Tuesday To Do

This link party is open to all, it’s not just for quilters.
If you use fiber of any kind, please link up your weekly To-Do list!

Last Week:

  1. Add borders to Wash and Rinse √
  2. Afghan knitting √
  3. Quilt Coco Puffs √
  4. Extra: Pieced back for Autumn Reign √
  5. Extra: Quilt H2H Charity Quilt √
  6. Extra: Quilt H2H Charity Quilt √

Wash and Rinse, which might be renamed Angry Penguins Reading Books, is ready for the backing to be pieced and to hang in the closet. The last afghan square is close to done, woo-hoo! Coco Puffs is quilted and on my dining table. And 2 quilts for H2H are done and ready to be donated today to Quilts For Kids locally.

This Week:

  1. Finish a scrap placemat I pieced on Sunday
  2. Make the matching pillow to this one
  3. I got nothing

Life is in a tailspin right now with some events that occurred recently. 2 weeks ago we received news that, while good, has caused some issues with future plans. More revealed soon. Then I was finally given a diagnosis on the heart issue. It’s SVT, Super Ventricular Tachycardia, but must not be dire, because it took them long enough to get back to me. I won’t know the treatment plan until Thursday’s video conference with the Dr. Then, a minor medical emergency event for a loved one on Saturday/Sunday was cause for worry, but was thankfully resolved for now. So I am lying low, my mind is too fractured to focus, I need to let it rest. But the Linky Party will go on!!!

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41 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do

    1. It’s good news that we can’t share yet, so the waiting is killing me! LOL. But the medical issues are causing some worry for me and a family member, fingers crossed they resolve soon. Thanks > >

  1. You still got all your to dos checked off for last week. That’s an accomplishment with all that happened on the health front for the family. Fingers crossed that all is well and that things only get better from here.

  2. Oh Chris – just not fun when life give you bad news, or news that is so upsetting. Here’s hoping that you get your answers Thursday and all will be OK. Sending Prayers for peace and strength. Hugs

  3. it is always good to finally get a diagnosis then you can get on with treating it and know how to deal with it – I hope your family member will be well that had the emergency this weekend.

  4. Staying busy helps keep your mind from worry and sounds like you have been keeping busy. It’s a relief to finally know what is wrong when you know something has been off for awhile. I hope the treatment puts you back to normal soon. I’m curious why Wash and Rinse may get a name change. It is a beauty.

  5. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way. Laying low is OK because our minds as well as our bodies need some down time once in awhile. Next week I have a 2-year check up for the relatively minor heart issue I developed. I feel as if the meds are still working, but it will be good to have the doctor confirm it.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Your list looks better than mine. I’ve been distracted by the
    A to Z blogging challenge….and haven’t gotten much done
    on my list. Have a great day!

  7. Sending positive healing thoughts your way. Just sit, take a deep breathe and try to stay calm. Do what you can but know that we all are thinking of you and yours.

  8. Secrets are hard to have. On the other hand I’m too curious. I’m sorry about the health issues. It’s no fun waiting for info. I love your brilliant plan of putting extra points on your To Do list. Do you mind if I copy that idea? Hope this week is better.

  9. Life sure tends to get in the way of sewing and craft time doesn’t it? I never get near done what I would like, but working on figuring how to remedy that.

  10. I like this “Angry Penguins Reading Books” name. I know about that V-Tach stuff! My husband Bernie had that. While you wait to hear back from the cardiologist about it, I think it’s safe to treat this condition with Ben & Jerry’s… ;-). I don’t know what all of the other stuff is that you’re dealing with right now, but I hope the dust settles and calm returns to your world soon. Sending you big quilty HUGS across the Internet!

    1. Thanks! LOL, I didn’t go for B&J, can’t stand their ice cream, but I could go for some Froyo! Dr says low risk, just follow up in a year! It’s all good. > >

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