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Friday FO or No

Squish likes to sit in the dog’s bed, silly girl.

It’s a NO FO again this Friday, and it’s Farm Charm I am sharing again, still not finished. I had hopes of getting up to the studio to quilt this week, but Squish has been under the weather and that makes for a very tired G at the end of the day. I’ve also had some earlier than I like my mornings to be due to a Dr visit* and Diva’s work schedule, so that doesn’t help. We also kept Squish Wednesday night and she never made it more than a few hours before her cold had her fidgeting or awake, poor mite. So I am very surprised that I actually got up there today to prep a back for Farm Charm and fix a batting to get it on the machine!

The margins are VERY tight on this one, I just didn’t have a lot of left overs in the right amounts to make a big backing. I added some scrap fabric to the edges to help with the side to side, and I “think” I’m good on the length, but who knows, I thought I was good on the sides. LOL

I decided to go with the Horseshoe panto, just because it would be faster and easier, and way less loops! I would have loved the funky chicken, but the mom is a horsewoman, so horse related was more on point. But the horse panto had way too much detail!

Hopefully I will have this done by the end of the weekend, but with a busy Friday and Saturday, it might be a day of rest Sunday. LOL.

This week I ran across town to pick up a sweet find. An antique yarn winder!!! For $20.00 Sweet! Now, I don’t really need it to wind yarn, but I thought is was darling, so couldn’t resist.

I need to get it all oiled up and shiny again, bit of dust and dirt on it. Squish thinks it’s great fun, you can just see her mostly bald head in the lower right corner. She loves to spin the spokes.

*Having some heart rhythm issues, so back in a heart monitor for 2 weeks. But wouldn’t you know, the a-rhythm issue hasn’t happened since I went to the Dr! LOL.

23 thoughts on “Friday FO or No

  1. Ugh on the monitor. The same thing happened to me, perfectly in rhythm heart after I went to the doctor – lol! Hope Squish is feeling better. Love the colors on Farm Charm and looking forward to seeing horseshoes on it. The yarn spinner is cool!

  2. Doesn’t that figure! Hope it settles down for a good while again! Squish looks so sweet at the header of your blog!!!! I had a yarn winder just like that–the kids love it! Hope you catch up a bit on the studio side of things–Dec does get pretty busy without adding dr appts!

  3. Glad you went to the doctor to take care of this. Fingers crossed and prayers raised for good news at the end of the monitoring. Glad you got the quilt on the frame, often the hardest part! Soon you will get it quilted.

  4. That dogbed acutally looks really comfy. She may be on to something (can you tell I feel tired today?).
    I love the yarn winder, such a great find!

  5. Hi again! I missed this post for some reason. Yes, you did share the panto name here. And Squish looks so adorable in the dog’s bed. I hope you get the heart issue until control, my friend. Naturally, it wouldn’t act up with the monitor on. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Hope Squish is feeling better soon. We’ve had some HORRIBLE flu around here. I’ve remained healthy (thank goodness and knock on wood) but half the family have been sick and feverish for over a month now and Hayden was hospitalized for a while with it. It’s no joke this year! Hope your heart is okay too. Sending prayers for all of you.
    LOVE the quilt!

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