Whatever Wednesday

Another Whatever Wednesday! Not quite as manic this week, but busy in the sewing room for sure! I was out most of Monday with friends and running errands, so once I got home I didn’t do a lot. But Tuesday was a day to get it done! And I tried, oh how I tried. I was quilting on the Lucky One table runner and ready to throw it out the window! Let’s just say those bulky seams did not do well with Gigi.

Gigi is a sensitive gal, she does not like lumps and bumps and thick seams! So when I would try to go one direction, she was having none of it! My quilting looks horrific! I was also using a light gray thread, and it doesn’t quite blend in as well as I hoped on the light background. PLUS! I had to use different background fabrics, and while the white I used for the outer border looked fine when I was adding it, at different angles and under certain lighting, you can tell the two fabrics are not the same! Argh!!! So, while I was flying high from the piecing, I am brought low by the quilting and fabric choices. But I will not cry, I will just put it on the table and smile and act like nothing’s wrong!

Lucky One

To show you how bad it is, Mini Cooper wouldn’t even look at it, it was so revolting!

I figure after throwing it in the washer and dryer it will just show texture and color, the quilting just might not be so obvious?

And that’s my 2021 March Table Scraps project! Head over to The Joyful Quilter to see all the pretty toppers!

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42 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday

  1. {{Hugs}} Chris! Oh dear, I know just what you mean. I’ll bet Mini Cooper was just wanting to nap or eat or go outside while patiently waiting for you to be done with the darn camera. It had NOTHING to do with the runner – no interest because it wasn’t eatable. Gigi IS a sensitive girl and likes only what she likes – we’re all like that, no?!! It’s the ruler work that is not flexible – it wants you to follow only its path and no other. If you had been stippling or some non-linear design, you’d have been fine. Plus – you are looking at it with very critical eyes. Wash and dry it and then don’t examine the quilting. No one else ever will!! You aren’t mass producing these for consumption so let it go. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. You are wise beyond your years! I will do all that you say, but Gigi needs to loosen up, it won’t always go her way. No, wait, yes it will, she will always be in control. LOL! > >

  2. It’s still a lovely table runner and washing may improve it as you say. So sorry you had that trouble. Must have been so frustrating. Thanks for sharing your project on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  3. I had a similar issue with the Berry Sampler Mom quilted for me. I used one brand solid for the background on the blocks, and one for the sashing. They looked find when I sewed them, but after quilting, there was a slight colour difference. My intention was to put it in the shop, but after that I decided I better keep it.

    Your quilting may not be up to your standards, but it still looks lovely to me!

  4. Oh you sound totally frustrated by it but I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think – and it looks lovely from here. Please don’t be put off by Mini Cooper’s reaction!!

  5. I try to remind myself that no one but me will know what I wanted a project to look like, so if it turns out differently, then maybe that was the plan. But I also fail at reminding myself of this sometimes too. You are right that once it’s washed and dried, the runner will look totally different.

  6. I think you are being too hard on yourself. It looks lovely in the photos, and when it is in use no-one will ever notice the things you are unhappy with.

  7. It looks great! But I guess I don’t see it the same way you do. It’s hard when reality and the vision in your head don’t match up.

  8. The galloping pony rule is really useful those situations where corners don’t meet, start points get cut off or quilting isn’t perfect. The long range views shows a beautiful table runner. Congrats on a beautiful finish.

    1. Thank you! The colors were FQs that needed to be moved out of stas., I think I’d had them close to 3 years, which is about when I started sewing again. So for me, “old” stuff. LOL > >

  9. It may not have gone as planned but it’s still very pretty. I like scrappy backgrounds so I’m good with it!

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