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Tuesday To Do

If you do crafting of any kind,
please link up your weekly To-Do list!

Last Week:


  1. Continue piecing Willow /
  2. Block the afghan!!! √
  3. Big Sister’s quilt /
  4. Quilt Charity top √
  5. Extra: Log Cabin Mini /
  6. Extra: Lanyard √
  7. Extra: Baby Sister Quilt /

The most important of these items is that afghan. 3? 4? years in the making. When we Facetimed with my niece and her kids recently, I told Cr that his afghan was almost done and his face lit up! L says that’s all he’s talked about since then. This will be his 4th blanket! LOL. His sister Cn is getting the pink Footnote quilt when I get it done.

This Week:

  1. Willow Quilt
  2. Baby Sister’s Quilt-she arrived on Saturday!!
  3. Whatever can keep my focus
  4. Sewing with my guild today!!

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28 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

  1. Oh, how well I remember the upheaval when our son was in that spot….hugs indeed!
    The projects look great-have fun at guild today!

  2. Love that little log cabin! Sending prayers! Thanks for taking the time to do the link-up today…maybe a little distraction is good? Hang in there.

  3. Keeping you in my thoughts! The worrying about kids is hard. My sister-in-law says, “ the hardest thing about raising independent children is raising independent children!” It’s harder when there is a baby in the mix. And now, there will always be a little one in the mix! Do what you need to take care of yourself!

  4. Oh Chris…..I’m so sorry for the situation you all are in! I’ve spent literally decades worrying about one of my children, until I found some semblance of peace. It’s so difficult! Thank God for our hobbies and friends – both in person and online! Hugs to you!

  5. I’m sorry Diva and CarGuy are struggling. And while it’s more complicated with a baby in the way, I’m sure it will be well loved regardless. Try not to stress, and try not to stress over stressing. Gotta keep your heart calm.


  6. Thank you for sharing some of your personal life with us. Stress is horrible and I can’t get out of it either. I’m super busy as my mom’s care giver and my daughters ride to and from class and to and from work. I work as as admin for lots of traffic exchanges. One team I’ve been on for 3 years. Our head admin has been really sick. We have a nightly skype call as we do our work. Sunday night she died, while we were on the call. So, this week has been numb and surreal feeling.

    1. Oh Marsha, I weep for you and the family of your coworker. It does seem to be raining trauma in all of our lives at the moment. We have a friend who is having her pancreas removed tomorrow and her grandmother died Tuesday. Her Gma was her biggest fan and I know she is devastated at a possible 2 week hospital stay and missing the funeral. I pray you find support and help in your time of need, and God bless you for being a care giver to all. > >

    1. Thank you, I am hard on myself, and I know I need to lighten up, which this week has been a chance to just sit back and enjoy what I am doing, pray for those in need, and refocus my thoughts on where the future is going for our family. Most important, no one is physically harmed, the important things are still important. > >

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