Friday Finishes/Not/Whoop Whoop/TGIFF 2019 Bonus Bonus Finish

Wow, is that title a mouth full or what? I guess I could just call it Friday Link Parties?
Bonus Bonus? Because I finished 2 items from my UFO list before their monthly numbers were called.

Anyhoo, if you thought last week’s Whoop Whoop was gorgeous, just wait until you see this week!!! To say I am in awe is such an understatement, but I am in AWE of the artistry of Sue Daurio!!! I sent two wallhangings off to her for quilting and she returned masterpieces! But first..

Back in my former quilting days I was a member of the guild in my city. For many years I really enjoyed the group. But then we had a period where some strong personalities took control and it became a less fun entity. During these years we had a quilt show I was in charge of, right in the middle of my 3rd pregnancy*. The s*itty behavior of quite a few of these “women” ended up souring me on this wonderful organization, so I left quilting and the group a few years later. Plus, I took up knitting, so that became my focus.

During that quilt show a member had a gorgeous blue and white quilt that was a feathered star. OMG! I fell hard for this pattern!! But not wanting to do a large piece, I reduced the size down so it would just be a wall hanging. For the life of my I can no longer remember what pattern I used. Planning to hand quilt it, it went into hibernation and once I left the craft in 2000, I never revisited it’s state or being half done.

There’s a pile of tops under this, not a weird background fabric. LOL

Fast forward to 2017 and I get back into quilting. Through all the moves, 3 houses since 2000, I hauled a bit of the former stash with me, some kits, tops, and patterns. This one moved with me every time. But now, now it’s a true wallhanging and can take it’s place on the wall in the front hall where I will pass it every time I enter or leave my sewing room!!!

Click on any photo to enlarge

I am thinking it’s the perfect finish for Valentine’s Day decorating!

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*3 pregnancies, only 2 daughters

32 thoughts on “Friday Finishes/Not/Whoop Whoop/TGIFF 2019 Bonus Bonus Finish

  1. That is a gorgeous quilt and worth hauling around for years! The quilting is beautiful! I think it’ll be a beautiful piece of art for your wall! It only takes one or two crappy attitudes to sour a fun thing. I totally understand the need to distance yourself from that kind of environment.

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW! Chris!! Holy moly. This is stunning. Sue really took your quilt top over the edge. Yowza, this would bring a smile to my face each time I passed it as I’m sure it does to you. I’m sure glad it moved with you, because no one else would have finished it off as nicely. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Amen, the quilting far outshines my piecing though. I am sooo happy I didn’t get rid of it. Now to get the other top I’ve carried through 3 moves quilted too! > >

  3. This is beautiful!!! Hauling it around really paid off. Sue’s quilting took your already beautiful quilt top to the next level! All that quilty texture, I just want to touch it 🙂

  4. WOW!!!!! Not even counting that red is my favorite color, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this wall hanging. Everything about it. And the quilting too. I would be fascinated to see how Sue did the quilting in the long rectangular panels. Those feathers are spectacular!

  5. Hats off to you for getting this beauty done. Sue did a fantastic job on the quilting. I will be referring back to your post when I get ready to quilt my New York Beauty. I might want to mimic the quilting. I cannot achieve the beauty she did, but I can do my best interpretation.

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