The Latest Meme

I don’t usually partake of these, but this one seemed fun, so here goes. Picked up from Wandering Cat, but seen elsewhere:

Do you have a bad habit?
Don’t we all? I would say, too much computer/IPhone usage, snacking, no exercising.

Do you have to hide your knitting from your pets?
Not really, but when Mini Cooper feels neglected he will grab things out of my knitting basket. He just deposits them around the house with no damage, so he usually just gets a little time in the kennel. iNDy, the older dog, doesn’t touch anything, but did chew up wood needles once upon a time.

Do you cheat when you cable?
By cheat do you mean not using a cable needle? Then Yes, I cheat. But only when it’s 2-6 sts I am cabling. Anything larger I use a cable needle. Now, do I love to buy cable needles? Yes, I have several wood sets. And sometimes when I need a cable needle I just grab a DPN, so it’s kind of ridiculous my love for cable needles I never use!

Do you not really listen to your family when you are knitting intensely? Or blogging? Or buying yarn online?
Absolutely! And they know when I am counting out loud to not even try to talk to me.

Do you fall for Knit kits?
Not usually. I have purchased 2 in the 15 years I have been knitting. One was for this wrap, just love it! The other is for a baby sweater from Poetry In Stitches. The PIS kit was extremely marked down, so it was a steal. I started the sweater, but my gauge was too loose, so it sits in stash waiting to be brought out again. Maybe for a grand-baby in the not too distant future. Now, if anyone wants to splurge on my birthday, I do want the Dacapo jacket from Hanne Falkenberg!!

So, what do you say to these questions? Are you game?


5 thoughts on “The Latest Meme

  1. It depends on the kits. The higher end kits are just yarn and pattern and generally can be cheaper than buying everything separate. But, you have to be in love with the color/s they provide. Most of them do offer different colors, but not always. The lower end, learn to knit kits and such, can include needles and patterns, and again, should be slightly cheaper than buying everything separate. Sometimes the only way you can get the pattern is through a kit. Sometimes yarn shops use this ploy when it’s their personal pattern, and sometimes indie dyers use this ploy. But you should never pay the same or more for a kit. I usually want different colors, so that’s why I tend to not buy kits.

  2. I bought a bunch of cable needles, one set plastic, one set metal, but I go back to a needle I bought eons ago — one of those loopy metal ones.

  3. Interesting questions, I think I might give this a go in a bit too 🙂

    I keep meaning to buy a cable needle but I either “cheat” or use a dpn. I think a cable needle would probably be easier to use though

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