Sewing returns to the Craft Room

When I could pull myself away from Netflix and my knitting I got back to the sewing machine. After some planning and prepping on Sunday night I was a productive girl on Monday. I made some Soup Bowl Cozies for a friend’s belated birthday gift. I am planning to see her this weekend back home, so it was a must.

I wish the insides were as smooth as the outsides. I plan to cut a 1/2″ shorter interior piece,  and then alter the width and depth of the dart to keep the inner piece the same circumference  as the outer piece. This finish counts towards my January OMG. Now to get the last JOMG item sandwiched and start machine quilting on it.

Towards that end I cut and sewed on the borders and cut the backing. I went with a 2″ border so that it will end up the same width as the sashings and cornerstones. This is the 2nd top I pieced when I got back into quilting last year. I received some of the fabrics from a giveaway at Silly Mama Quilts and purchased a pack of Grunge Squares to fill in the rest.

The fabric in the upper right hand corner is for the binding. I have 3 different striped fabric and this one is the closet to the colors in the stars. Hopefully it will yield enough for the binding of a 29″x29″ top.

Hubster set up my 8′ table in the garage so I can get it sandwiched today and then I plan to quilt a ton! I just want to get as much done as possible before we head south this weekend for some get togethers with friends. At least I will have a few days left in January when we get back to finish it up if I fail!

13 thoughts on “Sewing returns to the Craft Room

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    Good choice. I always dither over how wide to make a border (unless I am making it just to get to size, and then I wonder how many borders I need…) Nice star pattern.

    • chrisknits says:

      You would think borders would be easy! After all, it’s a straight cut and can be whatever size. But I guess that’s it, we aren’t given a direction sometimes and it drives us batty! Or at least me. LOL

  2. ellen says:

    Chris, I love this quilting blocks above so much. I love the colors and the pattern. Somehow both beautiful, simple and complex just enough visually for me. Good things.

    I am inspired and I went out and channeled my mom and decided my first attempt at basic quilt assembly will be for Christmas, and shopped for xmas remnants and fabric 50% off. hehe. I will start studying in February. I’m hoping I can do this without too much hassle.

    Such influence!

    • chrisknits says:

      You can do it!!! I can’t wait to see what happens. I probably should get to work on my Christmas tops so I can have them done in time for next Christmas! One only needs trimmed and a binding sewn on! Thank you, I love this top so much!!

  3. inquiringquilter says:

    That star quilt is wonderful! I love scrappy quilts. And those soup cozies are wonderfully practical. Your friend will sure love them! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. Diane Chambers says:

    Soup bowl cozies! What a smart idea! Thanks for giving the link to make them. I think your binding is perfect for the star wall hanging. I use striped bindings all the time and love the effect.

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