Wednesday not a WIP, but a DrEAMI FO!!

Today’s WIP is another FO, I guess I need to rename Wed’s to something else. Not sure what W word would work?

Today’s FO is the tote bag I just HAD to make! I am away on a bus trip with my guild and I wanted to make a gift for my roomie, since the poor dear is going to have to put up with my snoring! So I made this lovely tote. I found the Home Dec at Joann Fabrics on Monday, it was a cheap remnant!, and raced back home in time to make it for the trip on Tuesday.

Roomie said she likes blue, so I thought this piece was perfect!
Hard to capture the true color.

I used fusible fleece for the outer pieces and thought I was using interfacing on the lining, but it was Pattern Ease. I need to start marking what stuff is! So I ripped that out and had nothing on hand to use for the lining. I am so glad I have zipper tape by the yard to use for projects like these. But I do need to pick up more colors and more zipper pulls. I am down to just 2 cream pulls.

I gave the bag to her as we boarded the bus on Tuesday. She loves it! It is quite roomy at 18”x23”, so she can buy lots of stuff!!

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25 thoughts on “Wednesday not a WIP, but a DrEAMI FO!!

  1. inquiringquilter says:

    What a sweetie you are! Lovely tote and it’s no wonder she loved it! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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