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Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +2.38
Fabric Out: -.86
Net Fabric: +1.52
Destash: -.20
Fabric YTD: +34.94
Spending YTD: $1910.44

In: Ordered zippers, but no fabric in

Out: Got the runners done! And while searching for something I ran across scraps, LOL, the story of my life. Then I got out some charity pieces I am doing for sell at our quilt show, orphan blocks donated to the guild storeroom. The baby piece is from some scraps a friend gave me, so I added what I could. More wide than long. And scraps again found their way onto the machine, this time to move it off my sewing table, but the stack they came from is still there. This is a miss for my concern, too busy. And lastly, Squish loving on the rocker pillow and her new burp cloths. She’s a silly girl.

What didn’t get done is the case I’ve been planning to make Diva for weeks! But, I did get the pieces cut and layered with Pellon Flex Foam, just no quilting. And discovered I needed to get another zipper, thus the zipper order I placed. So no hurry to get that quilted since the zipper is in route. I am feeling rather unmoored on my sewing right now. I really need to focus on my list, but can’t seem to decided on what to do. I guess first thought should be on the 4 baby quilts I will need over the next 6 months, the one above not being part of those. Here’s hoping I can try to corral my sewing.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Report

  1. Hi Chris! Yes, Squish is the star of the post. What a sweetheart. The runners turned out just fab – I’m sure the girls are thrilled with them. They look just like some leaves that are in my front yard! Plenty of time to get those quilts done – you seem to work best with a tight deadline. Remember the wedding toppers?!! Happy Sunday to you. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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