To-Do Tuesday

Let’s Party!

Last Week:

  1. UFO Challenge #5 X
  2. Ripples Finish √
  3. Placemats X
  4. Mug Rugs X
  5. Extra: Buttermilk Basin Spirit of America /
  6. Extra: Baby Christmas hat! √

Man, I sucked at it this week! I finished Ripples and got it bound, but then ignored everything else on the list and started a new piece and made a baby Christmas hat. ScientistGirl asked me if I was making a hat for every month of the year for Baby Avocado (that’s the size of baby at this stage according to Diva). Well, maybe? LOL!! 

This Week

  1. UFO Challenge #5-start quilting
  2. Finish piecing Spirit of America
  3. Placemats-I need to get some scraps out of here! 
  4. Mug Rugs-see #3
  5. Charity Quilt 
  6. Gender Reveal on Sunday!!! 

Just need to decide on the quilting for Autumn Reign. I have been doing some mock-ups in EQ8, but having a hard time with it. Not sure if I want to do ruler work on each square and then repeat a motif in the setting squares? Anyone have a suggestion? I will probably end up doing Baptist Fans in the interior and then some ruler work in the border. Maybe. 

So, how did you do? Kicked it? Punted it? Buried it under stuff? LOL 

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26 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday

  1. Wow, Autumn Reign is gorgeous, I’m sure you will find the perfect quilting for this beauty. Fun and great idea to knit a hat for every month of the year for the tiny little one who is coming ;))

  2. Some weeks just don’t go the way we planned. I don’t have any quilting ideas for Autumn Reign, but it is gorgeous!

  3. Oh! Baby Christmas hat is so pretty. It is a great idea a hat for every cold month, isn’t it? I will be looking forward to seeing how you will be quilting Autunm Ridge. Have a great week, Chris.

  4. Hi Chris! Not only are you making one hat for each month for Baby Avocado but you just might make two! It keeps you busy and we don’t want the baby to have a cold head. {{Hugs}} I can’t wait to find out the baby’s gender – I know you couldn’t care less. HAHA! Then the making-baby-fun-stuff-times begin! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Well, I didn’t score a TD but I guess I kicked it? Three points sounds about right for my week.
    I love your Autumn Reign and making a hat for every month of the year would be cute! Way to agressive a goal for me but I’m sure you could pull it off! You always get so much done!

  6. Autumn Reign is beautiful. I always make my quilting decision on the end use or recipient of a quilt. (Ha! I always use a panto that is run by the computer.) But, if you have the skill set to do custom quilting on each of the blocks and then a floral or such in the alternating blocks it would be gorgeous. Just enjoy the process. It would look lovely with an E2E also — just different.

    1. It will definitely involve ruler work. I just need to decide on motifs, I will likely wimp out and do the plain blocks with curved cross hatch, but would love to do a feather wreath, only I suck at feathers. I am thinking I just might stencil a wreath on and try to follow the design like I do my pantos. Worth a shot. > >

  7. Sometimes my list gets done, other times it tells me to rest and postpone. Either way, your llink-up keeps me focused and the squirrels safe! Your Autumn Reins quilt is indeed a work of art! Love that hat – a baby can never have too many! 🙂

    1. What a great perspective, we must always listen to our bodies and rest when we need. We can still be focused even when we are mindful of our limitations. Thanks > >

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