Monday Making Designs

Wow, no SAHRR today, what will I do? LOL. Quilt my SAHRR for the reveal on March 29th. But for now, this will be a rambling reveal of my madness!! LOL. 

The Squirrels, they got me. It started when I decided to play along using scraps for placemats to donate. Last month I made a few items. 

This month I started with one made from leftovers of the Moda Blockheads fabric. I finally got it quilted. 


And it happened. I was putting away cut scraps and there I was pulling out green scraps and adding white/cream backgrounds,  thus, the squirrels showed up. 


Once the T-shirt quilt was done it was time to play! I used the panto, I did FMQ, I just had fun! 

After machine binding everything I was ready to start on Footnote for my Great Niece. I mocked it up in EQ8 so I could try to keep to a certain look.

But alas, I was lead astray. I came upon a packet of scraps I had leftover from a pillow project. I made a bunch of HSTs that I didn’t use, probably because they just weren’t working with my color scheme. So I did a thing with them. I made a sampler type quilt, which I do not like. LOL. And a row style at that, which I REALLY don’t care for. Bwahahaha! But it worked for the leftovers I had. I tried to use them like this, but it wasn’t working. 

As I looked at it, I kept trying to see star points in the jumble. So that decided it, Stars. And whatever else the patches could make. I used up every bit of it, adding in white scraps as needed. Voilà

Yes, it bugs my OCD that the one star has green points, not aqua!

So now I have another unplanned item to quilt. LOL. Which is good, because I am dropping off the sewing machine for a spa treatment, and who knows when I will get it back. I have 2 quilts, 1 runner, and this new project, I can spend time quilting on while Meme has a spa week! Oh, and 4 Charity quilts and 2 table runners for a friend. Eek! 

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11 thoughts on “Monday Making Designs

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! They all look wonderful.
    I love the greens (ha, no surprise there!). That green star makes the sampler more interesting, I think.

  2. Hi Chris! So glad you were just able to have fun – no SAHRR deadline at all. I didn’t sew one stitch the whole weekend. I didn’t even go into the sewing room and no squirrels came knocking. I love the direction you took those extra HSTs – the stars look great in spite of one having green spikes. I think I need to get my machine ASAP for a spa treatment. We’ll see how backed up they are. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks! It was nice to not HAVE to be worried about making a post for a change. My shop is having a special this month, so who knows how long it will be! Likely EVERYONE is putting their machine in for maintenance. I will have to look at the sampler with a gentler eye, I mean I love green, so it should be the star! Hope you are feeling better!!! > >

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