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Tuesday To-Do

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Continue sewing Sashings on Fox and Geese 
  2. Knit Waddles Toque
  3. Work on an Appliqué Pillow Kit X
  4. Frolic Clue #1

I sewed some more cornerstones to sashings, however, nothing more was added to the top in progress. A hat for Great-Niece #1 was started. She is ga-ga for Penguins, so Waddles was the perfect project! Alas, work on the pillow kit was a fail. Maybe next week. But I did get 4 Patches made!

Isn’t this the cutest hat!!!, finished it this morning.  I used 1 strand of worsted and the numbers for the largest size, but the measurements for the kid’s size. I wasn’t going to knit bulky yarn on a size 8 US!!! Where do these designers get their gauge? I also didn’t do the twisted rib, it looked sloppy. For Frolic I am doing 1/3-1/2 the number of blocks, so I am done with Clue #1.

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Play with HST ideas-started
  2. Hair Cut today
  3. Sew Fox and Geese sashings
  4. Finish G-Niece’s hat √ 
  5. Get Granny Square Sandwiched
  6. Clue #2 for Frolic
  7. Added: Pieced front for Christmas Pillow


HSTs are still holding my fascination! I saw a runner on a FB group and decided to duplicate the style, the original was done in orange and blue. I did a mock up in EQ and then thought maybe do a pillow front. But, I remembered another photo I had seen that I wanted to turn into a pillow too. So I got distracted from the one squirrel to work on a DrEAMi! I am thinking I need to put something in that off white center, I don’t know what. It’s about 6″ square so not a lot of room. I wish it was a little more Christmasy in feel, but didn’t want to do only red and green. Maybe I should have added in more light colors

What’s on your list today?

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31 thoughts on “Tuesday To-Do

  1. That is such a cute hat! I need young (grand?)children in my life…
    I love that pillow front! I guess it being more Christmassy depends on what you do with that white square. Maybe embroider “Ho ho ho!” in it?

  2. Hi Chris! Your penguin hat is just adorbs. Your great-niece is going to just LOVE it and be so excited that she gets to be a penguin when she wears it. I just LOVE your distraction from the HSTs. I saw the photo as a thumbnail and said to myself “that is SO darn cute”. I had to skip right over and see all the details. Hmm. You could put something in that 6″ center to make it more Christmas-y. Like a little appliqué tree or star or presents or whatever floats your boat. Or you could do some fancy quilting – draw something out in EQ and then trace it on to follow the lines. I know you’ll do something creative! Thanks for linking up today. Happy Tuesday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It’s always a nice start when you can check one item off your list right from the get go. Hope you have an easy time making progress on the rest of the list.

  4. Your penguin hat is adorable! I love the white center of your pillow front, actually, just as it is. What about quilting the outline of a snowflake there? Have fun with your projects today. I’ve got a cake to bake and a gift to wrap for a party tonight (for which I have no idea what I’m wearing, as usual), so it’s yet another day of No Sewing in my forecast. :-(. Unless I show up at the party in my pajamas, with a cake from the grocery store…

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