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It’s less than 2 weeks to Christmas! Are you ready? I’m not, but I never seem to have trouble bringing it in under the wire. LOL This year is less stressful since I decided to not make the usual 5 Christmas present hats for the Great-N’s. I never planned to start doing it, it kind of just evolved. But, I do need to get a baby sweater done by Christmas Day, so that means yarn shopping!

In the sewing room a recent Squirrel led me a merry chase. In moving my stuff I unearthed a flimsy and decided a quick finish was doable for this small top. 

Buttermilk Bason Cotton Club December

I picked this up at The Stitching Post in Washington, IN in June and pieced it in July. Then the wedding happened, and then other things, and then, memory loss? Once found I was determined it would make an appearance this Christmas.

Santa’s Christmas Trip
aka Trip Around the World
18″x18″ before binding and washing

  17″x17″ after binding and washing

A diagonal simple cross-hatch was quick on the Janome 8200   and binding promptly attached for tacking. All done, right? Nope. I just had to make a smaller version using some of the same fabric. 

14″x14″ flimsy

The center square is the same fabric as the border on Santa’s Trip. A quick meander and binding done in time for us to gift it to a friend who just had foot surgery. We took her dinner last night. 

I like to add snippets to the bindings on my minis. Usually a leftover piece from the front. Credit goes toTwiggy and Opal for this tip! This time it was fun to extend the coping strip I used to increase the back. 

And there you have it. The reason the baby quilt still isn’t done. But that’s on this week’s agenda! Maybe. I have 6 more stars and 2 borders to add to Corona RR! 

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21 thoughts on “Monday Design Wall

  1. I’m ready but only because we aren’t seeing some people this year – so I don’t have to have their presents done by Christmas. I have some baking that I’ll do on the weekend but that’s it!

    1. Most all my prep is the day before we celebrate with our girls. Until then it’s just show up, celebrate, leave! This year will be the least amount of parties we have to show up for. I am not sure if that makes me happier or sadder? The one celebration we aren’t having is my favorite! It’s where all my Dad’s family gathers. But illnesses on that side have put paid to that event. > >

  2. I love your Trip Around the World block! That’s one block I’ve never made before. I am just about ready for Christmas. There are a few gifts coming in the mail and then wrapping!

    1. Thanks! I bet you would make a gorgeous one in all your solids. I got smart last year and bought huge, plastic, gift bags and the kids’ gifts all go in their bag. At 23-26 years of ages they don’t need individually wrapped presents anymore. Considering they give me the gift list, they already know what they’re getting! LOL > >

  3. Cute Santa’s Trip Around the World. That’s made differently from the Trip Around the Worlds I’ve done. But oh so cute! No, not ready for Christmas yet. But am working toward it. Don’t have a whole bunch to get finished but it’ll be a few days before I’m ready. Sigh. But we aren’t seeing anyone for Christmas. We’ve planned a few Christmas parking lot visits… really only enough to drop presents off. (If they are ready!) The mail is just too uncertain.

    1. Thanks! I wonder at the name too. But I see that you can make them with a single centered block or a line of “center” blocks to make a rectangle. Good luck on your gatherings! > >

  4. Hi Chris! Cute, cute, CUTE squirrelly distractions. And I love the name Santa’s Christmas Trip and how you quilted it. The crosshatch is just the perfect choice. Ready for Christmas? Well, maybe. We’re not having our usual huge party so maybe just a small, informal ta-don’t with the littles. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. I am sure the littles will keep you thoroughly entertained! Who needs a big shindig when you have them? Thanks, I don’t know why I have to name my quilts, just a quirk I guess. > >

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