Friday FOs or No

It’s another Charity Quilt finish for Friday. This was one a fiend made and I decided to try a new panto called Whisper. One thing I learned was, circles are never as round as the panto. LOL! But, I also deduced, I could eliminate the circles on the next time I use the panto!

So here’s the deets. 47″x54″ top made with scraps, so I went with a brassy olive thread to blend with the scraps and the tan border and backing.

I had a lot of trouble keeping this one squared and lining up the panto on each return. Not sure why, but I will try harder on the next one. Overall you can’t really tell unless you look very close, so it is what it is.

The next Charity quilt top will be another for this same friend. This one will be trickier because it has a pattern of light and dark squares that will mean I need a blending thread for the top, but the border and back are a deep bright blue. So, do I try to use two different colors of thread, or the same? I bought a bright blue to have on hand, but I am not sure I want that color on top of the cream scraps. I might have to play with it, because the difference in tension might show the alternate color on top or bottom. So I would have to be diligent on getting the tension right.

So, what would you do with the thread issue? And, any suggestions for the quilting? I am using FMQ because it is 56″x62″ and will not fit into the center of the frame, so it can’t be a panto without a lot of shifting back and forth. With FMQ I can do each section within the frame and then move to quilt the next sections.

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22 thoughts on “Friday FOs or No

    1. Thanks. It’s a win-win because I get practice quilting and they can help fund our cause, we hand out quilts to patients at one of the area hospitals each Christmas. > >

  1. The blue thread might be just ideal for the second quilt. It will pick up the blue in the front and make it pop. And the motif will show up nicely. I just had one quilted with bright pink and it worked well in the light areas as well as the colored areas.

  2. I rarely have good results with cream on top and dark on the bobbin–it drives me crazy so I use grey on the bottom and cream on top and they blend much better-just an idea. go with the fmq and just have fun!

  3. both great charity quilts – can’t really help with the thread issue – but I’m sure you will solve it.

  4. The quilt looks fantastic. I’m a sucker for a scrappy quilt. Sorry I’m no help with your thread questions. I just seem to quilt everything in cream or a light grey.

  5. I would go with a pale silver or pastel blue thread color. Lighter thread on dark fabric looks much better to my eye than drastically darker thread against white fabric. And I also prefer to match top and bobbin thread color because even if your tension is good, you can often see the bobbin thread in the needle hole and it looks like bad tension even if it isn’t. Contrasting quilting thread usually looks pretty cool on the backing side of the quilt, whereas high contrast quilting thread might detract from the pieced top. Oh, and if you use a lighter weight thread, like So Fine 50, Glide 60 weight or Bottom Line 60, the thread will blend in better as it crosses different fabrics than a heavier 40 weight thread would. Happy quilting!

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