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Tuesday To Do

ETA: This link party is open to all! It’s not just for quilters,
if you use fiber of any kind, please link up your  weekly To-Do list!

Last Week:

  1. Knit on Regina Marie /
  3. Make 1 Footnote block? LOL! X
  4. Finish placemats and mug rugs √
  5. Work on a Log Cabin runner /

I love the photo above of my girls when they were young!

Yesterday I showed the weekend’s quilting and sewing results. So yay for getting SOMETHING done, cause I sucked at most of the list. Sure, I knit on the shawl 2 days in a row. Go me! Alas, no footnote and no afghan work. But hey, I made a total squirrel project from scraps! LOL. OK, so I did print the papers for the Log Cabin project and got Footnote plans in place on EQ8!

This Week:

  1. Sew some Log Cabins on back up machine
  2. Quilt St Patrick’s Day Table Runner
  3. Sandwich My Tater Tots top, backing has been washed
  4. Cut some Footnote blocks
  5. Sew Afghan squares together!!!!

My home machine went in for a spa day, and it cost me over $200!!! OK, so the spa day is on special at $99.99, the other $108.00 was all fabric and machine needles. LOL

2-3 yard cuts on left, orphans and strips on right

Hopefully while Meme* is gone I will use Gigi to get some quilting done. And then when I need a break I will grab LiMeme** and do some paper piecing on the LC runner. I don’t want to start sewing Footnote on LiMeme and then switch to Meme, they have different feet and I easily get my 1/4″ seams wonky. But paper piecing won’t matter, so I can work on that with LiMeme.

Quilting has begun on my SPD runner, it’s had some stitch in the ditch done, but nothing more. I am still toying with how I want to quilt it! Watching videos is helping me narrow down the choices for point to point stitching.

So, tell me about your week? Successful, so-so, fail? I failed pretty hard, so don’t be scared to confess all!

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*Meme is my Janome 8200QC
*LiMeme, pronounced Lime-me, is my travel Janome named Little Meme, she’s not lime, which would be awesome is she was!

42 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

    1. p.s. I hope you don’t mind I joined your link party, even though my to do’s are usually only knitting, not quilting or even sewing.

  1. You’ve got such fun projects in the works. Your plan for Footnote is really cool. Maybe you didn’t check off everything on your list, but you have really ambitious lists. You’ve been making realy steady progress on a lot of different things.

  2. Hi Chris, I love that your different machines have names! Footnotes is such a great design. I’m really enjoying seeing your EQ8 mock-ups. Cute pic of your girls, and I want that blue spiral Sashiko fabric! Enjoy your day, Mary.

    1. Thanks! My car, Outlander, is Lannie, my old caravan was Cara, and my Acadia was Dia. At least I don’t name my kitchen appliances. LOL! My friend had some of that so I was eager to get to the shop to see if I could score some. > >

  3. Hi Chris! Those poor afghan squares. Why am I surprised that while your machine is having a spa day that some fabric and needles were purchased?! Oh wait, I’m NOT surprised. It’s getting to be that time of year where a nice day and going outside is more enticing than sewing/knitting project, don’t you think? It’s been a long winter – a cast off your mask and get some sunshine on your face feeling. Thanks for hosting – I haven’t gotten into the habit yet of writing a list on IG. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Those afghan squares will turn 4 before they see the light of day! LOL. Hm, maybe I should take them outside and sit in my launder and sew on them? Good excuse for getting outside. > >

  4. nice works going on and it is very hard to go pick up a sewing machine and no fabric so can see why you did

  5. It’s so easy to make quilty purchases isn’t it? I’m anxious to see Footnote taking shape. That is a pattern I’ve always admired, but never tried.

  6. You got some great finds at the fabric shop! I name many of the machines in my life too 🙂 My crafting week is going OK so far. Finished one project I’ve been working on for a while and it looks like I may be able to finish another shorter one. So that’s all good!

    1. Thank you! I have so many fav photos of the girls, it’s not possible to show them all! And I have so many fav runners, I couldn’t possibly have them all out at the same time. LOL!! > >

  7. I’m so glad you’re starting a kaleidoscope quilt, too! Now it’s like a PARTY. :-). I did the same as you, using EQ8 just to play around with color combinations and print out a rough guide for how I think I want mine to look. I love your pretty pink lemonade colorway!

  8. So glad you were kidding about the cost of Spa Day! I pay $70 for mine. I am just so happy the other half was for FABRIC! They are yummy!
    It sounds like you are lacking motivation to do the afghan square. Keep trying.
    P.S. I received your lovely pouch in the mail and LOVE IT! I posted about it today at dreamworthyquilts! Thank you again!

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