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Monday Magnificence

Well, you know me and Squirrels. How they run my life, don’t let me rest, I fill my days chasing them and never seeming to get them to leave me alone? I guess they are now invading my DrEAMs!!, and my jewelry!!!

I went to Joann Fabrics for thread, buy 4 get 4 Free on Gutterman!, and came away with some jewelry findings to make a necklace. I have NO. IDEA. HOW. THIS. HAPPENED! OK, so maybe I got sucked into the jewelry department. And also the box department.

I needed a box to hold my Frolic Mystery blocks and scraps! Really, I did.

OK, back to the story. When I went to work on Granny Peacock, I realized I didn’t have a back made. So I had to rummage around, and remember that I started an HST project, and then I remembered the other project I had saved a photo of long ago, and oohhh, that Pillow Kit I bought while on our bus trip to AQS has been in my pile to do, and, and, and….So I caved, and in between piecing the back for Granny Peacock I started 2 projects and continued working on the HSTs. But not the Fox and Geese which has been on my list for a few weeks now!! Those D&!%mn DrEAMy Squirrels!

They started like this:

Cutting out squares and ironing on pre-cuts

Piecing and Appliqué

Linings Frankenstein-ed together

A lot of Frankenstein-ing of stuff

Appliqué and quilting

Pretty zippered backs quilted, Simple was the plan
Et voilà, 2 new Christmas pillows to decorate my home
Bonus is the Holly & Berry pillow compliments the Star pillow I made last year

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32 thoughts on “Monday Magnificence

  1. Those pillows are so pretty! Love that pattern too. Squirrels get into my house too. I like those boxes, maybe I should stop at JoAnn’s and check them out. I always need more storage containers. Happy Stitching!

    1. Thanks! Now I want to put Holly and Berries on everything! LOL. Do check out their boxes/containers. I was just going to get a plastic see through one, but this one was prettier! > >

  2. Love, love, LOVE those pillows Chris. So you figured out what to put in the center – that holly looks so nice. Really nice job. Darn it – I wanted to catch the Gutermann thread sale. If Joann didn’t send SO many emails perhaps I would have read the one I needed to. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks! I am totally in love with that Holly and Berry!! Might have to do something else with it. I walked into the sale, didn’t realize it was happening either. >

  3. Those are really nice and look very comfy and cosy. I really must make some special Christmas cushions to add to my decorating.

  4. LOL, and aren’t those the loveliest squirrels on the block? I had to come back to see more of them from yesterday – which was a few minutes ago for me, being behind, as I am!

    1. I figure, why use whole pieces on the back when I have scraps I an Frankenstein together! Plus batting strips too, I try to use it all up. LOL! Oh, must follow your Frolic progress!! > >

  5. Wow to the pillows!!!! It’s been a long time since I have done a pieced pillow cover!
    Add it to the list….

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