 2,730 yards 13 skeins Bad!!!

As I said, I did not plan to go backwards! I blame *Forbidden Woolery Greed!!! And then Cascade Pacific, and then Karabella Merino, and then Kraemer Perfection!!! So the truth of August is I have slipped backwards 896 yards and 5 skeins. Which is better than I thought it would end up!

Knit 10,167 yards 47 skeins
Destashed 907 yards 4 skeins
Acquired 1,259 yards 5 skeins
Bought 7,660 yards 35 skeins

Total of 2,155 yards and 11 skeins less in my stash

Up until this past week I had been doing very well in my spending compared to last year. Oh well, I’ve slipped a bit.
YTD $272.61 as opposed to $302.41 I had spent by this time last year. I more than doubled the amount I had spent the previous 7 months!! Man I suck!

FOs for August

Sagano Shawl

gramps sans buttons
Ella Rae Classic Superwash

Assortment of hats


  1. Finish Sagano Shawl – Deadline August 21st for the KAL prizes. Missed the deadline but finished!!!!
  2. Finish Miss Dashwood – really! Still cracks me up, but I only have 6 more bottom border repeats to go before I start the body of the shawl.
  3. Cast on baby sweater for cousin’s baby – gramps pattern sans shawl collar Actually almost finished before running out of main color. So I ripped back the cuffs and bottom and used the contrast colors to reknit them in stripes. Whew, done! 
  4. Cast on baby blanket for choir director’s grandson – have yarn, not sure on pattern, deadline November. Just gonna wait on this until the above items are done. 
  5. Restart a long standing UFO – This is a must do before I allow myself to cast on the sweater Well, it’s still in the sewing room closet and I did actually cast on the sweater! 


But now I am not sure about casting on in two colors. I might pick out the green and just bind off in orange or use the green again. It just looks sloppy. If I use the green I will knit a row and then bind off.

So, how are you goals doing this year? Did you set any? Do you track your purchases and knitting as this OCD knitter does? During the ride back from dropping off furniture at College Girl’s dorm the discussion of my yarn stash came up. Hubster said we need to get the stash on the insurance. He threw out a $3,000.00 amount, I just laughed!!! And then I realized maybe I shouldn’t have outed myself?

9 thoughts on “August Recap

  1. I have goals too and I like tracking monthly progress, but I wouldn’t dare keep track of money spent. You are doing great with your goals. Well maybe not the stash one!!

  2. I’ve had minimal goals, more about finishing what I’ve started and enjoying my knits and not buying too much. I’ve done fairly well, but I never stash and tell. hahaha! especially with the Husband. My biggest weakness remains sock yarn and a desire to knit cardigans despite how I always end up kinda crazy half way through. My biggest obstacle? Why babies of course! 😉

  3. I think I was doing pretty well knitting from the stash this year right up until August but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to add pretty things to the stash just as long as I’m knitting not just yarn collecting!! You have some gorgeous patterns lined up and in progress so I’m sure the yardage will be heading down again soon. How do you count leftovers by the way?

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